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Part 19: Chapter Nineteen: Harder Better Faster Stronger

Tea: 14
Cook: 11
Chop Wood: 5
Ink: 2
Mix it up: 1
Gather Water: 0
Washing: 0

Brew tea and cooking it is.

And I think one of my editor suicided for Master Flawless wall of texts, but don't worry, I broke them down for you.

Part Nineteen: Harder Better Faster Stronger
Music: Sim Mode: Spring

Quality. Amount. Duration. Smell. Color. Taste. Perfection.

As a young gentlemen once said, "Sir, would you like some seriously brewed tea?"

Cooking still sucked, but everyone started to like it.

Year One: Late September

Jesus, boy, you had joined my sect for almost a month now, so today I will teach you a basic training regimen.

Basic Training?

Basic training consists of improving of Chi Control, hardness, flexibility, speed, perception, and hearing. Focusing on specific training in one area will allow you to obtain maximum benefit from it...*wall of text crushed to below*

And so we have a bunch of training options and all of them except chi will play a different training animation on certain skill level. So here are the animations at skill zero.

Chi Training

Let’s talk about Chi Control; it is one of the most important of all as training your chi will enable your energy to flow more smoothly and will certainly help you achieve the state of activation as willed in battle.

Hardness Training

Next is hardness, it can harden your body to reduce the damage from your opponent. Hardness is suitable for kung fu that doesn’t require complicated movement.

Flexibility Training

Then we have flexibility, you can call it a softening exercise where it make your body more flexible, which enables you to perform complicated attacks that are hard to dodge, so it’s a great training for fanciful or bizarre kung fu.

Speed Training

Now we talk about training speed, it makes the body more active and fast. This naturally is valuable to your attack especially on an opponent that is trying to dodge.

Hearing Training

Subsequently, perception and hearing are usually employ by certain special kung fu. For example, throwing or finger type kung fu place importance in targeting pressure points, etc. which would need a really good eye, while you need a really good ear to hear the projectiles from your opponent.

Perception Training

Poor Jesus have to keeps his eyes open for hours and this is just at zero skill point.

Which to say, each kung fu is different, it has its own requirement, so if you want to learn a Kung fu, you should have focus your training in the basic abilities which are required for the kung fu, as it affects the potency of the kung fu.

But remember one thing, when you train your hardness, although your body becomes harder, your flexibility also decreases. Huhuhu, just know you can’t get fish and bear paw together, so you better train diligently.

Note: Fish are found in the rivers / oceans while bear paws are found by hunting bears in the mountains / forests, so you can’t get both fish and bear paws at the same time.

Today I will teach you’re the basic of Carefree Breathing chi technique to you. I hope you will practice it often and one day bring pride to the Carefree Sect.

Year Two, Early January. Chinese New Year.

Music: Chinese New Year

And I wish your money keeps rolling in, more and more day by day!

The hell is that? A birthday wish?

Hahaha! Doesn’t matter, all of them are good wishes, you three are my wonderful students!

Now let me give you all some pocket money, this size of the packet will be decided by your performance, so you all should do more good deeds and of course, induce/bribe me directly! Hahaha!

Thank you master!

Not just pocket money, I will teach you more kung fu if we are on good terms. So, work hard for me!

Obtain 4020 Silvers

One turn later

Jesus, boy, I believe you have the basic grasp of Basic Training, so today I will teach you’re the starter kung fu of Carefree Sect to you.

The kung Fu our sect has to offer includes fist, palm, finger, and leg. Which one do you prefer?

1) Carefree Fist
2) Carefree Palm
3) Carefree Finger
4) Carefree Hazy Kick

Our awesome stats works well with all of them, so pick ONE.

*Selected kung fu description*

One more turn later…

Jesus, boy, today I will teach you the armed kung fu of Carefree Sect. We only have Saber, staff, and sword, so which do you prefer?

1) Carefree Sword Style
2) Carefree Saber Style
3) Carefree Staff Style

Our stats are okay with all of them, so pick one.


Please vote in the following format
1) For the few turns after Jesus learned basic training, choose TWO trainings, OR 2X on one training, OR do the chore of Brew Tea and Cooking because those two are clear winner.

2) Pick one Unarmed Kung Fu.

3) Pick one Armed Kung Fu.

4) For the next few turns after Jesus learned kung fu, we do something from choice number one or practice kung fu.