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Part 40: Chapter Forty-One: Older, Better, Taller, Longer

Part Forty-One: Older, Better, Taller, Longer
Music: Battle Theme Two

Okay, Jesus calm down, calm down. Since this is a test, you only need to take half his HP away to pass and he’ll hold back by only using the starter kung fu Carefree Finger. Oh yeah, we also have Iron Body that reduces damage by 1/3 and Carefree Roaming Step which gives us a 1/3 chance to dodge each attack….yes, yes, now I am calm.

More importantly, we get the first strike! That will make a difference.

That’s it!? 220+ damage just kind of bruised him!?

70% of other Players: "We barely make a dent!"

Did…did we just get Palm-Farted?

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! It’s like the whole body is in flame or swarmed by bees!

Damage to Hp ratio wise, we are hurting equally! So this is a battle of burning each other to death!

Oh god! Chi of the old people! Only few people in the world can stand up to that smell! This attack is flawless! Luckily, Jesus is also flawlessly drunk and dodged this one.

Let me give you a back massage, master!

Is that an angry jaw-opened hungry soul?

This situation would have been reversed if I didn’t hit first…

No! Jesus runs out of chi to power his attack!

Run Jesus! Run! Get some distance so it hurts less…is he building the cloudy road to heaven? GAggghhhhhh!

Hmm, not bad. I am pleased to see you working hard, so today I will teach you a new kung fu.

Your relationship with Master Flawless increased

Luckily, Master held back in the fight so we won’t go into injury mode.

Watch carefully, this is Water Margin Hero Palm……it is based on the story Water Margin.

This palm style is heavy yet steady, with a heroic aura and comprising the three techniques of Deep Intelligence Praying to Buddha, Wu Song Breaking His Chains, and Song Jiang Holding the Seal.

The practitioner should have a strong foundation in Hardness and I hope you will practice more in the future.

This kung fu is slightly weaker than Drunken Fist, but it doesn’t require getting drunk or cost a bottle of liquor for each punch. The chi cost is pretty high, however.

Ruta! Are you there? We need your drugs now!

Get out of my face!

If you feel troublesome, then I will take it off for you.


School brother, you shouldn’t force her if she doesn’t want to…and if master finds out about this…

I love this game’s artist.

Silent! The more she doesn’t want to take off her veil, the more I want to see her face. Just don’t tell master about it and everything will be fine.

No, I can’t let you do that!

What? You dare to oppose me?


Just buddy and Honest buddy, what happened? Why are you two glaring at each other with such red faces?

School…school brother wants to take off that lady’s veil.

Hmph! Who doesn’t want to take a look at such a slim figured lady? Don’t you think so?

1) Wholeheartedly agree.
2) Just buddy, you shouldn’t force people to do things against their wishes.

Tempting, but we will save that for another route and pick #2.

Your moral increased

Shut up! I don’t need your fake morality, get out!

Vile men! I will kill you!

You go girl! Cut his pretty face!

“An opening!”




Hahaha, she really is a beauty, I apologize for my actions, so let me check to see if you are hurt or not?

Don’t touch me!

Don’t touch my student!


Yoyoyo, another beauty, today is my lucky day.

Dude, she’s a Master, stop before we get killed!

Hmph! I was thinking who the hell is it, and it’s none other than the hoodlums from Wudang.

Calm down babe, it’s bad to have such a bad temper.

Oh god, we are all gonna die.

Watch this!

Music: Battle Theme

This is an awkward situation!

Jesus walks in to try and talk it out.

“Woah! Stop man! Stop! What the heck are you doing!?”

“Ma’am, I apologize for the idiot for knocking out your student…wait! We are not surrounding you!”

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Why do all masters’ attacks sting like bees!? And why me?”

Honest decide that the lady is too pissed off to negotiate and tries to save Jesus instead.

No, Jesus refuses to hurt innocent people!

But he can’t just leave Honest all alone, so he decides to use the new, unpracticed, least damaging kung fu to hopefully not cause any lasting damage.

But he can’t quite recall how it goes so he copied Master Flawless a little and made a mini Sprit Bomb.

What? She is using medicine!

Jesus is not sure if he is relieved or in great fear.

Note: Before the game patch, she has infinite max hp pills.

It is a tough match, Jesus took all the beating he could to protect those two guys and eventually she ran out of pills.

No more holding back, Water Margin Hero Palm 32% Mastery!

All your battle stats increased

Little Shen, people from Wudang are scum. If you see any more of these people in the future, make sure to treat them like rats and don’t hold back.

Yes, Master.

Let’s go.

Damn bitch, let’s go!

…………….(I am not a Wudang student, why me too?)

Your relationship with Old Honest increased
Your relationship with Swordsman Just decreased

Potential Avatar of the Night
Yes~~You can’t resist my face.