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Part 13: Chapter Thirteen: Daily Insanity

Doing this chapter somewhat differently. (My inner voices exploded!)

Will be back to normal next chapter.

Part Thirteen: Daily Insanity
Music: Parlor

Gahahaha! See ya sucker!
Don't get cocky, you bitch fish! No one mess with JESUS!

First session: 10 Carp
Second session: 6 Red Carp

How's that! Did I caught your mom?


Gahaha! That's right, I will let you live so that every day you will feel the agony everyday of me selling your mom to the fish stall lady!

Noooooo! (Hehehe, dumbass)

2370 Silvers for two sessions. About the same earning potential as hunting if I bother to save load, which somehow I am actually willing to do.

Did you fish all these Red Carps, Boy?

Yeah, ma’am, is there a problem?

No…no, it just that ever since Fisherman Lee become addicted to alcohol, we never had so many Red Carps for sell, and business became worse and worse, so I am really overjoyed that we have more Red Carps for sales.

Congratulation to you, ma’am.

Jesus revives a deteriorating business just by selling fish!

Oh don’t say that. It’s all because of you, so I must properly thank you by giving you…

Oh! Finally a reward for all the pain and agony from fishing.

…these ten red worms and I wish you will fish more Red Carp for me in the future!

Who the heck gives RED WORMS as gift!!!!

Then I will accept it then, thanks!

Jesus, a worm is a life too, so how about you spare their life and release them into the trash can?

Oh~It’s just common etiquette.

Oh~ it’s just common business sense.

More importantly, why did I come back here to fish again and why did I talk to a red carp!?

Third Session Result:
7 Red Carps
Total fishing skill is now 47
Total flexibility is now 33

The only miracle explanation is that somehow Jesus wants me to help her so he makes me high while fis-GAH!!

1) Ma’am, here a Red Carp
2) Just saying, hi!

Kid…this…this Red Carp…wonderful! WONDERFUL!

Ma’am, please accept this fish as my gift to Liang.

That’s… that’s so kind of you!

Don’t worry about it.

[Sigh], there’s not much I can give you as a mere cook…so I will teach you how to make Alcoholic Fried Yellow River Carp as this is my specialty.

Using Loyang’s famous Du Kang Wome on top of fresh Yellow River Carp as ingredient, first like this…then sprinkle the alcohol…when the heat is strong enough…that’s it, just be watchful with the few important key areas of the process.

Thanks, Ma’am!

It is me who has to thank you.

Your cooking skill increased, it is now 20.

Okay...I hope some hard physical workout from mining will get my mind off fishing

Strange…why did he bring a hoe instead of a pickaxe?

Sir, mining seems to be very exhausting.

What choice do I have, my food on the table depends on it.

How much can you make from mining ore?

Normal ore is worthless, unless you dig up some high quality or rare crystal ore, which are highly sought after by blacksmiths. They pay a high price because they can craft unique weapons out of it.

Then how do I mine these kinds of ores?

Such feat obviously requires lots of experience, so the better your skill is, there more likely you will find and extract such ore. However, luck is also important since no one knows where these rare ores are.

So how do I increase my skill?

Obviously you have to spend time to practice and earn experience. Since you seem to be so interested in mining, I have an old extra tool here for you; just practice on the wall here.

Obtain shovel
Your smiting skill increased, it is now 10.

Hold…hold on, don’t we need a pick-axe too?

Well damn, even the icon is a shovel on the hard rock wall.

Music: Mining?

Alright I dug seven holes on the ground…wait why did I do that?

Umm…what? Something is coming out…

…oh…it's a female mole with horrible make-up. I think something in my head snapped

Bye, bye, female mole…I am totally insane aren’t I?

This...looks so familiar…

Obtain Iron Ore
………….oh, that’s why we don’t use the pickaxe. AND I LOVE FISHING! HAhAHaHAHaAHAAHAhaHAHahA!

Calm down Jesus, calm down. What just happened must be some sort of illusion from over overexertion and dehydration from working too hard on a hot summer day. We did destroy the local food-chain after all…right…we just need to drink a lot of liquid to rehydrate ourselves.

Alright, just need to drink a lot of these healthy drinks that are obviously better than water.

You are slightly drunk
You are drunk
You are very drunk
You are dead drunk

Now everything should be fine and we can mine ore properly.

Ah, finally something normal out of the hole.

GAHHHH! It hurts!!!!

Oh no, that snake looks poisonous; you better go find some herb quick!

Ouch! Uggg! It’s bleeding green blood!

Hey hunter Lee! Where can I find some herb? I got bitten by a poisonous snake!

Oh no, you better go to the herbal store

it’s too far away! I am bleeding DARK Green blood now!

Note: The greener the HP bar, the more poison is in your system and more hp lost over time.

Then try the bush over there, I’ve seen some doctor grab some from that spot before.

Okay, Thanks!

Yes, herb collecting is Roulette. Jesus’ life will now depend on luck.

Music: Herb Gathering

The herb you choose to put points into collecting will become dark on the image and the selected herb name will become yellow.

Click the start button to make the white square bar rotate clockwise and stop randomly on a herb. If it lands on the selected herb, we gain a number of herbs equal to the base herb gain number times by the number of points we invest.

Higher medicine skill increase amount of points and base amount of herb gain.

*After stuffing every single herb Jesus can find into his mouth, he is cured…probably*

You alright there, pal?

Yes…yes…I think so…I need to go mining now…yes-go-mine-go-mine.

Umm…you alright?

Yes! Of course! I am moleman genocidal whacking style kung fu master!

No mole will leave unscratched.

No mole will leave uncried.

Except female mole, because women just waste my time and won’t give me anything.

Not this time bro, but I understand you are trying to avenge your friends from the forest.

You were all probably sinners in previously life, reincarnated into some sort of Chinese mining slavery.

First and Second Session Result
50 Iron Ore and 3 Bronze Ore
Hardness is now 6
Perception is now 22

Next Chapter: Back to normal.