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Part 23: Chapter Twenty-Three: I... you... off... offff... offffffff

Jesus almost lost...almost...

Part Twenty-Three: I... you... off... offff... offffffff
Music: Gambling House

Phew~~I am all soaked. Miss Tracey, are you…

Jesus is now facing his greatest obstacle to his gentlemanliness.

You scared me there! Why did you yell all of a sudden?


What about me?

You…you took…took off your clothes…off….off….



Of course I took my clothes off. I am all wet and I would catch a cold with my clothes on. You should take yours off too, so you won’t catch a cold.

The obstacle doubles the difficulty! need…I….you…you shouldn’t…in front of men…take off…off clothes…

Why not? It’s not the first time. When I was young, me and my big brother, second brother and third brothers all take off our clothes and jumped into the river to bathe, it felt so good! Too bad there’s no river around here.

Eh? Why are you still wearing your clothes? You really will catch a cold!

The obstacle triples the difficulty!

No…I…wont’…I…I’m fine like this…fine~~ACHOO!

See, I told you so. Eh? Your face is red, did you get a fever? Let me take a closer look.

The obstacle sextuples the difficulty!

AH! You…you stay there!

What are you afraid of? I won’t eat you.


Hey! Where are you going?

…how long are you going to stay out there? You will get sick.

Don’t…don’t worry about me…I am fine~~ACHOO!

Ha! You are such a strange person.

…(Who’s strange?) Oh? The rain stopped.

My clothes are dry. Well, I should go home, you sure are an interesting person, let’s hunt again together next time, hehehe, see ya!

Darn it! Something so sudden like this, I didn’t even have time to prepare for it. Everyone’s gonna look down at my uselessness, [sign]…

And so, Jesus conquered the sin of lust…with great difficulty.

Forgot to mention I got some alcohols (which was immediately consumed), rare tea cup for Rater Ye, antique for Simon peak, and a crossbow.

This with our hunting skill can kill the bear in 3 hits.

But now I found this, the heavy crossbow. The bear will now fall in two hits.

Jesus gave this baby a try and the rabbit silently acknowledged his species’s impending extinction.

Ah, I get it! During all these process of hunting, I have finally acquired the secret of animal movements, and it seems I can apply it to kung fu...Learned Carefree Roaming Steps!!


Yes? What is it Mr.Ye.

I’m here to inform you of the new title people in Jiangwu have been calling you by. I have also recorded this title into your section of my book.

Really, what new title did they give me?

Due to your genocidal animal extinction super hunting ability, your buddies in Jiangwu gave you the title of –Stars Shooter—

Really? Wow, terrific!

I expect more out of you in the future, please continue to work harder.

Naturally, thank for coming.

Hope you don’t mind, but I have business to take care of.

Oh no, no. Please let me show you the exit.

Your reputation increased, it is now 66.

Year Two Late April: Valley Entrance

Brother Moon!

Jesus, good timing, let’s take a stroll with me outside the valley.


Suspicious your head! I twisted my leg from yesterday practice, so I decide to walk a bit to loosen up the limb. If you don’t want to, I will ask Thorn Boy instead. [Beware of dropping relationship!]

Wait…let me think…very well! [You think I don’t know? You cheapskate using relationship points to pressure me!] Strolling is good, I also need some serenity.

Relationship with Moon increased.

Actual forth wall breaking as a developer joke/hint/reminder or Jesus broke his mind from previous event.

Time flies by…probably the only bird that’s not yet extinct.

The bear claw mark on this tree…

Heeya! Afraid my ass! You didn’t know your bro is a master hunter? Relax!

Thi-this...Jesus gentlemanliness must still be in recovery mode after that boss battle.


Someone’s in trouble, bro, hurry and go take a look.

This might be a smart bear trying to bait me away so he can come eat you.

Stop playing around! Go save him!


Jesus' brain fails to revive the gentleman structure and temporarily replaces it with a hip-hop boy personality.

Save me….the bear is going to eat me…

Watch this!

Last gray bear to worry for a long time. No need to worry, yo!

Sca-scared me to death there…so scary…

Sir, if you don’t have any busines here, don’t wander in the forest, there’s been a lot of bears lately.

I AM looking for a bear, but who would have thought they are smart enough to evade all five of my traps.

Bro, how is… Mr.God!

Oh it’s little Moon! …bro? He is…

Bro, he is the friend of our master, Medicine God of Relaxation Village!

Sir, he is the newly recruited student by Master Flawless.

Nice you meet you, Mr. God.

Good! Who would have thought Flawless would acquire another student, I am so jealous.

If you are known as Medicine God, then there should be many people asking for your help, and there should be many more asking to be your apprentice, why can’t you recruit a student?

Mr. God has too many rules, no one can handle it.

[Sign]…I don’t really care anymore, as long as someone is willing to learn, I will teach him the art.

Sir, I have a little interest, maybe I could…

If you really want to learn, then visit me at heaven Relaxation Village.

Jesus would love to, but he's body is moving on it's own toward Tracey the forest...

Eh? Someone is having an argument in the forest!

This forest belong to everybody, I will hunt wherever I like, why do you care?

I won’t let you hurt the cute little animals!

Animals are tasty, not cute. You better move out of the way or I will treat you like an animal, you dumbass.

1) Help the Hunter
2) Help the Wildman

This probably is the only event that I’d rather help the hunter…

Potential avatar of the night for your enemies!