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Part 22: Chapter Twenty-Two: Archery of Love

Ask him to teach kung fu: 13
Turn him away: 23

Part Twenty-Two: Archery of Love
Music: Music in Forest

Since master has cut his ties with you, please leave!

Always gentlemanly to the end, nicely asking the guy who poisoned you to leave.

You got some nerves kid! Who do you think you are, talking to your school-uncle this way? Are you not afraid of breaking Carefree Sect’s rule of respect for your elder?

The sect’s rule is reserved for people of the Sect. For someone like you, I haven’t broken any rules.

You got an oily tongue there kid! I should have killed you with a double dosage!

Yawn…Mr.Beard, please show him the way.
Your moral increased, it is now 62.

Time passes by…

Hey Beard, did anything happen today?

Master, today that Dark Mysterious came to look for you, but Young Master Jesus knew you didn’t like him, so got rid of him!

Hmm…such a thing happened…!

Relationship with Master Flawless improved…

Let’s see what random event we will encounter in the forest.

Eh? A girl’s scream? I better take a look.

The artist of this game is awesome.

Oh heaven, please let me be able to kill this bear!

A gray bear with 5X more hp than normal!

Phew~~we are out of danger. Are you alright?

I'm not alright; I hurt my leg, so I can’t move. Can you get me a Poria, Scarlet Flower, and Corydalis Yanhusuo?

I happen to have some of them with me. Here, let me apply them to you.

Ah darn it, I could have had a free herb gathering mini-game if I didn’t have it! Although I would be risking failure.

Thank you, sir.

How are you now?

Much better. May I inquire as to your name?

I am Jesus of Carefree Valley. Also known as Ironman

I see, thanks for your help.

You’re welcome. What’s your name? Why did you come to this forest?

I am Tracey Thority, forth suzerain of Beast King Manor. I just happened to pass by here and suddenly had an urge to go hunting, but I was unexpectedly wounded by my prey. Such a shame.

Everyone makes mistakes, don’t feel bad about it.

You are right. Unfortunately, I have to take my leave. Please visit Beast King Manor when you have a chance.

An event in the Liquor Store!

Did you call me, sir?

Yes, yes. I am bored, come drink with me!


A true gentlemen accept any alcoholic invitation!

Let’s play Alcohol Janken/Morra! Loser drinks.


Then we will play [Treasure Twin]. The rule is simple, listen closely. [Treasure Twin] have eleven types known as:
0) Treasure Twin,
1) Heartily Offer,
2)Brotherly Love,
3) Three Peach Garden,
4) Four Season Wealth,
5) Five Bow down,
6) Six-Six smooth,
7) Seven match Seven,
8)Eight Pair Horse,
9)Nine Beer Bottle,
10) Bursting Fortune.

Both side yell out a name whilst holding out any number of fingers. The one who yells out the number-name matching with the total of both hands is the winner and the loser has to drink. If both miss the call, we try again, understand?

1) Yes, I understand. After looking on google for hours.
2) Please repeat it again.

Very well, let’s begin!

The session can sum up with the next five images.

Relationship with Drunken Deity Increased.

Ah! I can’t….UUURUGGGGG…..

Your alcohol skill increased.

Hohoho, your alcoholic tolerance sucks, come back when you are better.

A couple of days later, Jesus decides to visit the forest again

Oh Jesus, we meet again.

What a coincidence, Miss Tracey. Hunting again?

Yeah, wanna join me?


Play it cool Jesus, play it cool.

Then let’s have a match, we will see who catches the most prey.

Let’s do this!

Jesus is now extremely hyper motivated. The rabbit watches Jesus from a distance.

Rabbit: 31
Deer: 28
Wild Boar: 25
Bird: 14
Snake: 9
Bear: 1

Phew~~Today’s yield is good.

Huhuhu, my apology, but mine is not bad either.

Impressive! I didn’t think you were such a great hunter!

Hahaha, thank you, thank you…eh? Looks like it’s gonna rain….AH! Speak of the devil! Hurry, let’s run!

Let’s go find a good place to hide.

There’s an abandoned temple, let’s go in! be continue.

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