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Part 16: Chapter Sixteen: Badass Gentlemen

Part Sixteen: Badass Gentlemen
Music: Battle Theme Two

How dare you treat a lady like this and speak of such degrading things in broad daylight!

You lowly dog! Which hole did you crawl out from!? How dare you lecture me?!

You better listen to me carefully,

One, my name is not dog.

Two, I walked here and no holes were involved.

Three, your filthy mouth makes me sick.

You punk! You dare to lecture me? It seems like you want to get fisted! What’s your name!

Jesus, new to Jianghu, no title yet.

So you're just a newbie, today I am in a good mood so I don’t feel like hurting people. But next time, you will taste the wrath of Saberman Shang’s Nine Revolving Sequence Saber of the Eight Trigrams Sect.

Saberman Shang of Eight Trigrams Sect? NEVER HEARD OF IT.

Second schoolbrother, this Jesus kid just keeps mouthing off, I say we teach him a lesson.

Forget it, master strictly remind us not to cause any trouble. We will come back for him when we are done with our business.

I will wait for you!

Moral increased, it is now 55.

You loud grunt, if it wasn’t for second schoolbrother, I would have kicked your ass!

Jesus follows him to be an annoyance.

Then performing something similar to a circular hula dance around them.

Stop following us!

Alright, guess Jesus annoyed him enough and it is now noon time, which is the promised time to meet with the bookworm again.

Jesus buddy, how about we have a go at matching poetry lyrics.

1) Yes, let’s do.
2) Sorry, I am busy.

>>Choose 1

One root of grass, one drop of dew,

1) One fat pig, one large cow.
2) One pile of poo, one species of flower.
3) One single person, one limitless sky.
4) One single person, one little mouth.

>>Choose 3

With your mouth, a moment of lecture,

1) With your eye, a moment watching people.
2) With your fist, a moment punching people.
3) With your leg, a moment kicking people.
4) With your books, a hundred years of lecturing.

>>Choose 4

Father and son of family gift their visitor with three lines of appreciative poetry,

1) Cooking the universe in half a wok.
2) Two hooks pull in the god of riches.
3) Millennial of articles throughout every family.
4) Boiling hot blood knows within.

>>Choose 3

Editor Comment:I presume this one is about the sharing of knowledge and how even when only sharing a little each time eventually a lot of knowledge ends up getting spread very widely.

One grain of rice hides a world within,

1) Cooking the universe in half a wok.
2) Fishing in a pond of moon without scar.
3) Farming half a white cloud eternally.
4) A pair of cold eyes looks at people.

>>Choose 1

Editor Comment: I don’t know what the deeper meaning to this one is but I like it. :o

Author Comment: Yeah is deep and can branch out to many deeper interpretation, but the simple just-for-matching-purpose answer is, if a grain of rice hold a world, then half a wok of rice is the universe.

A pair of cold eyes looks at people,

1) One lively mouth eats everywhere.
2) Boiling hot blood knows within.
3) One horse’s step takes half a day.
4) One arrow pierces two birds.

>>Choose 2

Three bent out of shape houses,

1) One experienced person.
2) One pitch dark room.
3) One worrying heart.
4) One careless word.

>>Choose 1

Editor Comment: Someone learned from his mistakes?

Author Comment: I think so too.

Life comprehension is wisdom,

1) Human feeling is a compositional thesis
2) Humanity needs to respect family
3) Train the heart with holy script
4) Failure is an essay

>>Choose 1

Making friends requires three fold of loyalty,

1) Killing require one fold bravery
2) Starting business require one fold enthusiasm
3) Being human requires a little kindness
4) Fighting requires a bunch of anger

Author Comment: Fold from mathematics as one fold equal ten percent and it's talking about how much should a good human compose of for certain action. Number one and two go well with the theme, but number three match the point about humanity.

