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Part 54: Chapter Fifty-Three: Hellish Oblivion

Part Fifty-Three: Hellish Oblivion
Music: Battle Theme

Jesus starts off by disabling the goon through leg melting technique.

Painter Qing moves up to face the goon…is he using a giant brush as weapon?

Meh, he should have picked up a sword or something on the way, and now he’s charging his laser or something.

Ho-holy crap, it really is a multi-color prism laser! So…so colorful…such vivid gradient of colors, even the guard just stood there and stare at it to death.

The true is, no one wants to fight Man-Bra here, so Scholar also runs past him to fight the skull mask guy.

What’s this!? Paper fan as a weapon? What is this lame attacking posture?

Ouch! Guillotine of paper cuts! With included laser-light show!

Skull guy pokes back with his stick like he means business.

Meanwhile, Jesus dodges the pitiful attack from the goon and stares him down with pitiful eyes.

“You see this blue flame thing on my hand? It is your soul and you’re already dead.”

Man-Bra is so fat, he can only kick dusts and Painter Qing totally ignores him.

Couple of minutes later, two goons and Scholar are down. Painter Qing is still ignoring Man-Bra.

Jesus crushed skull guy in the face.

Jesus just can’t do it, he wants to unsee Man-Bra while Painter Qing use this opportunity of not seeing the bra and backstab it to death…face down.

All battle stats increased

That Man-Bra truly is a tough opponent; Jesus must bring a blindfold next time.

Oh look, a chess puzzle security lock system.

Single soldier capturing king, both kings can’t face each other.

First move our black king to the middle so the red king can’t move left. Then the red king will be forced to move up, which we then move the soldier in to capture. The red king is forced to move up again and we just move our king up to waste a turn and now the red king is checkmated by the soldier.


Aww, now we have two creepy guys in our way.

Saving someone? You will have to get pass me first!

Are you an alien? Why do you looks like you have two brains in your head?

As long as we are not fighting someone of Man-Bra caliber, then this battle won’t be too bad, however, we only restore about 25% of hp and chi for each battle semi-consecutive battle, so it could get ugly.

The alien tries to give Jesus a warm welcome or something.

Water Margin Palm at 80 percents mastery, Jesus repays his kind gesture by charges up two spirit bombs…

…and bombs the hell out of the alien and blasts him back to Mars.

Painter Qing also gives him a stab when he comes back from Mars.

“Oh my bad, I sent you to the sun?”

The alien burns down everyone except Jesus and this guy uninjured.

It tries to communicate to Jesus with some sort of mid-air circular break-dance.

Jesus replies with his Water Margin Palm attack that works differently at a different angle. The Alien is appeased by the light show of midair explosive rings.

All Battle Stat increased

This looks like a puzzle where I put the statues I found onto the slots with the same description of the animal.

First Slot: Walk is sit, stand is sit, sit is sit, kneeling is sitting.
Second Slot: Walk is stand, stand is stand, sit is stand, kneeling is standing.
Third Slot: Walk is walk, stand is walk, sit is walk, kneeling is walking.

Jesus has the statues of snake, toad, frog, fish, pelican, and turtle. This might take a while…

Note: "Walk" in this case also mean "travel".

Potential Cocky Face of the Day
Do you like my break-dance, earth boy?