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Part 45: Chapter Forty-Five: Back to Business

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Part Forty-Five: Back to Business
Music: Hangzhou


Huhuhu, I heard you met her.


What did you two do?


Hahaha, your face is all red, so she must be an absolute beauty!

Yes, next time Jesus will paint it on a canvas and your eyes will bleed.

Stop fantasizing about it already!

Excellent! Next time we will go to the number one women of Jing Citadel, then the number one women in Miao Boundary, then the number one…
No thanks, one nightmare is enough for life.

Mister Scholar is still perky and passionate as ever! However Master Flawless would blame you for corrupting his student.

Ah, that’s true. Hahahahaha…..

Then let us tour the rest of the city!

Let’s go Jesus! Follow the hand!

And then those bald monks get Jesus’s attention and he ignores the lonely little hand.

Master, please enlighten me with the meaning of this incantation.

Which would that be?

“Ascending heaven without borrowing a ladder,
Yet the earth has no road,
Wrap in liberty of wisdom,
Litter enlightener rush for enlightenment”

Please explain this to me, master.

This incantation explains that the virtue of Buddhism is within everyone, and humankind just hasn’t discovered it. Just like ascending heaven without ladder, where you will never reach heaven without it, as becoming a Buddha requires embracing the inner Buddhism without yourself.

I see.


Your I.Q. increased, it is still 100.

Amitabha. Pardon me, Alms-giver, the temple is currently under reconstruction so it is closed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Fine, Jesus will just look at whatever fun thing the kid is playing with.

Hahaha, these snails shrunk when I gave them some salt. So funny!

(…this kid is so naughty, those poor snails.) Hey boy, don’t bother those snails, they are already pitiful.

Nu uh, look at them wrap themselves up like a circle when I give them salt. So interesting!

Stop playing with them already. (Darn it, he won’t listen. What should I do?)

Oh, I don’t know, maybe save the HUMAN life outside the city that you have probably forgotten?

You are so nosy sir! How about this, you give me some honey then I will stop playing.
Fine, Jesus will keep an eye out for a beehive and kung fu the bees for the honey if necessary.

Maybe these two old men can share some wisdom on finding some honey.

The days are so peaceful.

I agree, pal.

Nope, just two guys enjoying the wonderful views of Hangzhou.

Well, I have to admit, there is quite a wonderful view from here. Just look at the miles of buildings and the lush blue river you will never see.

At the end of the bridge is a shop that sells fans.

See the fans on the wall? Those round ones are the women’s fashion and the arc shaped ones are the men’s fashion.

Sir, which fan would you like?

1) Let’s see what you got.
2) Nah! Maybe next time.

From left to right: Willful Fan, Flower Bird Fan, Pear Tree Fan, and Lotus Flower Fan.

From left to right: Cherry Blossom Lentigo Fan, Fan of Three Friend, and Million Miles of Cloudless Fan.

All of the descriptions just say “Famous Fan of Hangzhou” and each fan cost around 50 silvers, so we buy all of them.

Your I.D. skill increased, it is now 72.

Northeast of the bridge is the shopping area, so let’s go into the sweets shop.

Yes~~candies sweet little treats!

Sir, would you like some sweets? Our sweets are made from our secret family recipe that guarantees to satisfy your taste buds.

From left to right: Dried Mango, Umeboshi, and Dried Papaya

From left to right: Dried Guajaya, Dried Banana, and Dried Plum.

Our girlfriend Chi Li love this stuff, so let’s buy them all. Each one only cost like 6-12 silvers anyway.

Your I.D. skill increased, it is now 73.

Do-Not-Want Avatar of the Night
I smell so great, even my flatus is honey to your nose.