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Part 50: Chapter Fifty: Fetch Quest Marathon

Part Fifty: Fetch Quest Marathon
Music: Hangzhou

On the way back, Jesus decides to drop by the silk shop.

Ma’am, I brought you some dried plum. I hope you give birth to a wonderful kid.

Thanks! I have this piece of silk over here that you can’t normally obtain in a shop, but I will just give it to you as thanks.

Now what could Jesus do with this purple silk?

Ah yes, this guy is looking for a silk with a different color.

I have a special purple silk that is not sold in the shop that I got from the madam of the silk shop as a special favor, but you can have it.

I can’t just accept such generosity like that! How about this, I will exchange it with this painting instead.

Obtain Early Spring

I should probably start adding links to the actual paintings.

Wonderful! My wife will be so delighted!

The kids seem to be saying tongue twisters, nothing too interesting about it.
Editor Comment: Playing Tongue Twister just makes me think they’re kissing or something.
Author Comment: Try playing tongue twister during a French kiss. Karma Sutra to the tongues.

I think we left him hanging long enough.

I have a bun, may it satisfy your hunger.

Thank you sir, but…I want to eat a meat bun. I’ve starved for so long and must eat something with meat in it, so if I can’t have some meat bun, I will have to swallow this cricket whole.

Oh great, he have the cricket as hostage, now we must find him a meat bun.

Guess Jesus have no choice but to visit the Dragon Well Village that will somehow lead to obtaining honey, salt, and meat bun.

Well that was eas…no, no, must not jinx further.

I’ve been having backaches lately, and visiting the doctors so many times still can’t solve it, so frustrating!

Ma’am, I have some medicine that works well with back pain, give it a try and see if it’s help.

Oh, thank you so much. I don’t know how to pay you back…although I can give you some honey, please accept it.

Thank you ma’am.

Obtain Honey

Great, five hundreds silvers for a pot of honey, this better be worth it.

This looks like the place where they make dried plum and other dried sweets.

No one around so we go north instead.

Wow, they even lay those fruits on the rooftop.

Sir, your fruit tree looks great.

Yeah, all thanks to madam Wu’s bees working hard to foster all these bounties on my tree, hohoho…

(The bees use the tree to obtain sweet honey while the trees flourish by the pollen carried by the bees. [Sigh], if only the world have more these mutual beneficial relationship.)

Going up the stairs, we found the local furnace.

What do you do here, sir?

You seem to be an outsider, my name is Adu and I am heating pottery.

All these earthenware are huge! Are they for human usage?

Of course! The pottery will shrink when they are fired, so they have to be made larger than normal, which it comes out at just the right size.

I see, and your dark tan is due to you working long period on time here?

Yep! Sadly the tea-gatherer, Lady Spring also nag me about it, I guess I will never get a bride like this.

Adu, my man, don’t say that. The world has enough women that will like you for who you are.

But I am illiterate, have a stubborn mind, and don’t even know how to express my love to someone I likes.

You like the tea-gatherer lady isn’t it?


Let’s see, ah right, how about giving her a present!

What should I give?

You know what she likes?

I only heard from the lady at the fan shop mention that Lady Spring always goes to her store to look at something called Lotus Fan.

Lotus Fan…, that’s it, she must really like it if she goes all the way to look at it so often, so how about giving her some lotus flowers?

Actually, I already purchased the fan, jus-just…

Just what?

I-I am too shy to give it to her…ca-can you help me.

Jesus just has to do everything, doesn’t he?

I deliver it to her?


Very well, I will help you till the end.

Great, here is the Lotus Fan, all depends on you.

No problem.

Hmm? This look pretty interesting.

Ma’am, what are you working one?

I am breeding silkworms.

Silkworms? Then what do you use the firepots on the ground for?

To warm them up, which encourages the silkworms to produce silk.

I see.

Well, if you have nothing else to inquire, please don’t bother me.

Are you Lady Spring?

I am. Is there something you need?

Here’s a gift for you.

LOTUS FAN! LOTUS FAAAAAN! It really is lotus fan! That’s you sir! How did you know I love this?
Editor comment: Bitch be trippin.

This fan is from Mister Adu who asked me to deliver it to you because he’s actually admired you for a long time, but was too shy to express his feeling.

