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Part 44: Chapter Forty-Four: Hangzhou Have…Whoa…

Today will be the day where we get to meet this beauty at last!

Part Forty-Four: Hangzhou Have…Whoa…
Music: Parlor

If any of your music, chess, calligraphy, and painting stats are not 30 or more, this girl here will turn you away. Our Jesus barely makes it.

Hmmm…..that umm…

Are you here for Little Fragrance, sir?

Ah! Yes……

Please follow me.

Will we be able to meet her? Will she be there when we step in the door?

Aww… looks like she’s in the other room. Guess we have to solve her puzzles.

Since you are here, sir, you must have known of Lady Fragrance’s rule?


On the table are four tests prepared by Lady Fragrance on the topics of music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Please solve them at your leisure, sir.

Let’s begin the test by clicking the book on the table.

These tests contain topics of music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. If you solve all of them without error, you can then meet with Lady Fragrance, sir.

For starter, we start with the music test. Please listen to the following melody and tell me the name.
*Play random BGM*

1) Chinese New Year BGM
2) Valentine Day BGM
3) City of Hangzhou BGM
4) Gambling House BGM
5) White Horse Temple BGM
6) Luoyang BGM

Easy enough, you can also find them in the music folder on tindeck.

Congratulation sir, you passed the test, please proceed to the test of chess. All you need to do and solve these chess puzzles. You play the white pieces.

 1)Inside the black chain. . 
 2) Inside the black chain at lower right. 
 3) Inside the black chain at lower right. 

Congratulation sir, you passed the test, please proceed to the test of calligraphy. Please match the Cursive Script with the corresponding Chinese characters.

And here I thought I didn’t need to translate anything.

These two make quite a nice poses for the drawing.

Congratulations on passing all the tests, sir. Lady Fragrance is next door, please proceed.

Alright, this is the moment of truth! We are finally going to meet Little Fragrance! Is time to meet her transcendent beauty!

…(It’s so fragrant! Little Fragrance, little Fragrance, she really is charming!)

My name is Little Fragrance; may I inquire as to your name?

Oh look at this beauty in the classical sense of the "well-rounded" motherly figure that is fit to.......Oh who am I kidding, she is shockingly overweight and at least 40 years old. Welcome to the hardest trolling by the game artist in video game history. Do note that she is the only portrait that doesn’t use a realistic drawing style.

Editor’s note: To be fair, the ancient Chinese did favour “voluptuous” women. That said, I do agree that this is some massive trolling on the game artist’s part. Little Fragrance is far and away the single most “unconventionally attractive” woman in the game – it’s all uphill from here on.


Ah, looks like Jesus finally noticed.


Ah! I…I am Jesus.

This must be some sort of divine punishment for going into a parlor/brothel.

So you are Mister Jesus. I am just a woman of low status, so to have you wasting spending so much effort just to meet me, all I can ask is to please pardon any trouble I caused.

It’s nothing.

Yes, hold it back, Jesus. Hold it back so I don’t have to censor whatever paragraphs of cursing you are thinking right now.

I learned the art of music, chess, calligraphy, and painting at a very young age, so I wished to heaven for such a chance to practice such hobbies with talented artists and to meet such wonderful people, which is why I created those rules. To meet a gentleman like yourself today, it must be my lucky day.

It’s nothing ma’am, you are too courteous.

I know Jesus, but we still can’t get the hell out yet.

To meet today, it must be by the hand of fate, and thus, let me play you a song as my welcome gift.

I will listen to your song.

Pardon my incompetence.

Music: Little Fragrance's Song

My god, her voice is beautiful. It just sucks that Jesus has to stand there and endure the scenery.

So…so beautiful…it’s like I went to heaven....and heard the goddess playing a tune…
Good job Jesus, hallucinating helps ease the pain.

Thank you, sir.

Then the servant comes in next to Little Fragrance.

Lady Fragrance….*whisper* *whisper**whisper**whisper**whisper*…

…Mister Jesus, I am afraid that I will have to ask you to leave.


Yes, Jesus, you didn’t hear wrongly - freedom!

I need to meet with a very important person, so I am afraid that I can’t accompany you any longer.

Then…then will we meet again?

Wait, what!? You mean it!?

If you really want to meet me again, then please come to the Pavilion at the middle of the lake by tomorrow at noon!

Yes, yes, I will be there.

Okay, so you seriously like her. Good for you.

I will await you there tomorrow. Autumn Moon.

Yes, ma’am, what’s your order?

Escort this gentleman out please.

Sir. Please follow me.

See… see you tomorrow at the lake…

See, kids? This is why you should never go to a parlor/brothel.


Yessss, I can see the light!

Ahhh~~fresh air that is not contaminated by the perfume.

Now let me watch this dance for an hour or so to heal my eyeballs.

Potential Ava---No, let’s not, how about some quotes from actual players instead.


“I gave up so much kung fu training time to train my artistic skills just so I can finally meet this so-called beauty on my second playthrough! I even reloaded my save more than 30 times to solve the picture puzzle!

Then I finally see her, which leads me to wonder why she has a mustache! No matter how I look at it, it looks like she has a mustache on her face! At least her song is good, just listen and don’t look at the face, that will be enough for me to count her as a beauty.”


“I was so excited the first time I played this! Pondering how beautiful she was, but the result is so disappointing… she is a grandma.”

香兒 我為了他 浪費了多少回合去死練 4技

後來 我後悔死了




“Little Fragrance, for her, I wasted lots of turns to train those four hobbies,
Later, I was full of regrets,
Completely regretting,
I didn’t even want to take the other route,
Why did I torture myself?

我非常同意板大的說法 第一次看到我真的是傻眼 真的有哪種"請賜死"的感覺 不知河洛為何要用那張圖..

“I completely agree with what you said, the first time I saw her, I get the feeling of “Please grant me death.” Why does Heluo Studio use that picture?