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Part 49: Chapter Forty-Nine: Statues Collection

Part Forty-Nine: Statues Collection
Music: Hangzhou

Better return the Golden Hairpin back to the owner before we forget it.

Is it this your hairpin?

Ah, yes, thank you sir! Where did you find it?

Uhh…on the street.

I see…thanks again sir.

No problem, don’t worry about it.

May I inquire your name?

I am Jesus, and you are Miss…

I am Graceful Azure, and I am a Miao who heard so much about the central plain that I finally decided to pay a visit.

This is the Central Plain of China. Miao people are a minority all over the south side.

I see. People in the Central Plain are pretty immoral, so please be more careful.

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I have to go, so I will give you this strange statue that I found and hope to meet you again.

Stay safe on the road.

Your obtain Snake Statue.

Would have been a good book holder if it isn’t so intimidating and looked like poo.

Now to go the direction that was pointed by the hidden message thing with the bowl and chopstick.

Looking around for further signs, Jesus spotted an elderly person…selling drugs.

Hello young man, please buy some of my medicine. It can cure back pain and injuries and I’m selling them for only five hundreds silvers each.

Ma’am, why are you selling medicine on the street? Where’s your son and spouse or your grandchildren?


Why are you crying ma’am!?

I have two sons. Life in the village was rough, so the youngest one went to the city to hunt for a job while the oldest son took us here at Hangzhou, but he passed away last year from a sudden sickness.

Then my daughter in law took the grandchildren and eloped with another man, leaving me all alone without any communication from the youngest son, so I can only survive by selling my family’s secret medicine…wah…

(…what a tragic life she has.)
1) Buy medicine.
2) Leave.

>>Choose #1

Please don’t cry! I will buy all the medicine, you should go home and rest!

Re-really!? Th-thank you, wah….you are such a good person…wah…

No problem.

Obtain Medicine
Your moral increased, it is now 88

Thanks kid!!

The extra exclamations make me feel like we have been conned.

Oh well, old people don’t deserve a poor life anyway.

The game these kids are playing seems fun.

Look! I know how to kick the shuttlecock.

Stop distracting me; I won’t be able to concentrate.

Sorry, I won’t bother you anymore.

Hey, do you know about the Concealed Soul Temple? It has a long history in Hangzhou. I play in that place a lot, but I still can’t find the hidden contraption in the tower that my grandma told me about. I wonder if it’s real or not?

Tower? Contraption?

Oh, oh, and something about…unlocking it with some statue.

Hmm…interesting, the poo snake statue might be useful after all.

Big Bou, Little Bou, Little Ming, where are you all hiding?

Little girl, you are playing hide and seek with your friends?

Yeah! But I can’t find them; can you help me find them?

1) Sure, no problem!
2) I am busy, you find it yourself!

Sure, might be a good way to find the rest of the Beggar Sect’s hidden message too. I think I saw some of them somewhere…

The kid can see the hand!

Haha! Found you!

Ah! I have been discovered!

Let’s go look for the rest!

When Jesus approaches the parlor…

Come on in sir, we have the best looking beauties in the city that will provide the best service you have ever experienced.

No, I can’t take this little girl into such a place. I better keep my distance.

A big, long trip back to the fan shop and we find a kid with the skin color of the wood.

Haha! We found them!

Ah! I am caught!

Let’s find the rest!

Where could the last one be? God dammit!

Ah, the girl found him.

Ahh! You found me!

He sure blends in perfectly with his surrounding.

Hahaha! We found them all, today I am the winner! Thank you for helping me, please take this weird looking statue!


Obtain Toad Statue.

Interesting, maybe Jesus can collect them all and find some treasure with it?

Eastern end of the umbrella stand is the fish stand and the guy who supplies it is right on the spot. Now that’s fresh!

Are you the fisherman who has the fish statue?

That’s me! What do you want?

Can I have your fish statue?

Give it to you!? Stop joking man, I got this statue from the Jiangnan Regional Fishing Competition by defeating three hundreds opponents, so why would I simply give it to you!

Awww come on old man. Eh, sir, no, great sir…

Hahaha…if I just give it to you like that, where would I hang my “Jiangnan’s number one fisherman” title!

How about I buy it from you?

This is not something that you can buy with money.

Since you are known as Jiangnan’s number one fisherman, then let us have a match, and you give the statue to me if I win.

Hahaha…are you trying to win it from me!? Fine! Whoever fishes the most Carp will keep the statue.

“Stoooop, man! I am the Blue Carp! The normal Carp is over there!”

I got six carps, how about you kid?

Darn it, all the hard work and you still have more than me.

See? You can’t beat me, so come back after you train another ten years!

No fair, judging fish by their color!

What? You are back to try again?

The local river will be expecting a big drop in carp population!

Your Fishing skill increased, it is now 84

I got six carps, how about you kid?

Hehe, I have more than you. I hope you keep your word sir, where’s the fish statue?

Ahhhh, how could this be! Jiangnan’s number one fisher lost to this kid!

It is a very, very painful battle.

Give it a rest, sir. Where’s the statue?

[Sigh], actually the statue is not a prize from a fishing contest, and just something I fished out of the river about five years ago.

I see.

Take it.

Thank you, sir.

I better not make any lame fish-stick joke that you cannot swallow whole.

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