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Part 24: Chapter Twenty-Four: The Bird Watches

I almost gotten sick again for pushing myself too hard…guess I will skip my extra and shorten this chapter.

Part Twenty-Four: The Bird Watches
Music: Motel

>>Choose Help Hunter

Calm down, calm down, and let’s talk this out.

Who are you?

I am Jesus of Carefree Valley, who happened to witness you two quarreling, so I’m stepping in to be the mediator.

Mediator? How are you going to solve this?

Mr.Hunter here needs to hunt to live a normal life, if the animal didn’t die, he will die. Since the animals that die are not you, how about letting him have his way?

Damn you! You all are enemies of animals, I won’t forgive you!

Moment of Wildman attacking Jesus…

Ouch! Why do you suddenly hit me?! Why you!

Moment of Jesus off-screen ass kicking.


He ran away? What a weirdo!

Thanks for helping me, pal. Here is five bear gallbladders as my thanks, please accept it them.

Thank you Mr. Hunter.

If we had helped the hippie Wildman, he will teach us translation of monkey language and will unlock two more forest events to give us the rest of the list, which is a waste of turns since I already have it.

Year Two: Early May

Beard! Beard! Strange, where did Beard go?

You are holding it…oh!

Master, you forgot? Mr.Beard said he went back to his hometown and will be back in two days.

Oh…now I remember. I guess we won’t have dumplings for this year’s Dragon Boat Festival.

Master, I suggest we let Third Schoolbrother cook a dish for this year’s festival, what do you say?

Yeah! Yeah! Third Schoolbrother seems to like cooking.

(Great! Those two conned me!)

Very well! Jesus boy, since both your schoolbrothers volunteered you, please make a gourmet meal for this festival.

(Gahh! Even Master says it!) Yes, Master.

Sixty-one percent mastery Fried Alcoholic Yellow River Carp stacked with sixty cooking skill is enough for this year.


It’s so damn good, even master is silenced; I suggest you change your occupation to be a chef!

Bro, I didn’t know you are so good at this, our palates will be very fortunate from here on!

Thanks for everyone’s appreciations!

Hohoho! Jesus boy, you are a very talented cook. So from now on you will cook for us every Dragon Boat Festival.

Yes, master.

Relationship with Master Flawless increased.
Relationship with Moon increased.
Relationship with Thorn increased.

Time to send Tracey a gift.

Damn she’s hot. No wonder Jesus can barely move seeing her bare.

Since she likes hunting and the most precious thing found in hunting is this bear paw.

Relationship with Tracey increased, it is now 75.

Perfect gift, but it only works once, so maybe expensive bow next time.

Time to visit father god.


Are you alright, ma’am?

Oh! My shoulder has been hurting since yesterday. Now that I think about it, that Medicine God poked a needle at me once and now everyone lining up to see him. I wonder when it will be my turn; this pain will be the death of me.

I learned some medical skill before. If you don’t mind, I could try to relieve your pain.

Ouch-Oh! That would be wonderful, please do it young man.

Warning: Do not perform this on anyone. Just give them a shoulder massages.

Hooo…it doesn’t hurt anymore, ah~~woo, who would have thought such a young man could have such amazing skill! You are a nice boy. How about you come to my house? Let me treat you some of my home cooking and introduce my daughter to you?

Jesus is not just a young man. As long as you didn’t keel over from old age just call him.

Uhh…thanks for the gesture, but I still have something to do, next time, next time.

Editor Note: Daughters always end up looking like their mothers…
Author Note: Oh wow, just when I thought what a waste to not meet another possible babe. Now I feel better they are two mountains away.

Oh…maybe next time, my house is close by, just need to cross those two mountains. Now, I will go back. Please visit me soon.

Sure, sure.

Your medical skill increased, it is now 31

No, I’m Jesus of the Carefree Valley who heard of the reputation of Medicine God, so I came to visit him.

I see. I am Rivulet Ruta, daughter of Medicine God. Come, I will take you to him.

Phew~~ I finally cured everyone, so tiring.

WHAT? You cure the line of people within the time it takes Jesus to walk into the house? You are indeed GOD.


Ruta, you are back.

Let me introduce you. He is Jesus from Carefree Valley.

Hello Mr.God.

Oh is you, have you converted all Chinese to Christianity yet? are you sick?

No, he comes to learn your medical skill.

He’s not mute, why do you keep replying for him.

Hmph! It doesn’t matter.

Uhh… I am here to learn medical skill…

I know, my daughter just told me.

(…he has such a weird demeanor…)

You can learn from me, but only after you become my assistant. If you do well, I will teach you.

Thank you Mr.God.

I think there won’t be any more patients. You can leave today and we will see your performance next time.

Then I will take my leave.


Take care Jesus; be careful on your way home.

You fickle little girl; treating young man with such warmth while being so cold to your dad.

Na~~ah, I treat dad the best, let me go brew you some tea.

Oh you little 丫 head.

Relationship with Ruta increased.

Note: 丫 (Ya) head is a common form of calling underage girl in ancient China due to their 丫 shape hair style.

Forest seem to be a peaceful place, maybe we will see something interesting again.

Did you see Tracey? Did you?

Eh? An apple tree! Such a pretty fruit, I better climb up and grab a few.

…the bird is watching…watching for the impending doom…

Hmmmm~~~this apple is great…ah! I dropped it!

Ouch! Who assaulted me with an apple!?

Oh fiddlesticks, this is the strong enemy that I called the newbie killer. Why do I have to meet him first!

Ah! I’m sorry. My hand slipped. It really was unintentional. Please forgive me.

Hmpf! You think saying sorry is enough? Come down here, knee down and knock your head on the ground a few times to plead for my forgiveness!

1) Plead for forgiveness
2) Don’t plead

For a newbie that NEVER practiced his kung fu or trained on his stats the whole time, it’s obvious to not mess with someone that can easily kick you ass especially when the developer give you the choice to avoid it, but…

>>Choose 2

Ah, sod it!

Hey! A monk should be forgiving! Buddha will punish you

You dog! You dare to curse me?!

So what if I do!

Damn kid! I dare you to come down!

Dead Bald Donkey! I dare you to come up!

Fine, I will chop this tree down; let’s see who’s going down. Shaolin Mingle Palm! HO!

Ouchhhh… dangerous, I almost slipped…damn you! Watch my hidden projectile!

OUCH! GAHHH, you dare to throw an apple at me! Come down! HO!

Ahyaya! I fell!

Hahaha! Time to die!

Lair of Evil

Welcome to battle screen. We are fked.

Gentlemanly fked...will there be a miracle?

to be continued...

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