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Part 42: Chapter Forty-Two: Life of a Hippie

Short chapter with some reused event for the new editor to get use to.

Part Forty-Two: Life of a Hippie

Ring! Ring! Ring! Event! Event!

Eh? It's Yao buddy, how are you?

Hello, poor little beggar me just happened to pass by and is really hungry, so I have come to ask for something to eat.

1) Sure.
2) Get out!

Destroying someone’s expectations and letting them starve would very evil indeed…maybe next time.

No problem, please take a seat and I will make some food for you.

Thank you, Jesus.

Let’s give him the one with alcohol, because every man deserves alcohol.

Thanks for the wait, and pardon my poor cooking, here it is.

Nonsense, I am deeply grateful to be able to eat, so you don’t have to be courteous about it.

The bird watches a fellow birdlike chicken species being consumed.

Phew~~~This is wonderful, I haven’t eaten something like this in forever! It makes me recall a wonderful family of a father and a daughter who gave me their Mapo Tofu five years ago.

The spiciness and numbing sauce, poured on top of the slippery smooth tofu plus the crunchy meat slide, and the kindness of the family…is something I will never forget.

If only I could eat Mapo Tofu once again, I would do anything.

It’s unfortunate that I don’t know how to cook this dish, so I can’t rejuvenate your fond memories of that day.

Hoho, the fact that I can even eat something is a blessing for a beggar, so I shouldn’t ask for more. Thanks for your food, I won’t further waste your time and take my leave.

…is there really such a wonderful Mapo tofu? It sure is making my mouth water hearing about it; maybe I will research about it in the future.

Your morality increased, it is now 77
Your relationship with Grievous Yao increased
Your cooking increased, it is now 74

Now that we're done feeding someone, it's time to feed ourselves.


Lady Ruta, are you gathering herbs again?

Yeah, I just gathered all of them and was about to go home……. Oh yeah! I have a new formula that costs 1000 Silvers, do you want to try it?

1) Yes, I will try one.
2) Maybe not.

Note: I will reload if this fails! No more Flawless defeat!

Lose 1000 silvers

How do you feel?

… My whole body’s muscles feels so alive! It’s like a warm heat moving all over the place, filling me with power!

Well we got lucky again!

Hehe, my medicine is not bad, isn’t it?

Amazing, please find me if you have more in the future.

No problem! Oh, it is late, I better go home, see you next time.

See ya!

Your flexibility increased, it is now 100
Your hardness increased, it is now 100
Your speed increased, it is now 100
Your energy restored

Yay, we brokenly maxed three battle stats in three years. Now Jesus has tougher defense, higher attack, and can move a total of five blocks, which in D&D scale is 25 feet per turn.

Now that the battle stats are out of the way, it's time for some hobbies.

Lady Music.

Jesus, you are here. Come listen to these four Morceaus.
This is the Tune of Spring
This is the Tune of Summer
This is the Tune of Autumn
This is the Tune of Winter

These are the same beginner song from the forest that she used to test you with.

Did you memorize the tunes?

1) Yes
2) Please play it again.

Then tell me which song is this. *Play Random Song*

1) This is the Tune of Spring
2) This is the Tune of Summer
3) This is the Tune of Autumn
4) This is the Tune of Winter

Fudge, I kinda can’t tell if that is spring or summer…

Hmm, very good. That’s it for today, remember to practice and when you skill is high enough, I will teach you some lyric.

Your music increased, it is now 30.

Year Three, Early Feburary

Eh, someone's in master’s room!

Then please bring back some quality brushes and ink for me.

No problem, just a shame that you can’t come to Hangzhou with us to see the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan mountains and rivers.

Can’t be helped, I am too old for it.

Can’t imagine what he is doing at his ultimate flawless prime. Moving a mountain that’s blocking his way?


Just in time, Jesus, come greet Painter Qing and Scholar.

Hello, nice to meet you again. I heard you two mentioned something about Jiangnan beauty, is it fun over there?

Of course is fun, want to come?

Master, can I go?

Alright, since you seem to be working hard lately, I will permit you to travel with these two gentleman to learn a few things in the outside world. But don’t play too much and don’t cause any problems, understand?

Yes, master.

The Bird follows Jesus all the way to Hangzhou.

Welcome to Mission Two, the officially impactful consequential mission that we should treat seriously. It also happens to be my second translation hell since Luoyang. Here's a map of it.

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