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Part 115: Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen: Spirit of Wulin

Part One Hundred and Sixteen: Spirit of Wulin
Music: Regrets

The bird is saddened by the expulsion of Jesus due to his sympathizing with the cultist.

School brother, what’s your plan from now on?

I… I don’t know…

…[Sigh]… although we can’t be school brothers anymore, but I will still treat you like my brother, so if there’s anything you need in the future, just come find me and I will do my best to help you.

… Thank you school brother…

I am leaving, you take care.

You sure are good; to become the first student to get expelled by Carefree Valley, truly a difficult feat. Well, take care, if you need something DON’T come to me, I won’t send you off.

… [sigh]… to fallen to such state… what should I do from now on?

The dejected Jesus wanders into the forest, debating if he should retire from the life of Wulin once and for all and just become a hunter since he’s so good at it.

Music: Little Fragrance Song

Eh? This song…

Young xia Jesus.


Sir Jesus…

Little Fragrance!

We know about your predicament… we are very remorseful for causing you trouble.

It’s not your fault. As I said before, no matter what happened, I won’t regret it, and I won’t blame anyone.

What’s your plan from now on, Sir Jesus?

I don’t know… we will have to see.

Join us.


That’s right! Become our partner.


Do you disagree with the ideal of our cult leader?


You don’t want to become our partner?

That’s not it.

Then what you are being indecisive about? Let’s go, cult leader is waiting for us!

Alright, let’s go!

Hold on.


I doubted you in the past and mistreated you many times, so I would like to apologize.

Hahaha, don’t worry about it, I never bothered by it.

I want you to have this to express my apology and as the token of our trust.

Is-isn’t this the treasured Juque Sword!?

Indeed, this represents our friendship; please take good care of it.


Let’s go.

The bird watches the official Team Music travels back to the peak of Heavenly Capital.

Cult leader, we have brought young Xia Jesus with us.

… Young man, we meet again.

Sir… no, cult leader! I have decided. I will join under the wing of cult leader, and follows you to create paradise.

Good, you truly are a person of aspiration, I am right about y—Cough, cough!

Cult Leader!

Cult leader, are you alright?

No worr—Cough! [Sigh] I had been imprisoned for all these times, and my Kung Fu is not as in the past, but now that I am out, I do wish to return to the Heavenly Gate to pay back for my dear brother…

Dear brother?

Indeed, Naga is my dear brother. I knew he was the one would schemes against me; he has great ambition, and I am the obstacle for him to become the world number one, [sigh]…

This time I wish to return for vengeance, with my current forces and Kung Fu, I don’t have much hope of succeeding. This trip will be a life-and-death struggle, would you all still willing to follow me?

I am willing.

I am willing.

Since I’m here, obviously I would go along.

Alright, we will depart toward Heavenly Gate immediately!

The bird watches as god Deva leads his following to the front gate of Sky Dragon Cult.

Who are you? How dare you intrude Sky Dragon Cult!

Insolent! Deva is the cult leader of Sky Dragon Cult.

Nonsense, our cult leader is Naga; you traitors actually dare to leap into the den of tigers.

To think that after I have left, Sky Dragon Cult would actually accept ruffian like you.

Everyone listen well! Take down the traitors and Naga will rewards us handsomely!

How about Jesus rewards you all some diarrhea poisons?

All your battle stats increased

Actually, this is probably the last few parts of the final confrontation, so Jesus decides to hold back and enjoy the second and third goon waves.

All your battle stats increase

Let’s go in.

HAHAHAHAHA! Good old brother. You have escaped death twenty years ago, and if only you had chosen to retire, then you might have live pass hundred, but too bad you are such an old fool, choosing to come back to go against me instead… too bad the god of fate is staying by my side as your few attempts has all failed to win against me.

As the saying goes: “There’s a road to heaven, but you choose to break through the door of hell“, I won’t hold back like those bald heads in Shaolin!

Deva, I have come to assist you.

Is you! Garuda!

Deva, pardon for my late arrival.

Haha, after all these years, you still as composed as ever, except that weathered face, it must be harsh.

Asura, is you!! You are here to?

I’m here to help Naga.

Y-you always goes against me!

It’s you who’s always goes against me, ever since the time you betrayed me, you have been going against me.


Enough talks, Garuda. Let’s take down Naga first.

Without hesitation, Dark Mysterious begins blasting Garuda while Jesus and Little Fragrance are observant enough to attack too.

Everyone else follows suit to blast each other with vengeance.

Unfortunately for Deva, Jesus is the one to takes out the root of all problems, Naga.

All your battle stats increased

I finally got my revenge, but, I also lost a brother… [sigh]… Cough cough! My body really can’t take it anymore with those last few battles, my chi reserve is all empty… cough cough…

Well at least we are done wit—

Demons of Sky Dragon Cult come out!
Oh god dammit! It just has to be right now! Deva can’t join in anymore battle!

There seem to be lots of people outside, we should have a look.

Great, they don’t even need a Wulin Gathering to get together this time.

School brother!

School brother!

School brother, I didn’t think you would join the demonic cult…

School brother, you misunderstood, I…

What’s there to talk! These people won’t understand no matter how much you explain.

No, I believe school brother would understand me.

School brother, can you still face master after such a terrible mistake you have done?

I didn’t walk down the wrong path, and I believe master will understand me in the end.

You should know that I’m the one that don’t want to be your enemy the most…

I know… but…

But I also can’t help you out like this…

School brother…

He didn’t look like he’s listening.

