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Part 53: Chapter Fifty-Two: Beggar Have Dignity

Going to sleep now, hope I didn't miss anything.

Part Fifty-Two: Beggar Have Dignity
Music: OP Movie Theme

After eating like 90+ snake gallbladders, 10+ bear gallbladders, and 10 God Fishes, Jesus’ Max Chi is raised from 900+ to 1537. This will be helpful for the mission.

Last time we discovered the hidden sign that will lead us to the beggar’s gathering. The tips of the chopsticks are pointing southwest.

Running all the way down, Jesus recalls seeing this sign at the wall of the government building, close to the beggar that he gave a couple of silvers.

Southeast? But there isn’t any…

Ah, here’s another one. Maybe this will point out north or west.

Wah? More southeast?

Guess this is it, let’s knock on the door.

Hunger comes with food, Honor comes with you!

Principality bare as cloud, use reason instead of association!

Friends, please come in.

(…what a cool secret message!)

Let’s go in!

Those corrupted scammers of the Eastern Agency are getting too cocky!

Tonight we will take on all of them with a surprise attack!

I advise against the attack, because we are still low in numbers…EH? Aren’t you the Scholar!?

What? He recognized that bookworm first?

That’s right you stinking beggar! It’s been three years and you still have this stinking personality.

You stupid bookworm, I could smell your book from three miles away. I should have recognized you sooner! Hahaha!

Still good-looking as always though! Hahaha! Come, let me introduce you. This sticking beggar is Grand Lee. He might stink a little, but he was awarded eight Bags of Honors for his great accomplishments as the mind behind the Great Wisdom Brigade of the Beggar Sect.

You must be the infamous “Flowery Artist” Painter Qing! Please forgive my lack of foresight for noticing you sooner!

Go ahead and ignore Jesus. Art and Literature is more popular than Kung Fu hero.

You are too kind; all is due to hard work.

You are too courteous...and this person is…

Youngster me is known as Jesus of the Carefree Valley, nice to meet stinkin…ah! I mean Grand Lee!

Hahaha! Good kid, very honest, I get a good impression from you!

What would be the reason you all are gathering here for?

It’s like this, we got a report yesterday that the loyalist General Wei was caught in a trap set by the corrupted official. He is currently jailed in the Concealing Soul Temple.

Not knowing what vile purpose he is brewing, we elected to have an emergency gathering. However, the signal may not be clear enough to gather the necessary forces in time, but time is of essence. We will proceed with the operation by dawn regardless

I think most of them are too hungry or too busy begging for money to notice.

1) Join force
2) Help to search
3) You are on your own.

First choice is the only route to ass kicking, so let’s join force.

If that’s the case, Scholar, Qing, and me will help out.

Your kindness is appreciated, but this is Beggar Sect’s business. It should be solve by ourselves.

Forgive my lack of insight, but I believe it is everyone’s duty to serve their country, so please don’t decline our devotion.

Excellent! You are truly a man of principle; I will become your friend anytime!

Your Moral Increased, it is now 91.

According to report, General Wei is jailed in some secret underground facility near the Concealing Soul Temple. Please pay attention to any hidden passages and rescue General Wei. Any questions? If not, then we will begin the operation!

Everyone ninjas out of the window, roof, and one of them crawls out of the hole in the wall, but Jesus will walk out of the building like a gentleman instead.

Looks like the beggars stormed through the temple.

I hope they won’t make too big of a mess in a sacred temple.

I was wrong, but pretty tasteful censorship by the way.


Right, Jesus will move along then. Enjoy the disco dance.

I will skip his animation gif since this still image is awesomely timed.

Music: Jail of Hangzhou

Inside the tower, Jesus discovers the hidden stairway to the dungeon.

“Jesus descends into the darkness, to save the soul of the pure.”

“Hindered by the white haired wicked guard of the crypt,”

“Let the battle commence.” – Prophet Nyaa

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