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Part 25: Chapter Twenty-Five: Explosive Miracle

Previously on Legend of Wulin Heroes…

Jesus is cornered and one attack away from being brutally beaten into pulp. Will our plucky young Hero survive?

tl;dr(Too long; didn't read) summery at the end.

Part Twenty-Five: Explosive Miracle

This an account of what the bird saw on that fateful day.

Music: Battle

Come on Jesus, think! Think of the options!

He can’t take another hit and there’s no medicine, so the only choice is to a rest for the turn. This will restore hp and chi at a recovery rate based on the tea and alcohol skill respectively.

But first, changing to weapon based kung fu will increase Jesus attack range so that he can keep that dead bald donkey out of assault range until that shiny bald head have a chance to move in for the first hit.

With Jesus’ speed advantage (70 speed = 4 blocks), Jesus runs to a safe distance to have a rest.

That fat baldy can only move two blocks and only has a 2 x 2 attack range, so with proper placement and running, Jesus can take 1-4 rests before the baldy can catch up plus 1-2 rests from running around.

Once Jesus has fully recovered, he goes for the Carefree Staff Style attack with a 3 x 3 attack range. The closer Jesus is when he attacks, the more damage he deals.

Although Jesus memorized the kung fu patterns, he is unpracticed and at zero mastery. Jesus can barely make two swings without losing his balance. It barely makes a dent, but Jesus is slowly growing more confident and the bald headed turtle knows it.

Your Carefree Staff Style mastery increased, it is now 3
Your Staff skill increased, it is now 1
Your Battle Experience increased, it is now 1
Your Kung Fu Knowledge increased, it is now 1

Carefree Staff Style at 70% mastery is still not enough to hurt him due to his massive amount of HP and his HP recovery from resting.

Switched to Carefree Palm Style at zero mastery with a 3 x 3 attack range, Jesus spends more times punching his balls and gains more kung fu knowledge and battle experience from the attempts.

Learned Knowledge: Shaolin Monks have iron balls.

Battle Experience: Extremely awkward…is that what Master Flawless mean by perfecting hardness and flexibility?

At 50% mastery, Jesus created what seem to be a scene of fire farting.

At 100% Mastery, Jesus charged his Chi so much that his chi image manifested to make a full body slam-punch.

Finally, Jesus ends this hour long battle with a final strike to Mister Baldhead

All battle stats increased.

Music: Victory

The bird’s job is done and Jesus leaves the corpse unconscious baldy in the bear infested forest for his impending doom and goes home.

Fighting usually uses up all of Jesus’ energy, but a bottle of alcohol satisfactorily refill three bars of energy and fixed the problem.

Potential Avatar of the Day

The bird is watching.

tl;dr summery
Astute use of Jesus’s superior movement speed and superior attack range to employ hit and run tactic with lots and LOTS of gentlemanly patience until Jesus level enough of his skills during battle to finally overwhelm the single toughest enemy in the early game.