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Part 43: Chapter Forty-Three: Hangzhou Have Beautiful Women

Part Forty-Three: Hangzhou Have Beautiful Women

Good lord, is this guy dying or something? Why no one notice or care about him at all!?

Wah…so…hungry…sir, if you have any meat buns you can give me…wah…I miss the wonderful smell of meat buns…

Jesus decides to find him some meat buns.

Maybe he can ask the locals on where he can find the meat bun store.

I want to buy a beautiful piece of fabric for my wife…but I can’t find a color that I liked in the shop.

Certainly not important compared to Jesus’s quest for meat buns.

Hey kid, you look like a smart one, so how about playing a text game with me?

Why would I want to?

I’ll give you my precious item if you can guess it correctly!

1) Alright, I will try.
2) Maybe next time.

This is a question and answer on how to correctly pronounce a Chinese word he asks, so I will change it to English grammar instead.

How to pronounce [Dictionary]?

1) Dic-tion-na-ry
2) Dick-show-nerd-read
3) Dik-shun-ner-ee
4) Din-sheng-erry

>>Choose #3

How to pronounce [Erration]?

1) Eee-ra-tion
2) Er-ra-tion
3) E-rec-tion
4) Eck-rak-tion

>>Choose #2

How to pronounce [Hippopotamus]?

1) Hip-uh-pot-uh-muh s
2) He-post-pot-the-must
3) Hip-po-po-po-ta-miss
4) hippopotamusymsreimflnalvnonvakvndvnkl

>>Choose #1

Not Bad! But what next can’t just be figured out just by its alphabet! How to pronounce [Honorificabilitudinitatibus]?

1) Oh-no-right-fine-can’t-be-little-bit-in-that-this-bug
2) Horror-fudge-can’t-bye-like-too-ding-night-to-the-bus
3) On-er-iff-e-k-bit-ou-in-i-d-too-
4) ON-uh-rif-i-kay-bi-li-too-DIN-i-tee, -tyoo-

>>Choose #4

How to pronounce [Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolc anoconiosis]?

Actual word in dictionary.

1) ia ia fhtagn Cthulhu!
2) You sir, are crazy, I refuse to play this horrendous game anymore, good bye.
3) noo-muh-noh-uhl-truh-mahy-kruh-skop-ik-sil-i-koh-vol-key-noh-koh-nee-oh-sis.
4) Ug-rhwh-shrhjuyk-,iy-,-I,n gbf-b-br-b-asb—h-w-h-wrh-wrh—rk-l8-a-ac-avab-rb-r F-YOU!

…Choose #3

Wonderful! You even know these words, kid! Here is the prize, please take good care of it.

Obtained calligraphy masterpiece “Fast Snowing and Sunning.”

Hey kid, want me to look at your fortune?

1) Sure, I’ve been having bad luck lately.
2) Nah, my luck is always great!

This is the second and last luck changing event in the game, it either add or drop 5 points to your luck, so I will reload to get a good result.

Hmmm, looks like you luck is pretty good.

Your luck increased, it is now 45.

Now Jesus has a 45% chance of getting good result from random events like testing Ruta’s medicine.

Your future will depends on you to create it.

Local law enforcement bureau or whatever I called it forty chapters ago in Luoyang.

Authorised personnel only!

Not much to do there, so Jesus talks to the beggar.

Please spare some cash, good sir.

1) Sure!
2) Go away, don’t bother me!

Jesus is rich enough to spare a few silvers.

Thank you sir!

Lost 5 silvers.

Nothing happen? No stat gain? Hmm…

Traveling east, Jesus reaches the local parlor, a combination of nightclub and brothel.

I heard this parlor recruited a new famed prostitute named Little Fragrance, her beauty rivals the grandness of a country.

Yeah, but I heard she only meets people who passes all of her tests on music, chess, calligraphy, and painting, all of which I am bad. If I had known, I would have studied harder.

Hey man, do you also want to see this chick?

1) Oh yeah!
2) No…no…

>>Choose #2, not that it matters.

Very good, you know your place.

My boss became addicted to cricket fighting lately and he makes at least ten crickets fight until they die everyday, so all the crickets around our house have been wiped out from our cricket-hunting. Now, the servants and I are still looking for some outside, but I can’t find any strong ones, so if you have a good one, please sell it to me and I will give you a very generous reward.

Oh, Little Fragrance, when will I see you again?

Jesus walked closer to the stone step to take a good look at the establishment.

Welcome, welcome, please come in sir, we have the best looking beauties in city that will provide the best service you ever experienced.

Ah? No….no, I….

Tsk! Why are you so shy about it! Young men need to practice and practice more!

Exactly! Who knows how many parlors I visited during my prime as a young and healthy male! Ah……..the good of times….hehehe….


I agree, Jesus. I agree.

Who’s the best girl here?

That obviously will be our Jiangnan’s number one girl, Little Fragrance. But, you have to pass her music, chess, calligraphy, and painting tests to meet you.

Oh? This is getting interesting. Jesus Boy, you go and give it a try.

Ah? This…this won’t do! My master will be angry…

He’ll be happy. Your master teaches you all these skills and now you have a chance to display them to the glory of Carefree Valley.


No buts, just go in and meet her. We will wait for you here.

Please come in, her room is on the second floor, someone will be there to guide you to her, hohoho…

Jesus is having a mental battle between his morality and his manliness.

What are you waiting for? Hurry and go! Don’t come out until you see her!


Manliness wins this round.

Please come in sir.

Morality cheated and sucker punches manliness.

Hurry up and go!

Manliness still wins the round by tying morality up and trapped it in a locked room.

Music: Parlor

This dance is making Jesus’s manliness stronger.

Great, Rouna! Wonderful!

She’s so beautiful!

She is more than a woman!

My, my heart is charmed!

Siiirrrr~~have a drink~~~~

Yes, yes…

Siiirrrr~~please eat this veggie~~~~

Yes, yes…

Siiirrrr~~let’s drink again~~~~

Yes, yes…

Siiirrrr~~take another bite~~~~

Yes, yes…

Come, another kissy!

Ouch~~~you are so naughty, sir~~~


Going up the stairs, she seems to be the servant who will guide Jesus to Little Fragrance.

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