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Part 48: Chapter Forty-Eight: Big Brother Likes To Gossip

Part Forty-Eight: Big Brother Likes To Gossip
Music: Motel

A little east of the scribbled wall is the local market in front of the motel/restaurant. Let’s see what those two madams are gossiping about.

Madam Chang!

Madam Lee, you are buying veggies too?

Oh yes! My little baby boy is very picky about food! It just troubles me to find something that’s suitable to his taste.

Same with my little Ming at home, all he loves to eat is meat and he won’t even touch veggies. So problematic!



Well looks like there’s nothing interesting t…

Did you hear the son of Madam Wong from the neighboring village was elected as an official?

Really! The Wong family is definitely going to be rich!

No doubt about it!

Oh ho, I knew that kid was special!

I heard he could read at the age of three and make poetry at the age of five!

Genius children are so different!

I remember during the birth of that kid, there were a lot of Big Peng Birds gathered on the roof of his house!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I remember too!

At the same time, their pig even gave birth to a pair of white little pigglets!

You are correct!

The fortune teller said that kid is some reincarnation of a heavenly star.

I think so!

[Sigh], Madam Wong sure has a great life!

[Sigh], doesn’t she!

…so pointless yet the story is pretty intriguing…could that boy be reference to some sort of Chinese hero story?

Young man, you don’t seem to be a local.

I am from Luoyang.

He probably is here to see that prostitute Little Fragrance at the parlor too.

Just like those two male at my home who go there whenever they are bored.

Sigh, men are just like that.


Silence! You repressed women of the ancient era! This is man’s world!

Yet, Jesus is so ashamed that he runs to hide in this building called Clear Moon floor.

Aww, hell no. Not these little brothers again!

Note: I forgot to trigger the "big brother!" event, so this is before that.

(It’s those four again………)

Hoho, this hairpin looks like it is worth a lot, I would estimate at least a couple hundred silvers!

Hehe, now we can enjoy a very comfortable life for a couple of days, hahaha……

It’s all thanks to my sharp eyes; it just popped into my sight just like that!

Amazing Bro!


You four are doing something bad again?

WAHHH!!!! Is…is you…?

Wh-what do you want…?

We…we didn’t do anything…

Then what is the thing you are holding on that hand!?


(Golden Hairpin of Jade!?) I see, who would’ve thought you go back to your old ways and doing bad things again!


Aww yeah! Our Jesus scares the crap out of their pants! More please!


WAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Plea-Please spare us!

Your reputation increased, it is now 143

W-we really didn’t do anything…

Ple-please keep the hairpin…we won’t object…


Leave, I don’t want to see you all again!

Yes, yes, thank you sir!

Obtain Golden Hairpin

With the dust settled, Jesus gone ahead and orders some food.

Welcome sir! How about trying our specialty Dongpo’s Pork!

Dongpo’s Pork?

The Dongpo’s pork of our Clear Moon Floor is famous throughout the region! In Hangzhou, infants to the elderly all know about our dishes name.

Why call it Dongpo’s Pork?

It is named after Su Dongpo, the Poet of the Song Dynasty. At that time, Su Dongpo decided to reward all the hard work of those workers who worked hard on the reconstruction and decide to cook together all the pork and fermented wine that he received from the citizens.

Unfortunately he put too much alcohol against the cooking process and decide he might as well replace the water with alcohol instead, and it resulted in a red-braised pork with excellence aroma that make people mouthwatering like no end, which lead this creation of the name of this dish.

Just pork and alcohol!? I can cook that too!

Is not that easy sir! The Dongpo’s Pork we use is the Five Flower Pork, which is a very tender mean with a thin skin. Then we seal the meat in pot and add in high quality liquor and carefully stew it on a low heat, so the delicate technique to make it is not something everyone can do, if you don’t believe me, then give it a try.

Fine! I will give it a try.

The bird watches the dish being presented to Jesus and also scouts for leftover veggies.


The trick to this Dongpo’s Pork is to stewing with low heat, minimize water contact, and it will become wonderful with enough time. If you succeed in these few points, the meat will be red braised flows with tasty sauces. Nevertheless, all these points are not something that everyone can succeed in performing, which is why it is our famous dish here at Clear Moon Floor.