Millennial essay with an ink-brush,

1) A note for the waterfall and a note for the moon.
2) All time beauty in one poem.
3) Half in the wind and half in the cloud.
4) Father and son of family provide three lines to visitor.

>>Choose 2

If heaven has feelings, it is old,

1) Earth is music, road is string.
2) Today’s moon shines on our ancestor.
3) If the moon is unscarred, forever will it stay round.
4) Failure is an essay.

>>Choose 3

Bravo, bravo, I never thought that my pal Jesus was so poetic, I am impressed. Seeing your display of talent, you must be a literature expert.

Hmm, that…actually I didn’t really delve into this topic at all, so I still have a lot to learn from you, Lee my buddy.

Really, that is disheartening to hear, with your talent, you should really love calligraphy.

I, scholar Lee, don’t have many hobbies, but studying is my passion, so I guess today I have to impart you some of my wisdom.

Please do, Lee Buddy.

Calligraphy is the art of writing. You will notice from researching that Chinese characters are words that evolved from natural painting, just as the old saying, “Literature and painting shares the same origin."

The elegance of a character, combined with a sharp, tidy, round, and fitting ink-brush is the art of few thousand years old calligraphy. It is the important essence in concurrent development with painting.

And the protector of such art form are the writers of the past.

I wonder what kind famous writers we have in history.

Noooooo! Jesus stop! Don’t ask! This will hurt!!!!!

There obviously will be a lot of famous writers, but the few that I am really fond of and their works is are Wang Xi’s The Orchid Pavilion, Wang Xian’s Nymph of the Luo River, Ouyang Xun’s Jiuchenggong Liquan Inscription, Chu Suiliang’s Nikuanzhuanzan(倪宽传赞), Yan Zhen Qing’s Manuscript of the Funeral Address for Nephew, Huai Su’s Monologue, Su Shi Hanshi Pavilion, Huang Ting Jian’s Pine Wind Pavilion, Mi Fu’s Sichuan Plain Manuscript, and Zchang Xu’s Stomach Ache Pavilion. I call it them the Ancient and Modern Ten Scriptures.

Link to all images in order.

Do you have all the Ancient and Modern Ten Scriptures?

Luckily, I was able to obtain an original of the Sichuan Plain Manuscript in HangZhou, and I’ve only seen the copies of the other nine scripture.

In this world, anyone who is able to obtain all ten scripture would be miraculous.

Sichuan Plain Manuscript?

Yes, this script’s author Mi Fu came from one of the four great families of the Western Song.The material of this script is [was?] produced in Sichuan’s western area with black silk woven into square blocks and the resulting textile is what they use for important scripts.
Mi Fu wrote his poems using this textile and you can say this poem is one of his best.

Where are the rest of the manuscripts?

Most of them are probably owned by hobbyists, but there are also a lots of people in Wulin hoarding them as treasure while some have been lost for a long time.

People in Wulin treasure them?

Yeah, these people still think the scripts contain some sort of kung fu wisdom.

Thank you Mr.Lee, then I will leave you to your studies.

Obtained Sichuan Plain Manuscript Copy
Your Calligraphy skill increased, it is now 15.

Wow, I actually forced myself to translate it all, but now I think I lost ten years of my life for that.

Young man, are you looking down on me? Of course I know about it.

The Sichuan Plain Manuscript is the greatest work of Mi Fu of the great families of Western Song. I have been looking for it forever.

Please look and see if this a good copy of the Sichuan Plain Manuscript.

How did you obtain this copy of the Sichuan Plain Manuscript? Can you lend it to me so I can copy it?

Sure, but can you also exchange it for a copy one of the Ancient and Modern Ten Manuscripts?

Very well, I will exchange my copy of Wind Pavilion with yours manuscript.


Obtained Wind Pavilion Copy

Next is the our promise with Little White.

Master, I would like to order a dish.

Sir, if you want to eat something, you can tell the waiter instead.

No, Little White from the soymilk stand asked me to come order this special dish for him.

