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Part 29: Chapter Twenty-Nine: This May Cause Dizziness

Thanks for the hard work, my dear editors. This chapter is extra hard to dealt with.

And the winner for comment based voting is…

”Nemo2342” posted:

If the medicine is harmful, it is up to us to drink it so that an innocent person doesn't become accidentally hurt by it. If the medicine is beneficial, then we have no reason to turn it down at all.

Either way we look at it, we must drink the medicine.
Part Twenty-Nine: This May Cause Dizziness
Music: Herb Gathering

Okay, I will have one

Lost 500 Silvers!
Relationship with Ruta increased!

The bird watches Jesus’ reaction as there is a chance of a good or bad effect from the medicine, but the chance is decided by the impossible to raise luck stat. This means Jesus has a 40% chance of a good result and 60% of a bad one.

How do you feel?

………..feel….a bit………light……Wahadhfam! Head dizzy, body heavy….why….wgy lik dis?

Your speed decreased by 5!

Good result would increase it by 10.

Hmm……..maybe I added too much sophora roots. I will have to go back and improve it some more... Please relax; you will be fine after two to three days of rest. I'll see you later. Bye.


How can you just leave like this? The medicine didn’t work and no refund? Ughhh! Such horrible luck.

Year Two Mid-August: Lunar Festival

Music: Lunar Festival

Indeed! The white transparency resembles a jade plate.

Isn’t it just a moon?

Things like creating a festival and the celebration of the mid-autumn full moon are all artifices of man. [My suggestion: “Things like having a festival to celebrate the mid-autumn full moon is just an artifice of man.”] Jesus my boy, let me ask you this, do you know the origins of mooncakes?

1) It is the dessert for the lunar festival test exam during the Han Dynasty.
2) It was the secret code for a revolution
3) The Emperor of Shang Dynasty invented it.

>>Choose #2

I know! The people rebelled against the Mongolian ruler of the Yuan Dynasty, and planned to stage their uprising during the night of Lunar Festival. They coordinated their efforts by hiding secret messages within mooncakes. And so this event led to a tradition of eating mooncakes during the mid-autumn festival to commemorate the uprising.

Correct, you have studied well. The mooncake is also to remind us not to lose our patriotism and always put our country above ourselves, so we all can have the peace of today’s world.

Patriotism aside, time to cultivate some friendship.

Not enough space to fill in all the texts… Or maybe you all prefer this format instead?

"Vacant Truth (Relationship 76) : Senior student of Shaolin Monastery under the guidance of Master Acumen, an intellectual individual with a strong affinity for the teachings of Buddhism.

Five years ago on the day of his wedding, his wife ran away, which caused him great grief and thoughts of suicide, but he was eventually rescued and became the student of Master Acumen. He later passed on the art of Anti-Demon Staff Style to Vacant Truth. He enjoys studying martial arts and researching kung fu.”

How does Jesus get all these private information from!? Oh yeah, facebook.

Since I feel bad for the stat drop, let’s visit the city again.

Jesus! Wanna try my newly developed medicine? It’s only 700 Silvers!

Okay, I will have one

Lost 700 Silvers!
Relationship with Ruta increased!

The bird watches Jesus’s second try with the unrepeatable stat drop/boost medicine.

How do you feel?

………Eh? All my muscles suddenly feel alive, and a warm glow is moving within my body. I feel full of energy!

Then chop this boulder with your hand.

This…this HUGE boulder?

Relax, what’s so scary about it? Are you or are you not a man?

(Da~~mn! She’s looking down on me!)
Here I go! Fu~~~ha! HO!

The bird can’t believe its eyes, Jesus broke the boulder!


My medicine is quite good isn't it.

Such miraculous effect; please let me test more of those in the future.

No problem! Oh it’s late, I need to leave, see you next time.

See you next time!

Your hardness increased by 10, it is now 72
Your energy is fully restored.

Time to learn some Chinese chess from Mr.Tangerine.


Ah, it’s you, come, let’s play some xiangqi.

The bird watches Jesus’ awesome suicide strategy.

What are you doing, such horrible moves!

The truth is, master only taught me how to play Go, and I only learned a bit of xiangqi…so I’m not that good.

Looks like I have to teach you from the beginning, you better pay attention.

Yes sir!

Added tl;dr after each picture...may cause dizziness.

People created a song to help them memorize the set up order: Five Soldiers all stand on one line, two cannons stay close by, two side chariots pull horses, elephants ride by the advisors, and the commander remains in the middle.

Each piece has its own specialty and strength. ’sIf you compare them directly: Chariots are the strongest, horses and cannons have their own way to kill, advisors and elephants are for defense, and soldiers become more useful in enemy territory.

Now I will show you how they move and how to use them.

Tl;dr: This is how you set up the board.

Tl;dr: Just like the rook in chess.

But if there were a piece lying on a point one point away horizontally or vertically from the horse, then the horse's path is blocked in the blocking piece’s direction.

Horse and cannon are considered to be the same strength, each with its own specialty. In the beginning and mid stage, a cannon is stronger, but horse is more useful in the late game where defensive pieces like the advisor, elephant, and cannon are lacking.

Tl;dr with Wikipedia image:

The horse is the black piece. Green moves are legal and red moves are blocked by the intervening red piece. Unlike a Knight in Chess the Horse can't jump over pieces.

The Cannon has great mobility and can attack and retreat easily like the horse, but its full potential are released when working together with other pieces.

tl;dr with Wikipedia image:
It moves like a Rook in Chess but has to jump over exactly one piece, friendly or enemy, before capturing a piece. The piece it jumps over is usually called the cannon platform.

Again the Cannon is the black piece and slightly transparent red piece is the cannon platform.

Since they can’t move over the river, they serve as defensive pieces with zero offensive power.

Tl;dr: Moves like a bishop, but only for two spaces each time and can’t cross over into enemy territory.

Advisors are designed to protect the commander, they are not much use at the beginning, but at the enda the advisor and elephant combo is a powerful defensive force.

Tl;dr: Advisors move one point diagonally and may not leave the palace.

Before crossing the river, their power is weak, but after the river, their power doubles. Especially in the late game, each step they take will slowly increase their potential.

Tl;dr: Can only move one block up until they pass the river, at which point they can move left or right. They can never move back. Unlike the pawn in chess, they don’t get promoted if they reach the last row.

In theory, everyone tries to protect the king and tries to take down the opposing king. Which is why the king is usually forced to move by an invading force (i.e. a check) instead of the player’s voluntary action.

tl;dr: Moves like king (except it cannot move diagonally), and it’s trapped within the palace and cannot move to directly face the opposing king without an intervening chess-piece between them.

Today I have shown you the basic rules, next time I will show you intermediate tactics and strategies.

Thanks for the lesson.

A few days later, Jesus hangs out in the forest again.

Hundred Herbs Sect? So you guys sell herbs?

What do you mean “so you guy sell herbs”!? The Hundred Herbs Sect is Chengdu city’s top famed sect for medical herbs! Inheritor of great medical knowledge and experience! Everyone in Jiangwu looks up to us! You sure are lacking a lot in the information department...

Apologies for my lack of awareness of current affairs. But this forest is supposed to be a public domain, so isn’t it a bit rude to keep all the herbs to yourself?

This is indeed a public place. Which means the rule of first come first serve applies, and since we were here first, then obviously you are next after we gather enough. There isn’t any rudeness about it.

1) That sounds right.
2) What a bunch of baloney.

Both answers have some impact on events, so vote carefully let’s begin the comment based vote with whatever twisted logic you prefer.

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