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Part 32: Chapter Thirty-Two: The Four Sins

Part Thirty-Two: The Four Sins
Mission one is pretty short since it just serves as a wake up slap to those who didn’t train their hero right and a final chance to spend your money on the items you weren’t able to afford during the prelude mission. It is also the only mission without any future plot consequences for failure.

Music: City of Luoyang

Previously, Jesus had lost the birthday gift from Master Flawless that he has to deliver to Honorable Kung’s party in two hours.

Sir, may I ask if you saw a lady dressed in black with a small build who passed by here not too long ago?

Yeah, she was running past here like she was in a hurry.

Really, then I’d better catch up with her.

Oh yeah, I heard her mumbling something about “better find a place to sell it quick”.

Sell? Where could she be selling it???

The pawn shop! GO GO GO!

Sir, was there a lady who came to sell something?

You kidding? Who doesn’t come here to sell something?

No, I mean, did you see a little lady dressed in black?

Big lady, little lady, black cloth, white cloth, Luoyang is filled with them; maybe you should describe her with a bit more detail so I can recall her.

Alright, I will give you the details, the one I'm to searching for is…

Behold, some the female portraits in the game including some from removed content. Choosing any of them except the thief girl will just yield an “I don’t recall” answer.

Oh, you see how well it worked out. Now I remember...this lady just came in wanting to sell the Eagle-Shaped Golden Crown.

That crown was strange looking, but it was a top quality item, so I gave her a price of one thousand silvers. Who would have known she would complain about it being too low.

And then?

Then I bargained and increased the price up to one thousand and five hundred, but she still wouldn’t accept. Finally, she said she would sell it to the antique shop, and left.

I doubt the antique shop can give her any higher price.

Antique shop? Then I better be quick before she sells it. Thank you, sir.

Or I could buy it back if she did sell it…

Yes, but how did you know? Do you have a precognitive ability?

Did she try to sell you an Eagle-Shaped Golden Crown?

Yes, it seem like you can predict the future! Mind taking a look at my future?

I swear all these merchants are trying to slow down your investigation!

Predict your life? If I don’t hurry, my little life will get squished by my master! Sir, what happened to the crown?

Speaking of that, the lady bargained with me for a while and we finally settled for the price of three thousand silvers, but then four scary looking guys suddenly appeared.

Editor: Looks like that “Lady” has a nose for the right price...

Four scary looking guys?

Yes, but the strange thing is the lady became really afraid when they showed up and left with them after a short chat.

Gone? Gone again? Did they mention where they were going?

They didn’t mention where they were going, but one of them said he was hungry and was going for lunch.

Lunch??? Did they say anything else?

Hmm….that’s about it.

Damn it! Does Jesus have to visit the whole damn Luoyang or something!?

The waiter looks incredibly depressed and the owner is dumbfounded.

Apologies sir, if you are here for food, we can’t do business today.

Why not?

That’s…that’s…because our entire food supply in the kitchen has been used up.

Hey, waiter, how could you guys open a business without preparing the ingredients?

We…we did prepare, but…but the entire stockpile has been eaten by that customer over there.

He ate everything by himself? I don’t believe it.

Please believe me, I was also skeptical at first, but it's true! That guy has an amazing consumption ability.


Not only that, he even complained that our food is not good enough and making a ruckus about being hungry and wanting to eat a bear paw.

Bear paw?

You heard it right, bear paw, and he wants it raw. You tell me how we are going to find it, if it’s a duck paw or something, then we could get it, but bear paw…

He looks like one of the scary looking guys the antique guy talked about.

May I ask if you saw a lady dressed in black?

Stop bothering me, boy; I am so pissed off for being so damn hungry, get out of the way before I beat you up.

1) Like I am scared, let’s brawl!
2) Sorry for disturbing you.
3) Give him a bear paw

Third option is for those who are too weak or failed to beat him, which is not Jesus.

Music: Battle Theme

Darn, all the calories and fat goes to his long hp bar.

Ouch! Bite kung fu?

Go bite your own charcoaled dust.

All your battle stats increased
Your reputation increased, it is now 117

Screw you! I’m just too hungry to fight you, what a crappy day. You want to find that dead Swallow isn’t it, she’s gone with second brother to the alcohol store.

Dead Swallow? Hey, I am looking for person, not some Swallow or bird thing.

Ain’t you looking for the girl in black? Her name is Swallow History, and I would guess that she stole your stuff too, that damn Swallow causing trouble everywhere, he even dared to lay a hand on the Four Evils of Jiangwu. To think she even dared to call herself the Jiangwu's number one thief, Little Swallow, I would say she is a dead Swallow that can’t escape our paws, just look at how we finally caught her today.

Note: Swallow as in the bird name. I hate whoever named the bird.

So her name is Swallow History, and is the number one thief of Jiangwu, no wonder she stole my stuff in the blink of an eye. Also, what are those Four Evils of Jiangwu you talked about?

Boy, how can you be in Wulin and not have heard about <Gluttony, Alcoholic, Lust, Gambling, Jiangwu's Four Evils>, that is so ignorant of you.

Looking at you, I would guess you are Gluttony.

That’s right; I am the big brother, Gluttony.

Fortunate to meet you, I am Jesus of Carefree Valley. Ah yes, you said she went with your second brother. Where are they?

