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Part 17: Chapter Seventeen: Resurrection?

Part Seventeen: Resurrection?
Music: Sim Mode: Winter

Who…who are you!?

I am the owner of this place.

Owner…?...why…why am I here?

You’ve been poisoned by my younger schoolbrother’s Nine Twirling Soul Crushing Powder.

…Then where is brother Moon?

Master! The medicine is ready!

Brother Moon!


Ah! Jesus bro, you alright?

No…no problem…


Your injury is still healing, I suggest you don’t move too much. Little Moon, you go and feed him the medicine.

Yes, master.

Sorry to be a bother.

Don’t say that bro, it was my fault so it is my duty to take care of you.

There aren’t many visitors to this valley so you can rest here peacefully your complete recovery.

If you feel bored, feel free to walk around the valley, but remember not to overexert yourself, which will affect your recovery. I will check on you again sometime later.

Please take care, I will leave you to your rest.

Welcome to Chibi Sim Raising Mode! As you can see our hero’s blue energy bar is so empty, he can only use the rest and system command!

Choosing the system command lets us choose the status screen, relationship in valley, load game and exit.

Pushing the relationship button show a quick chart of Jesus's relationship with everyone related to the Carefree Sect. (The rest of Jesus' friends are in the friend book)

Resting will restore energy and gradually improve mood to normal, and your mood also affects the amount (about 1-4 blue bar) of energy you restore. Every action that take a turn to perform will cost energy and if you use more than you have, you will get into injure mode and force to rest.

Since our mood is pretty...horrible.

So we only recover one bar per turn.

We have an event!

How are you feeling?

Thanks to your master, I am feeling much better.

good…it was my fault that you became so sick, I’m really sorry.

It isn’t your fault, don’t blame yourself.

…Hmm…hmm, I made a medicine, maybe it will help with your condition, if you are willing to take it, it will really make me feel better.

1) Accept
2) Decline

Our first choice event with a result that is affect by our hidden luck stat that can’t be raised anywhere, except by praying to Buddha or one small boost from a mission.

Our default luck is 40, so that means a 40% chance for good things to happen and 60% chance for bad things.

I won’t reload to get the good result because it’s more fun that way and had a super good start anyway.

This one didn’t have much impact either way so I skip the vote and the result is…

If brother Moon says it like that, then I will accept it.

Bird flies by...time flies away...

…this…hmm…seems…a bit…not right…ehh? Why is are there so many stars?

Your flexibility, hardness, and speed decrease by one.
Relationship with moon increased!

Good result would just restore 5 bars of energy, but we will have enough rest to get to full anyway.

Two more rests and we have another event!

Music: Master play of Qin

Ehh? The music stopped?

Oh it is you, young man.

Master? Ah! I interrupted your performance? I am sorry.

Heh Heh, don’t worry about it.

Your music is great! It makes me so jealous.

Heh heh, you want to learn?

Yes I do!

This Qin contains five types of basic notes: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, and the pitch is decided by the length of the string.

This is Do…this is Re…this is Mi…this is Fa…this is So…You memorized it?

1) Yes
2) Please Repeat

Very well, I will now test you.


What is this note? *Random chosen Note*

1) Do
2) Re
3) Mi
4) Fack! I don't know! Listen again

>>Choose whatever you heard...or you think you heard.

Very good, you have talent.

Thank you master!

Your music increased.
Your relationship with Master Flawless increased.

Two more turns of resting, we finally got out of sickness and into the depressed mood. Something good happened in previous event can also improve mood above normal level.

I am playing Go.

Go? With who?

With myself.

What’s so fun about playing with yourself?

Then you play with me.

But I don’t know how…

I will teach you.

Oh right, please do.

Pieces at the corner will have less chi points as shown with the white having three chi points and the black having two chi points left.

The one on the middle are not cornered or surrounded so it have four and cannot exceed four chi points but two or more linked pieces will affect the points.

Note: Chi = Air, breathing air, etc.

Hahaha, that’s easy!

Easy? Fine, how about a test?

Sure, let’s give it a try.

Answer:  Put it inside the hole in the white chain. 

Hmm, yes. Now try this one.

Answer:  The top left side of the black chain. 

Hmm, yes. Now try this one.

Answer:  Seal it off on the bottom left end of the black chain. 

Not bad, not bad, you did well.

Hehehe, this is nothing.

Note: Your chess skill include Go and Xiangqi, and Go is actually origin from China so both are Chinese Chess.

Ah is time to meet my old friend for Xiangqi, so I need to leave the valley for a while. You take care of yourself and I will play Go with you again next time.

