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Part 14: Chapter Fourteen: Shopping Spree (Revenge Translation Edition)

Part Fourteen: Shopping Spree (Revenge Translation Edition)
Music: Mail Service Station

Is time to put my I.D. skill into action. Jesus brought every single unidentified items we seen before for 2874 Silvers.

Your I.D. skill increased, it is now 38

Identify everything except an old urn that needs higher skill to unveil.


Well...I can't find enough information for these identified treasure, OH THE IRONY.

Your I.D. skill increased, it is now 62

We will buy all of them.

Next stop, the weapon shop where the blacksmith promised to teach Jesus weapon smithing if he brings him some bronze ore.

...sniffing at the boiling hot iron bar again. Is it a dwarf thing?

We meet again, kid.

1) Master Zhang, I want to purchase a weapon.
2) Master Zhang, I have something to sell.
3) Master Zhang, I bring you some bronze ore.
4) Nothing, just saying hi.

Good job kid. Very well, I will teach you the basics on how to make a short sword.

First, before creating a weapon, you need to have all the required ore. After you refine the ore into metal bars, make sure you follow the blueprint precisely.

During the smithing process, it’s important to hit the weapon mold repeatedly with the correct timing until the end of the process. Within this period, you must pay attention to the change in temperature because it will end in failure if you waste too much time.

Now, give it a go.

Music: Blacksmithing

Not bad, kid, not bad!

Time to fulfill the tea sipping promise that I inevitably delayed, but at least my editor’s eyes will also bleeds this time for all the tea talk.

Here comes the poetic translation hell…but after thirteen chapter of translation, BRING IT ON!

The author translation skill increased, it is now 9.

What kind of tea would you like?

1) Yellow Mountain Fur Peak Tea
2) Junshan Island Silver Needle Tea
3) Lu’an Melon Seed Tea
4) Mount Lu Misty Cloud Tea
5) Keemun Red Tea

>>Choose Yellow Mountain Fur Peak Tea

Umm~~~this tea smells nice…

Umm~~ Yellow Mountain Fur Peak indeed is that aromatic, but this is not the special quality Fur Peak. The real one is covered in a silvery coating, while its form is shaped like peacock’s tongue, the color imitates elephant tusk; tasting it reveals its exceedingly fragrant, gentle refreshment. That is the ultimate Fur Peak.

Your tea skill increased, it is now 25.

>>Choose Junshan Island Silver Needle Tea

This is leaf sure is interesting, it floats up and down on the surface like a buoy.

After you soak Silver Needle, the tip will stand still and achieve a three rise, three sink motion while releasing a refreshing fragrance. It is considered a delicacy of tea due to its low yield rate.

Your tea skill increased, it is now 30.

>>Choose Lu’an Melon Seed Tea

Hmmm~~~ good tea.

Melon Seed turns the water into a shiny jade green surface with radiating fragrance with a profoundly strong taste, and uniquely deserves a place of honor of its own. However, the best kind is the Bundle Cloud Melon Seed variety, it ranks above all others.

Your tea skill increased, it is now 34.

>>Choose Mount Lu Misty Cloud Tea

Ehh~this tea leaf is shaped like a needle.

That’s the Misty Cloud Tea’s unique point. Named after its origin, the Misty Cloud municipalities, its elegant introverted silvery appearance rivals pearls while the lush green broth, clean taste, and eccentric fragrance

Editor Note: “fragrant eccentricity” the meaning is not identical in both cases though, “fragrant eccentricity” is rather less positive…

Author Note: Well duh, needle on the tongue lol.

Your tea skill increased, it is now 38

>>Choose Keemun Red Tea

Eh? Did someone add apple to this tea? Why does it smell of apples?

Keemun Red Tea is the finest tea within the red tea category, its sturdy taste enfolded with scent of honey or apple, also commonly referred to by tea expert as Keemun fragrance.

Your tea skill increased, it is now 41

How’s that Rater Ye? Am I number one in translating your tea talk?

Yes you are, because you are the only one in the world who bother to do it.

You have no idea how many script exchange and wall of editor notes on all your tea-talk.

*After four more orders of tea*

What do you know, it seems Mr. Jesus is also a fellow tea columnist!

I just like to drink tea, not really at the level of grading tea.

Huhuhu, since Jesus buddy loves to drink tea so much, let me present you with this tea set as a gift to you.

Then I will give my thanks!

Obtain Six Petra Magnolia Jade Tea Set

Feels like he just gave me a used tea set that he forgot to wash out the magnolia tea or something.


Choose which mini games to major in to make money with.

Hunting, fishing, herbs gathering, mining, gambling, spread it evenly, do nothing.

I probably can raise the first main choice to 100 and the second to 80 before we run out of time, so pick two. You can combo spread it evenly with anything.

Herb Gathering: Raise medical skill
Fishing: Raise flexibility and fishing skill
Hunting: Raise Speed and hunting skill
Mining: Raise Perception, little Hardness and mining skill
Gambling: Raise Hearing

So if you can't decide, pick it for stats.