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Part 41: Character Recap (Spoiler until after chapter 41)

Alright, since someone finally reached their brain capacity to remember which character is which, and pasting those facebook things again probably won’t work so well, let’s have a recap!

Let’s Recap the People We Met
Gambling House

Carefree Sect

Oh dear, I’ve met so many people and now I am confused.

It’s time to have a recap with everyone one by one.

Hohoho, I am your master, Master Flawless. Did you forget me already? I am the person who saved your life from my school brother’s poison and also the only one so far who kicked your invincible ass.

Or maybe you would like to try that again to jog your memory?

No thanks, master, no thanks.

Are you alright? I am your senior school brother, Vale Moon Pavilion.

We met in Luoyang and became friends, after which you were are poisoned by my school uncle, which led you to become a student of Carefree Valley.

You are sure you didn’t hit yourself on your stupid head? I am your amazingly strong junior school brother.

Oh yeah, you also owe me 5000 silvers, remember?

I am the Servant Beard, also the blacksmith of Carefree Valley. You’ve never visited me since forever!

Maybe when I learn to use the sword or saber…

For the last time, I am your school uncle that you disrespectfully kicked out!

I will poison your tea the next time we meet!

Absolute Saber Sect

I am Nix Summer. You met me fighting with Simon Pig West in the forest establishing my superiority of the saber over the sword.

I hate that pig.

Beggar Sect

I am Grievous Yao, the beggar who you generously gave some food to and had invited me to come for your cooking.

I hope your cooking is good.

Hi sugar daddy, you promised to take care of me as my lover guardian, so I hope you will keep your words.

I, Swallow History, will try my best to change my way… in compliance with any loophole in law or morality I can find. Hopefully you won't kick me out like the beggar sect.

Bagua Sect

I am the master of Bagua Sect. Nice to meet you.

Saberman Shang is the name.

I guess I already forgave you for the stupid follow-me stunt in Luoyang. Maybe.

Beast King Manor

You kicked my ass in the young hero tournament, and then the bear saved me.

I am the fourth suzerain of the Beast Kind Manor, Thority Tracey. You saved me from a bear in the forest.

We also had a hunting competition in the forest once, then a sudden rain came and we found shelter in an abandoned temple, but you suddenly chose to stand outside under the rain when I sensibly took off all my clothing for drying.

Blacksmith Mountain Manor

I am Any North, the guy who described everyone to you in the forest while Nix and Simon were fighting each other,

Too bad your brain probably won’t be able to memorize the other half of the cast.

Heavenly Sword Sect

Did you talk to that Nix Monkey? He is a loser, a useless and dumb loser! Hahahahaha!

I, Simon West, thank you again for giving me a sword during the fight; I will pay you back somehow.

Hundred Herbs Sect

What do you want with me!? Last time I said that the herb gathering spot belongs to us until we are done, but you decided it is for everyone to share and kicked me and my goons out of the forest! You bandit!

I will get back at you one of these days!

Janken Sect

I am old man Chi, Master of the Janken Sect. Thanks for curing me of the dangerous ailment.

Please take good care of my daughter.

Wait, what?

I am Chun Chi Li, thanks for saving my dad’s life.

I knew you are a good man from the very first time we met in Luoyang!

Kunlun Sect

I am High Win of Kunlun Sect; we met at the Young Hero Tournament where I was talking to Nix Summer about tea.

Kongtong Sect

I am Lonely Leaves of Kongtong Sect, we met at the Young Hero Tournament.

Long Rainbow Agency

Welcome, I am head of this delivery Agency; we can deliver your package or escort anyone safely to their destination under our protection.

I am Great Guan, delivery boy.

Mount Hua Sect

I am Cho Hua, the maiden in distress who was saved by you and your school brother Moon from a bandit. Although it is just the handsome and wonderful Moon who did all the work.

I will visit soon to see Moon you both and properly give my thanks for saving me.

Kung Family

I am honorable Kung, you met me at the beginning but we ertr only formally introduced at my birthday party. Damn those cultists for ruining my party!

I am Honorable Kung’s son, we met at the White Horse Temple at Luoyang.

And I also personally invited the Carefree Sect to come to my father’s birthday.

Shaolin Temple

Zzzzzz…I am Master Acumen …zzz…

Amitabha, I am Vacant Truth, we met in the city and you helped me not once, but twice in defeating a group of bandits and then helping me to subdue my school uncle.

Alas, if only my ex-wife was as nice as you…

Damn you for defeating me with cheap hit and running tactic for HOURS!

And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids

Sky Dragon Cult


Trust me; even I, Lust, won’t rape that woman. She’s one of the guardians of this cult and she is EVIL!

There are no rules for drinking and flying on top of the roof! At least not for me, Alcholic!

I am Gluttony, and I need some food now!

I am Gambling, how about a bet?

Tang family

Hehehe, I am the head of Tang Family, hehehe.

I am Tang Crown; you met me at the forest trying to separate Nix Summer and Simon West from fighting.

Don’t piss me off or I will murder your mom.

Wudang Sect

I am the headmaster of Wudang Sect.

Stop calling me panda!

I am Old Honest; I always hate to see my school brother bully women like that.

Believe in justice!

Hello ladies, I am Swordsman Just, also known as the smug swordsman.

More importantly, ladies, look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me, sadly he isn’t me.

??? Sect

I hate men, don’t come near me!

I will kill you!

Yes, Kill them all, especially those Wudang scum.

You only barely defeated me in an unfair fight. All you men are cheating bastards!

No Sect

Hey pal, I am Wintry Sword, your best drinking buddy!

Let’s have lots of fun together!

I am Rater Ye, the man who will record every notable deed that happens all over Jiangwu!

Due to your mastery at kicking ass, I give you the title, “Kick Ass.”

What? I am Lip guy #2, the minor character, move on.

I am Vengeful Ba, now dead as a mole, move on.

Me too, move on.

Just want to pop in and said that I have the biggest lip so far.

No, I am.


That is all you ever need to know about them.

Relaxation Village

Kukuku, I am Scholar, please come and learns calligraphy from me at Relaxation Village.

I am Medicine God, one poke and people are instantly cured. I am damn good!

Now let me poke your Gushing Spring Point.

Hello, I am Rivulet Ruta, daughter of medicine god.

I make drugs and you test it. No refunds.

I am Painter Qing. I teach you how you paint so you don’t suck.

I am Gentleman Tangerine, my hand itches for a game of Xiangqi.

I am Drunken Deity, come binge drinking with me.

Hurr hurr hurr, I am Flower Elder. I don’t teach, so you will have to learn to grow flowers yourself.

I am Deity Music, don’t underestimate the power of music.

It's so powerful, it can even calm down those two angry guy at the white horse temple.

Editor notes: Indeed, do not underestimate the power of music.

          Potential God of the Day

Your Gushing Spring Point needs poking.