I say they never even bothered to listen.

School brother, we shall have an honest and fair duel!

Before that, Jesus will nail down the angry mobs first.

All your battle stats increased

Diarrhea poison, you have served me well.

All your battle stats increased

Next group is the whole cast of Wudang Sect, Swordsman Just is still trying to accident-backstab Old Honest.

All your battle stats increased

Then we have three elders of Shaolin and Beggars sect. They are quite the juggernaut to take down even with poisons.

All your battle stats increased

Lastly, the whole cast of Shaolin Monks and a reluctant Moon.

They are all out for some cultist blood.

Jesus tries to calm them down, but their poison resistance is insanely high while Moon’s HP is inhumanly long.

So be it, Jesus will talk with his fist!


Good. As for you monks, Jesus will use the Juque Sword with his Tyrant King Swords Style to dominate you!



All your battle stats increased

Whoa, that sword and that Kung Fu really heats up Jesus there, but now it’s time for some gentlemanly chatter.

You’re not going to kill me?

I never thought of killing anyone, and I never thought was ruining the bonds of Wulin. School brother… YOU LISTEN UP!! Ever since I, Jesus Christ chosen to walk the world of Jianghu, I’ve been wanting to understand the true meaning of Wulin, and not just wanting to become the strongest simpleton.

: Main Theme: Valentine Version

That’s right, all the messages and themes in all these dreams; they are all clues and insight to the true meaning of Wulin, the way of Xia, and the actions of humanity.

After following guardian Kinnara, and experience many things within his group, I slowly come to realize that the ‘cultist’ in peoples’ eyes acts as fair and honest as any other orthodox, yet some so-called Wulin ‘orthodox’ will do some unspeakable things themselves!

So here I am thinking… this good and evil is all just one side of a same face, if one side call themselves the good, then they would surely call the other side the evil. No matter who is good or who is evil, good against evil, evil against good, if we really must differentiate good and evil, then who is the person to hold the balance scale?

I had been told that Deva is a person of great ideal; he wishes to build a nation of such ideal in the Western Region, comparable to the Western Paradise. Such admirable ideal and ambition is practically nonexistent in Wulin!

All the Wulin orthodox want to do is gain fame and reputation, constantly fighting each other, struggling to become the next Wulin Mengzhu, and what else are they doing?

We practitioner of Kung Fu always pursuit advance in power, and everyone always uses the currency of strength to measure Kung Fu, but… but I believe that a Kung Fu practitioner should be more insightful to the spirit of Wu, the true meaning of Martial Art… the word Wu (武) is an ideogram of 止 (stop) and 戈 (spear), meaning to use what we have learned to stop violence. So in my point of view, we shouldn’t use strength to make other submit, but to focus on making people admire through moral!

Persuasion rolls against everyone…

School brother has grown a lot during the time of our separation… as your school brother, I am happy to see you to have attained such insight… I… I am really happy. I understand, from now on, I, Vale Moon Pavilion swears to fix this corrupted Central Plain Wulin, rebuilding it into a wonderful land that won’t lose to yours…

School Brotheeeeeerrr…

School Brotheeeerr… you must work hard… I’m sure master would understand.

Amitabha. Shanzhai, Shanzhai. Alm-givers have seen through the essence of Wu, enough to fill this old monk with shame. Looks like… we were wrong…

Abbot do me too much honor, I just wish to avoid pointless slaughtering.

Alm-givers are correct, we orthodox should all go home and reflect ourselves. Vacant Truth… send the order! This mess of affairs, we Sangha will not interfere anymore…

Yes! Abbot.

Now that Shaolin has retreated, the various sects of Central Plain have also followed suit. My cult has finally avoided this danger; Jesus Christ… this is all thanks to your effort.

Thank you cult leader for your praise, this is just a little notion of mine.

Hohoho… this isn’t just a little notion, it’s the true ideal that I have been deeply believed in, and to think you have the same ideal as mine. This road of my ideal that I had walked alone for the past few dozens years has finally meet a fellow traveler, so now that the ideal won’t die with me… promise me… even if I have passed away, you will keep on maintaining our ideal.

Yes, cult leader! I will do my best and I believe everyone here will do the same!

Member of the cult listens up! From now on we will focus toward building our paradise in the Western Region.

Jesus Christ has become the best subordinate of god Deva, leading various guardians toward completing many impossible missions and contributed the most with all his heart and strength, has finally succeeded in realizing their ideal.

After the decease of Deva, Jesus retired and become a legend of Wulin. Future generation immortalizes this great man of Xia and have given him the title of Duke of Peace with an elected a statue alongside Deva’s.

Recalling the meeting and admiring the Little Shrimp statue in Luoyang, all his effort and strength has let him succeeded in joining among the league of heroes of legend.


So everything has ended pretty well.

Indeed, I haven’t had a vacation for such a long time!

And I assume you rewarded those two well?

Of course! Ba finally gets to meet his family…

Music: Lunar Festival

In some grass field of certain year of time paradox…

*Sniff* that’s beautiful…

It’s been too long since my dry dead eyes are wet again…

… So what happen to Jesus? Did he get the pass to heaven or reincarnated to become the next emperor of China?

I have a better plan for him.


I enrolled him to a foreign exchange program.

Music: Tune of Star

Somewhere far beyond the desert of Western Region, a stable near the Palestinian city of Bethlehem…

Is the beginning and birth of a new legend, the savior of humanity… and the rest is history.

                                        The End