Jesus is extremely gentlemanly nice.

Second brother is known as Alcoholic. Where do you think he would go? Of course he went to the alcohol store.

Alcohol store? Great, I will pay a visit there; see you later, Mister Gluttony.

Yes, he uses an honorific on a cooperative enemy, Jesus forgives everyone.

Before they, let’s pay a visit to Ren, the kid who taught us chess.

I have it completely memorized.

Then let me test you, what is the fourth line of the poem?

1) Capture first before anything
2) Sacrifice to escape trap
3) Sacrifice to be in the lead
4) Capture with defense in mind

>>Choose #3

Hmm, you did memorize it.

Chess skill increased, it is now 17

Now we go to the alcohol store next door…I hope Ren won’t get influenced by being so close to this store…

Music: Louyang Liquor Store

Ah, here he is. This guy looks tough.

Mister, may I inquire…

Come here kid, let’s have a drink first.

The bird watches as those two drinks away without any sense of urgency.

This is great! I didn’t know you were such a great drinker; I definitely can’t go on anymore. If I keep going, I’m sure it will become a joke to you.

Hm, not bad, kid. What’s your name?

If Jesus’ alcohol skill is too low, then he won’t talk to you anymore and you have to set up a few cheating devices to out-drink him.

I am Jesus of Nazareth Carefree Valley.

Who would had thought the orthodox sects would have an excellent drinker like you.

Ah yes, may I ask you a question?

What is it?

I have an urgent matter to discuss with lady Swallow, I heard she is with you, but I didn’t see her anywhere.

You looking for little Swallow? They said drinking is boring so she went with my fourth brother to the gambling house.

Gambling house? Then I won’t disturb you further.

Let’s have a few more drinks next time.

I hope that gambling guy didn’t sell her for gambling money…oh, the irony.

Music: Gambling House

The orange shirt guy seems to be it.

You must be mister Gambling, may I ask if Lady Swallow is with you?

Little Swallow? What do you want with her?

Lady Swallow took one of my possessions.

So she stole your stuff. I know where she is, but I, Gambling, have my own rules. If you want to converse with me, then you must gamble with me.

Gambling? I don’t know much.

Dunno? I am not requiring you to play stuff like mahjong or dice. We'll just have a simple bet.

A bet? What kind of bet?

Let’s bet if the number of silversI have in my possession is an even or odd number? If you win, I will tell you about little Swallow’s location, but if you lose, you will pay all the silvers in your possession in exchange for little Swallow’s location.

1) Bet
2) Don’t Bet

This game is rigged, everyone said you will lose no matter what, but I won in one of my playthroughs, so maybe it depends on some stats. Anyway, I checked and we will lose no matter how many saves or loads I do.

So it’s a good time to buy a bunch of really expensive antique to raise my I.D. skill and sell them back when Jesus loses all his money later.

The left over silvers fund a tea and liquor binge. I swear this mission is trying to make us poor again.

Jesus buddy, you have some questions?

1) Anything new lately?
2) My kung fu rank
3) Nothing

>>Choose #1

Chengdu city has a cooking competition every three years on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival. It has become more and more popular over the years and has attracted more attention than before; even the government is sending people to the competition as guests. Due to this attention, lots of people are trying to pull all sorts of tricks and rumor is that this year someone would hire some people from Wulin to sabotage their opponent so they can win.

>>Choose #1

There is a widespread rumor that the long hidden Sky Dragon Cult’s guardian Grandma Kanta and Jinaroh appeared in Hangzhou city. They mysteriously disappeared when the Heavenly Lord died, and people are wondering why.

>>Choose #1

The hot topic in Jiangwu today is the Buddha Sword and Demon Saber. They are supposed to be named after two kung fu masters in the Song dynasty.

Buddha Sword who killed people cleanly with one clear slash that sealed people's throat and granted them a painless death. Asthe idiom goes, “Seal the throat and send them to heaven before the blood flows out”. This is where the name “Buddha Sword” originates.

Demon Saber usually used his palm instead of his saber because he would become a demon when he held a saber. In just one hour time, he ended one hundred and thirty two lives in a bandit fortress.

However, both of them fell in love with the same girl and decided to settle the matter with a duel. [The girl didn't want this tragedy to happen so she committed suicide three days before the duel. Buddha Sword and Demon Saber painfully regretted their actions, and so they buried their weapons with the girl and disappeared.

2) My kung fu rank

Let’s see~~your current kung fu ranking is… forty two.

Hell yeah! We are pretty much safe for a long while with this strength!

Let’s us celebrate by spending three thousand silvers on sipping teas!

Your tea skill increased, it is now 64

So, wanna bet? You just need to guess whether the number of silvers I have on me is even or odd. If you win I will tell you the location of Swallow but if you lose, you will have to pay me all the silver you have for the information.

1) Bet
2) Don’t Bet

>>Choose #1

Then are you betting even or odd number?

1) Even
2) Odd

>>Choose Odd

Good, the money I have on me is… eight hundred and sixty eight silver, so the answer is… an even number. Too bad, too bad, looks like you guessed wrong, so all your money belongs to me.

Darn! I guessed wrong.

Swallow History was taken by my third brother to the forest outside the city, you better go now, otherwise…huhuhu, you should know his nick name.

Holy cow it’s LUST! She’s gonna get raped rambunctiously fondled!