Truly living up to its name.

Your cooking skill increased, it is now 77.

Sir, now that you tasted the Dongbo’s Pork, how about our other specialty of Clear Moon Floor known as the Beggar Chicken.

Beggar Chicken? Something for Beggars?

Not really, but it does related to beggars.

Please tell me the tale.

Sir, how about you order it first and I will tell you about it while you are eating it?

Now this guy knows how to sell things to a customer.

Fine, one order of Beggar Chicken, if it tastes bad, I won’t pay for it!

No problem, but this dish takes a while to prepare, so please be patient.

The bird watches, disappointed at another meaty dish.

Wow…! This Beggar Chicken’s meat is well cooked and has such an amazing smell! The wait is worth it!

I told you so.

Then…what does this chicken have to do with a beggar?

According to legend, since beggars don’t have the necessary cooking utility, one decided to cover the chicken in clay and toss it into the campfire and was surprised to discover it tasted much better than using the normal cooking method. He passed on the cooking technique and it is thus named Beggar Chicken.

Hmm…so good, so good, please continue.

To make this dish, you first have to remove all the organs of the chicken, and add those alcohol, onion, ginger, etc. typical seasoning, then cover with pig oil, lotus leafs, and dough in multiple layers of mud (aluminum foil for modern). Finally, you put the wrapped chicken into the fire and let it bake until it’s ready.

What a complicating way of cooking, no wonder it took so long. But it’s worth it!

Your cooking skill increased, it is now 80.

The chapter demands more gossiping!

Did you meet the Little Fragrance at the Parlor?

[Sigh], darn! Seeing her requires some sort of literary test, and I failed everything.

Yeah! I also got booted three times from that!

You two lucky illiterate bastards.

I heard her whole body release some sort of wonderful fragrance, and she’s a great beauty!

Can’t be helped with so many people wishing to meet with her.

Going into the kitchen to praise the cooking, but it seem he has a dilemma.

Oh no I’m almost out of salt. Young man, can you get me some salt?

Going upstairs, we see two Wudang students enjoying a meal together and talking about Little Fragrance, which I promptly skipped for the sake of anger management.

This is the room to sleep and skip time if we ever need to. (We don’t)

Leaving the building, we skipped the veggies and meat store since they sell the same things we already have.

Although this is a pretty accurate dress code for a butcher.

How much for this umbrella?

Twenty silvers.

How many have you sold?

None since this morning… that so…very well…I will give you a lift! Little Gui, ready my brush and ink!

Yes, young master!

*Scribble* *Scribble* *Scribble* *Scribble* *Scribble* *Scribble* *Scribble* *Scribble*

Ahhh! What are you scribbling on my umbrella!?

Calm down, calm down, you hold on to this umbrella and I guarantee this can sell for more than two hundred.

Tw-two hundred!? Sir, please stop joking already, I can’t even sell it at twenty, so who would buy this at such a high price?

Two hundred is actually a low price, it will definitely sell.

What if it doesn’t?

If you can’t sell it then I will buy it back for two hundred, but remember, this umbrella must sell it at least two hundreds! Let’s go home, Little Gui!

Yes, young master.

Ah! Hey! Don’t go…! [Sigh], making things complicated by selling it at two hundred? Just paying the twenty silvers would do. What rotten luck to meet with such weird customer on top of a bad business day!

Let’s see what kind of scribble is on that umbrella.

Welcome, our western pond’s silk umbrella work great against rain and sunshine, so how about buying one, sir?

1) Very well, let me take a look.
2) No thanks.

Choose #1 and Succeed I.D. Skill Check.

Eh? (Isn’t this the handwriting of Tang Bohu!?) Ma’am, how much for this?

Two…two hundred…

1) Yes, I will buy it!
2) So expensive, no thanks.

Choose #1

Re-really!? Th-thanks you sir, huhuhu.

Obtain Tang Bohu’s Signed Umbrella.

This can be sold for 1688 silvers, so this umbrella is worth 3376 silvers!

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