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Part 51: Chapter Fifty-One: Drunken Riddle (Chapter A)

Happy New Year, here's a new year riddle game for you all to play.

Part Fifty-One: Drunken Riddle (Part A)
Music: Hunting

Is noon time now, so the special event is starting.

Welcome to the Great White Floor, we are having a special puzzle event until night time, would you like to participate?

1) How do you play it?
2) Not interested.

The rules are simple. I give you a riddle; you give the corresponding liquor to the designated person hinted by the riddle and they will give you a token, which you might return it by dawn to exchange for prizes based on the amount of tokens.

1) I will try.
2) Not interested.

Let’s do this! Time for some fun!

Obtain Riddle 1
Obtain Riddle 2
Obtain Riddle 3
Obtain Riddle 4
Obtain Riddle 5
Obtain Riddle 6

Below is the liquor to give away with their corresponding number to the riddle’s number.

Corresponding Riddles in the same order.

So, let’s do the first one as an example. It has a hammer and it sparks stars…sounds like the blacksmith!

You need a weapon, kid?

1) Let’s see what you have.
2) I have something to sell.
3) Nah, maybe next time.
4) I am here to deliver your liquor.

>>Choose to give Large Yeast of Double Ditch

Here’s your token.

Obtain Token

Now you all guess the rest of it, I will use the one with the most correct answers.

1) Large Yeast of Double Ditch: Blacksmith
2) Wine of Wu:
3) Benefit Spring:
4) Mao-Tai:
5) Red Sun Sealing:
6) Jiangxi Maku:

Note: Sorry, JosephWongKS you can't join since you know the answer already, but feel free to throw profound hint at people who asks for hint.