Little White? Oh, I know, it is the nutritious supplement for his mother, but unfortunately I just used up one of the important ingredients and it won’t be in stock for a couple of days.

May I ask what is missing?

A herb called Yellow Essence.

I see, thanks master.

Luckily, we have one from our herb gathering session.

Master, I bring you Yellow Essence. Are you still missing anything?

Tell me why you want to help Little White.

I don’t know myself, maybe I am a gentlemen maybe their caring consideration of each other has touched me, or maybe I am staying loyal to my employer until the end.

Not bad, not bad, such a mature, fine young man. Do you wish to learn a bit about cooking?

If it’s under master guidance, I will accept.

Hahaha, good, I will tell you about herbal nutrition. When you create a dish, never do it with preset assumptions. You should be approaching it with the willingness to experience everything yourself, then you can use your judgment.

There is no border between food and medicine, we will intermingle them in the “way of cooking”. Remember this in your heart, understand?

I understand, thank you master.

You go tell Little White to come pick up in on time.

Your Cooking skill increased, it is now 25

Thanks for the help!

Your Moral increased, it is now 58.

Antiques are like the human heart, containing both trueness and falseness, just looking at the exterior will not be able to see the true identity.

Why is that, mister?

Some fake products might look beautiful, but when you hold them in your hand, the quality is rough and looking at them closely will reveal imperfect design.

Then how do you tell true from false?

Let’s use an ancient jade as an example, real ancient jade has a warm damp color, while the exterior, shell, decoration, and curving style all reflect the background of the era.

A Fake however, will make you feel unnatural; its reflection will be irregular, its color and shell un-harmonic, the curving uneven...I could continue...

Of course, seeing and researching more and more is the best way to increase your ability to identify things.

Thanks for the lecture.

Back to something that stimulates my brain the wrong way.

The bear will know that groin shot will hurt like hell.

Editor Comment: I now want to see a Chevy parked in front of the place...

About eight session of Mining
Iron Ore: 251
Bronze Ore: 96
Red Crystal: 17
Black Crystal: 12
Blue Crystal: 8
White Crystal: 11

Mining is now 99

About Four session of Hunting.

Rabbit: 267
Snake: 89
Bear: 4
Bird: 103
Wild Boar: 130

Hunting is now 90

I sold everything except a couple of each crystal and gallbladders. We now have 35,000+ Silvers with out total asset at 60,000+ Silvers. Speaking of silver...

Note: Really close friends can refer each other as brothers, which is a much closer term.

Hey bro, how’s your stay at Louyang?

Yeah, your little buddy sure encountered a lots of things. For example the…

No rush on the chit chat, let’s order some liquor. Waiter! Two jars of liquor!

Coming right up!

Come; let us drink till we are drunk.

Great! Brother Moon, let little bro here show you respect with this drink.


Ehh??? Bro! Stop!!!


Something is wrong with this liquor!

Music: Poisoned

Gahh! Ouch! Arrrgggg! Wahh…IT HURTS!!!!!

Jesus Bro!

師叔 ! (Si Sok )

Note: The honorific for junior fellow students of your master. We will call it School Uncle from hereon.

Vale ‘Moon’ Pavilion, you sure have a dog’s luck to have this kid poisoned in your place, if you can’t cure him then you better go back to your master. I want to see how my senior, Master Flawless can cure the poison made by me, Dark Mysterious! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

After the event of Mission Zero, the computer calculated your achievement and determines your starting I.Q. to be 100. I.Q. helps Jesus learn and master thing like kung fu faster, so we are as good as we can be at 100.

Is a complex formula but mostly depends on how much money we have, and since we rich as hell, it’s maxed out.

Total of all stats (excluding moral)/25 + money/700 = Base I.Q + Existing I.Q.(From talking to the monk at the temple + Guessing the child's riddles correctly + Choosing "......" when praying in the temple]

Next time: Heaven?