I didn’t know he had feelings for me, and actually I also like him, but it just that a girl shouldn’t be the first to speak out.

Very well, I will help you too.

Great, please tell him to meet me tonight at the pavilion at the back of the mountain.

Sure, I will do that.

Here’s is another worker plucking tea leaves.

Tea is fresh yo ~~ water is clear yo ~~clear water boil~~tea,
Gift it to the person in your heart~~.
Lovers on top mountain stop a stop~~,
Drink a brand new~~frash tea~~,
Express my heart~~~~~

If you need some tea, young man, please visit the tea house in the city because we don’t sell it here.

Sir, I heard the top tea in Jiangnan is Dragon Well Tea, so is your tea…

You are at the right place boy, this is the place that produces the infamous Dragon Well Tea, except this isn’t Jiangnan number one tea, it is the number one tea of the world!

Speaking of dragon well, does it have something to do with the well?

You are correct. This tea does have something to do with the well.

Does that mean the well have a dragon?

You are right again, kid. Legend has it that this well lives a dragon, so the water quality is top notch and never dries up even during a Drought. Using the water in this well to wash the tea leave will soak out wonderful color of jade green, well fragranced, delicious, and beautiful leaf shapes. These four powerful qualities are the reason that it is known as the Dragon Well Tea.

Very interesting.

This well sure is way too plain looking.

Here’s the modern upgrade with craving and stuff.

Now back to delivering the good news.

Good news! Good news! Lady Spring will meet you at the pavilion on the back mountain.

Really!? I can bang her over there? She told me to go meet her tonight at the pavilion?

It’s true.

Thank you so much! You are my man!

You welcome.

I am a person of lowly social status, so I don’t know the proper words to thank you with, but I do have a statue that you can have as my thanks.

Your moral increased, it is now 94
Obtain Turtle Statue

These statues would go well with any Zen style garden.

All the way back to this salt boy, is time to give him the honey.

Hey, big brother. Here, have some honey, go treat yourself with it and don’t play with those snails anymore.

Wow! I can have honey! Yay! You can have this bag of salt, big brother.

All this hard work to get some honey that’s worth five hundreds silvers just to exchange it for a bag of salt……for cooking.

You got the salt?

Sir, is this bag of salt that I spent five hundred silver to obtain enough?

Oh yes, yes, wonderful, thank you so much kid. I have some meat bun that just done steaming, please take some with you!

Thank you sir.

Now we have a meat bun that took five hundreds silvers to get.

You are welcome, man, you are welcome.

Here are some meat buns, may it satisfy your hunger.
He better be satisfied! That’s worth five hundreds silvers!

Thank you sir…it…it so good…so wonderfully good…
Aww…I just can’t get angry at a crying grown man enjoying something simple yet wonderful.

Slow down, you could choke yourself.

I really don’t know how to thank you, I was going to eat this cricket, but now I don’t need to, so if you want it, you can have it.

Sure, I will keep it.

Thank you sir.

Obtained Cricket

“A cricket caught by a beggar. It is very active and jumping everywhere full of battle spirit.”

Hopefully this is the last exchange that will raise some useless object’s value to five hundreds silvers.

I have a cricket here, how much for it?

Woah…what a handsome cricket! Definitely battle ready! Please sell it to me!

This is a rare cricket that I spend a long time searching for it…

Yes, Jesus, jack up the price to fifty silvers or something to make…it…worth…it…

I understand, I understand, how about four thousand silvers?

Fou-four thousand silvers!? (Cricket sells this much!?)

Not enough? …then…then how about four thousand and five hundred silvers!

Fou-four thousand and five silvers!? (It can’t be!)

What!? Still not enough!? That won’t do, the best I can offer is five thousands silvers.

Fi-fi-five thousand silvers!!!??? (Such a high offer!?)

Aw man, I can’t raise it any higher, how about I add this statue of pelicans. Please sir, I really need to bring this back to my boss!

D-De-DEAL! (Hahaha! Profits!)

Obtain 5000 silvers
Obtain Statue of Pelican

This just becomes the most profitable fetch quest ever.

  Potential Profit of the day
 Success story of bartering.

  Potential Proverb of the day
 The slowest turtles are the turtles that won’t move.