Sure, I will be waiting. And I would had stalk you till I master this chess thing but I am still sick and you probably can mutilate me with your pinky finger.

Your chess skill increased.
Your relationship with Master Flawless increased.

Date: Year 1 Early October

Who’s there! Who dares to invade the Carefree Valley uninvited!?

I am Jesus, currently recovering in this valley and I just became curious hearing the sound of ironwork.

So you are the young man Moon saved?

That’s me.

Very well. I am Servant Beard. I take care of chores of the valley and also do some blacksmithing as a side job.


Yep, it was one of my main trades in my younger days. Regular kitchen knives, shaving blades to weaponry of battle like swords, staves, spears, throwing weapons, and anything that invoke the art of Blacksmithing.

You look like an honest young man, I like your type. So, if you are interested, I can teach you all my techniques when you recover.

Thank you for your approval.

After a bit more rest, our hero is healed to full bar, but still a bit down. He will be at his normal mood on the next image.

Warning: Two men talk about flowers.

Hehehe, these are all my masterpieces.

Hello Master.

Come, let me show you around.

What kind of flower is this? It looks so weak.

This is the Maiden flower, also known as Li Chun Fa. It is named after the Beauty of Western Chu, Consort Yu.

The flower blooms in spring and the petals have variety of color like red, pink, white, yellow, orange, purple-red, etc.

Such tiny and fragile looking flower swinging back and forth brings forth the illusion of a pitiful maiden.

Ehh? These flowers look like a cacti!

They are indeed cacti.

Eh? Cacti have flowers?

Of course, but it blooms at random times.

Such a delicate flower growing on such a thorny cactus sure will turns people away.

Heh heh, the flower also knows to be careful. (Flower thief joke)

Hoho. Ah! That flower on the tree is beautiful; it looks like it is smiling to passers-by.

Editor Note: Passerby => passers-by/passersby. It’s one of the strange plurals in the English language.
Author Note: You are awesome.

It has a structure in the manner of a cute lady smiling. This, along with its elegant, fresh aroma is what prompted a poet to describe it as a “Blooming flower with a closing mouth, lowered head with shyness, emulating precious person’s smile, deep emotion cry within.” Isn’t that appropriate?

This poem is wonderful!

I didn’t make it though, huhuhu…


Alright, time’s up.


I’m going to sing a song to the flower.

Si-sing a song to the flower!?

That’s right! This will make the flower prettier.

Regular people only notice the condition of the outside like the selection of seed, planting season, water amount, soil, sunlight, etc. but rarely do they notice the flower’s inner emotion.

The Flower’s emotion? Flowers have emotions?

Of course! If flowers are happy every day they will grow better.

Note: According to the science channel with an actual test of growing a group of plant without music and the other group with 24/7 Rock & Roll, it actually worked with those noise stimulate the plant to grown taller.

Editor Note: If you Google thigmomorphogenesis and sound you get more stuff about the subject.
Author Note: Well damn, thigmomorphogenesis. I am grad I ditched medical herb translation.

That’s why you sing to the flower?

That’s right, just like this…cough cough, let me first clear my throat.

Alright, time to sing!


(The flower is still alive… it’s a miracle!)


I better leave…


Your gardening skill increased.

One more rest and it's Year 1 Early November.

Young men.


You seem to have recovered, so you can leave.

Jesus bro, congratulation to on your recovery.

No thanks to your potion.

I can leave?


Great!....(But where should I go?)….(I left my home and traveled all the way to Louyang here without any relative and know nothing about the locals, where should I go?)

What’s wrong, bro?

Editor Comment: What’s up bro!
Author Comment: Your damn potion! Bro!

Master! I want to become your student!

Become my pupil?

I left my home and traveled all the way to Louyang just so I can find a good school to learn and train kung fu in order to fight the evils in Wulin. Master is a person of great renown who is looked up to by many people,. Under your guidance; I know my wish will come true, so please accept me.

Well this...

Master, Jesus bro is an honest and just person, his notion is compatible with our school’s ideal, if he joins us, he

will definitely make us proud, so please accept him master!

Note: At this point if Jesus has solved all the chess and music questions correctly, he will be accepted, but if he got one wrong…

Very well, I will accept you, but you must pass my test.

That…okay, please ask your question.

Same questions as before except this time he also asks for the name of one of the three flowers, but let’s see what happen if we failed the test

[Sigh], too bad. Please leave.

That’s too bad…take care, bro.

[Sigh]…you take care too brother moon, I’m leaving.


Ah crap! I shot someone!......ESCAPE!

Music: Game Over

This is one of the rare few game over screen that only the truly failed player will ever see.