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Part 21: Chapter Twenty-One: Facebook


So will we make important choices for kung fu styles or will we end up with all of them?
Choices. In fact, we have one right at this very chapter!

Part Twenty-One: Facebook
Music: Mail Service Station

Going to the mail service is a free action, but we can only do it once per turn, so we should do it every turn.

If there’s a pimp dressed all green in ancient china, he would so be it.

1) Write a letter
2) Send a present

Letter boosts relationship by 3 points while gift boost 0-15 points depending on how much the person likes the gift.

Who do you want to send it to?

Well, who already figured out from my hints that he is honorable Kung’s son? You know, the name Little Kung, and the BLUE hair matching his father BLUE clothes.

Wow, better not mess with him until our arm is made of iron.

Guess we have the number one good guy we can depend on in the list.

Maybe I should send something that resembles cow dung to Simon Peak.

Might as well up the ante.

Relationship with Simon Peak remains unchanged.

Next we visit the general store that stock random items each turn and also a free action.

I…don’t know how to describe her …

1) I want to buy something.
2) Hmm…here is something I want to part with.

… Red worm…500 arrows…18 iron ores… and I have a feeling I should buy a lot more of these medicinal ingredient. Could use it for making medicine, as a gift, or throw it at someone face.

First thing we should do is to get my blacksmithing skill to 100. After that, we just need to make a weapon in blacksmith mini-game to get the title for blacksmith.

So much easier at skill 100.

After all this smithing I finally developed this...a Bronze Body with an Iron Arm!

Feats are like achievement reward that gives passive boosts to Jesus. This one reduces all damage by 1/3, so we are at a great advantage!

I’m here to inform you of the new title people in Jiangwu have been calling you by. I have also recorded this title into your section of my book.

Really!? I wonder what they are calling me.

Due to your exquisite smithing ability, your buddies in Jiangwu gave you the title of -- Smith of the Age--

Really? Great! I finally obtained a title in Jiangwu!

I prefer Golden Jesus with Hammerhand.

Yeah, I have great expectations of you, and I hope you will work hard in the future, so don’t disappoint me.

Certainly, thanks for coming.

Well I need to take my leave now.

His spider sense is probably tingling really hard for some events happening miles away.

This way please.

Your reputation increased, it is now 36

Year Two: Early April

What happened? What’s the ruckus?

OH! You sure are a tough, kid!

Well yeah, bronze body means something.

And this man is…?

He is Dark Mysterious, Master Flawless’ schoolbrother, so he counts as your schooluncle. But, after years of absence from the Carefree Sect, master has already cut his ties with him!

Freshman Student Jesus hereby greets schooluncle, Dark Mysterious.

Wonderful! Such good manners, definitely worth the trouble of Flawless saving your life!

I just joined the sect and you have been away from the sect for years; how could you know I was poisoned?

I’m the one who poisoned you. I just wanted to test that old bone head and see if he could revive you, but it is quite unexpected that he ended up taking you in as a student!

The one who poisoned me is… my schooluncle!

1) Ask him to teach you kung Fu.
2) Turn him away.

We have a tough choice here, and it’s a big choice that will unlock/cockblock lots of events, so think carefully about what you want to do.

~So much avatar potential~