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Part 18: Chapter Eighteen: Chore Boy

Looking at the content...we will be have to vote for each of the next five chapters.

Part Eighteen: Chore Boy

Forgot to post the stats in the previous update.

Sim Mode: Winter

Thank you Master.

Hohoho, good, good.

Hurray, from today onward, we are schoolbrothers!

Hohohoho…Jesus, listen up, from today onwards, you should help out with the chores like washing clothes, chopping wood, and gathering water. That kind of work in the valley will be a warm up for your body and mind.

Acknowledged, I will keep that in mind.

Jesus, boy, I accepted you because you seem to have some talents for hobbies like music, chess, calligraphy, painting, medicine, alcohol, and/or gardening. You better not act like your other schoolbrothers that disappoint me with just training kung fu all day.

Guess we know why there’s so few students here for a master who is #5 strongest in Wulin.

Yes, understood.

Outside the valley is the Village of Relaxation, inhabited by many specialists:
“Living a Life Full of Alcohol” Drunken Deity, “Chess Crazed” Gentleman Tangerine, “Flowery Artist” Painter Qing, “Even the Dead are Revived” Medicine God, and “Dazzling Musician” Deity Music.

If you can get them to teach you their skills, I’m certain it will be very beneficial to you.

Naturally, the most beneficial person is me, hurr hurr hurr…

Yes, master.

Unfortunately, we can’t wait and stalk see them yet.

Before I forget, I equip the leather Vest. (5 Defense) and…

…notice Jesus only has 107 Chi power. So that means it is time for…

Three to four month old smelly and raw Gallbladders!


It’s alright, you only need to stuff down like 73 Snake Gallbladders (+3 Max Chi) and 22 Bear Gallbladders. (+12 Max Chi)


They are good for you…somehow. Just take it like a true son of god man.


*After Jesus has eaten all gallbladders.*

We now have 548 Chi Power and you can barely see the chi covering the upper body and shoulder area. Now back to what we were doing.

We can now do chores! They slightly raise certain stats and certain person’s relationship.

Here’s a special preview of what these job do since we won’t be doing these anymore (unless you vote cooking) once other options are unlocked.


Your energy reduced!
Relationship with Moon increased.
Your Flexibility increased.

Gather Water

Your energy reduced!
Relationship with Moon increased.
Your Speed increased.

Chop Wood

Your energy reduced!
Relationship with Servant Beard increased.
Your Hardness increased.


Your energy reduced!
Relationship with Servant Beard increased.
Your Flexibility increased.

Prepare Tea

Jesus brews tea with extreme seriousness.

Relationship with Master Flawless increased.
Your Tea skill increased.


Choose a dish. (Both are at 0% mastery)

Your energy reduced!
Your Cooking Skill increased.
Your Hardness increased.
Your cooking is so horrible, relationship with everyone dropped!

Incidentally, this is also the best relationship boost when we get enough skill on cooking.

Prepare Ink

Relationship with Master Flawless increased.
Your Calligraphy skill increased.
Your Painting skill increased.

We will vote for which chore(s) to do during those couple of turns and I will remind you again at the end so you don't need to stop reading now.

Year 1 Mid-November.

Master, what are you doing?

I am researching the art of Acupuncture.

Acupuncture? What’s that?

Acupuncture is the procedure of inserting and manipulating needles into various pressure/acupuncture points on the body to relieve pain or for therapeutic purposes.

Acupuncture Point?

It is the travel path of the blood within the human body. A human body contains six hundred and fifty seven points, and using Acupuncture to stimulate the correct point can reduce pain, restore the five organs, affect chi and blood activity, increase nerve reflex, and strengthen muscle.

Note: Modern medical advancements helped discover up to seven hundred points so far.

Such miraculous power! I want to learn, please teach me!

Thank you, master.

Your Medical skill increased.

Year 1 Late-November.

Eh? Someone seems to be lying down at the valley exit. Let’s see what’s up.

Hey! You okay?

Do I look okay? Someone sealed the blood flow of my pressure point, hurry up and massage my Large Stage Point.

If we miss the point, he will just OUCH! IT HURT! GAHHHH! Till we get it right.

Note: The picture really is dirty like this.

Phew~~~~finally can move, thanks.

You're welcome heh heh…

…hold on a second, who are you?

Me? I am Carefree Sect’s third student.

Nonsense, my master is too sterile to get another student. (Infertile joke)

(What do he mean?)
Ah! Master…you came…

You useless unfilial good-for-nothing finally decided to come back? Looking at you, I bet you are causing trouble everywhere.

Humph! You are noisy!

Ow…oww! It hurts!

Hmm…knowing pain means you are still savable. Jesus boy, you take care of this worthless fool for me! Ya~~~wn, is time to take a nap.

….yes, master.

Old gaffer!


Hey! Why the hell are you standing there like an idiot? Waiting for me to die? Hurry up and patch up my wound!

Ah! Yes, yes.

Ouch! Softer! You want to kill me?!


Clumsy fool! Have you got feet for hands?


OUCH! You…what you doing!

Huhuhu, I apologize, my hand slipped, huhuhu…

….Hmpf!…fine...take me to my room.


Second schoolbrother, we are here.

Good, now leave me, I need to sleep.

He sure has a bad temper…hope he won’t cause any trouble for me…

Your relationship with Bramble Thorn increased…
Your medical skill increased…

All relationships starts at 50 when we properly met the person.

Edit: 56, 55, 54, 50, 0

Reminder: Vote which chore we will do.
Cleaning, get water, chop wood, washing, prepare tea, cook, prepare ink, rest, mix them up, or let me choose.

Warning: Do not poke anyone with a needle.