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Part 55: Chapter Fifty-Four: Blemished Adversary

Part Fifty-Four: Blemished Adversary
Music: Battle Theme Two

Toad Statue: Walk is sit, stand is sit, sit is sit, kneeling is sitting.
Pelican Statue: Walk is stand, stand is stand, sit is stand, kneeling is standing.
Fish Statue: Walk is walk, stand is walk, sit is walk, kneeling is walking.
Goodbye, three wonderful garden ornaments that Jesus and the NPCs somehow manage to carry around.

Awww, goash! How many rooms are there anyway!?

Yu wanta save him? You woo hav tah get pass mee first!
Before we engage in any kung fu related activity, you might want to visit the eye and mouth doctor first. Seriously.

Look like we will be losing Scholar again with him being so close to the bosses.

Jesus jumps in and starts nuking the goons.

As expected, all the goons (and Scholar) are down.

Weird face guy throws a hard punch at Painter Qing.

Painter Qing stays cool and focused on taking down this guy that seems to poses more threat.

Not as flashy as others, but it does the job of dealing some actual damage.

Jesus shows him the eternal flash of pain.

Surprisingly, Painter Qing also goes down, but he leave this guy badly injured.

Weird face guy punches Jesus with red hot fire of chi.

Jesus punches back with a much hotter blue flame of chi.

Fun Fact: Blue flame is not always hotter because it can be colored artificially by the presence of excited atoms, otherwise, it is hotter.

Editor Comment: The hottest is the mythical black flame.

All your battle stats increased.
Your fame increased, it is now 158

Great, another puzzle room.

Look like this poem must be completed with the missing word block on the floor.

"There is no joy as great as making a new friend; There is no grief as deep as losing a friend to death."
Finally completed.

Please let the next room be the last!

Unbelievable! We finally reached the final room with a final boss that we have to deal with…great.

Not bad kid, you have pushed through! But none of you are leaving!





The boss attack looked like he is healing Scholar…

But he's definitely strong enough to take down the exhausted Painter Qing, and Scholar barely rested enough to take on …wait, hold on a minute…

A smiley face! CAN’T UNSEE!

Editor Comment: Happy Chest?!

Actually, we can. Back to regular chopping and beatings.

Your battle stats increased.

Sorry for the wait general, we are here to rescue you, so please leave with us immediately!

Please lead the way.

You guys never come in to help us.

Nonsense! I won’t be alive without all your help, it is just quite unfortunate…

Unfortunate? Is there someone else who is assaulted?

No, if just the eunuch of the Eastern Agency took away the proof of their planned revolt, so we lost the chance to take him down.

Damn traitor! Rest assured general, we will give our all to search for the proof and take these crooks down!

Please do!

Actually, if Jesus goes to the back and finds this half removed secret passage from the removed contents, then they can catch the bad guys and get back the proof, which prevent the bad “future consequence.”

Hold on!

What is it?

Something weird over here…let’s see…ah! A secret passage!

We finally found it!

Hahaha! What are we waiting for? Let’s go!

Too bad that never happened.

Alright, we are done, let’s go.

Not until Rater Ye records every detail out of it!

Jesus buddy really is special. To be able to pierce through layers upon layers of Eastern Agency’s defense and rescue General Wei safely.

Why are you here, Ye buddy?

Such a fascinating moment can’t be without me, otherwise I will miss your moment of awesome.

You praise more than it worth, Ye buddy, I’m just a small help.

I clearly saw what you did, what I will write on the Wulin Compendium will be as so. “Carefree Valley Jesus’s group singlehandedly broke through dangerous obstacles, fighting evil with all his will, and finally rescued General Wei.”


Hahaha, just be honest about it, Jesus buddy. Now I have other things to do, so good bye.

Take care.

Your reputation increased, it is now 193

We’ve been hanging here long enough, is time to go home.

Leaving already!? But I need to stay a bit longer.

Little Jesus is going to meet his lover; he obviously won’t care about us elders.

Isn’t that right? Hurr hurr hurr…

Remember not to play too much, we are leaving now, see you next time.

It's late, I better rest at the motel.


All this wonderful scenery is destroyed by that woman.

Mister Jesus!

All the birds on the trees stopped singing.

Lady Fragrance!

The bird ponders what kind of creature Jesus is interacting with.

The view of this pond is wonderful, truly a matching situation of “Blue water with green mountains that charm the traveler’s heart, dark trees brighten the flowers leading to the river of spring.”

This western lake is so named due to it being located to the west of Hangzhou city.

Every part of the lake is filled with such wonderful views that many famous people in the past have visited and read their poems here. Beautiful views on top of wonderful poetry truly make the trip an unforgettable event.

Water reflection is one sided, attractive mountain misty rain, urges to compare western lake with Xi Shi, with or without make up.

Su Shi compared this lake to the beauty of Xi Shi, which seem to be some true to his words.

That’s right, which is why this lake is also called the Little Xi Lake.

This pavilion is also pretty well made.

This pavilion was built in the Qin Dynasty at the size of two stories building with its roof cover in yellow glass tiles, combine with the wing shaped cover gives it an elegant royal feels to it, and thanks to it being surrounded by water, the views is unobstructed for a long distance.

I love to come here all the time whenever I am bored.

but due to the negligence of previous governors, the old dyke had collapsed, Xī Hú dried out, and local farmers suffered severe drought. He ordered the construction of a stronger and taller dyke, with a dam to control the flow of water, and thus solved the drought problem.

The livelihood of local people of Hangzhou improved over the following years and this causeway was later named Bai Causeway in Bai Juyi's honour.

Hmm…those coolabah and willow trees sure look like hanging silk from afar.

Now that Bai Juyi had more leisure time to enjoy the beauty of Xī Hú, he visited Xī Hú almost every day. He ordered the construction of a causeway connecting the Broken Bridge with the Solitary Hill, to facilitate walking on foot, instead of depending on boat.

Then he planted coolabah and willow trees along the dyke, making it a beautiful landmark of Xī Hú.

Hmm…Bachelor Bai is not only a great scholar, but also a great governor.

Exactly! Too bad the governors of this era is all scum who take and steal from their citizens, and all they see is the beauty of the lake and neglect the fact that if the citizen is peaceful, then the country will be peaceful, and if the people revolt, the country is over.

I am surprised that not only are you beautiful [*cough*] and smart, but you are also wise in the art of politics.

Pitiful knowledge of a woman, nothing to brag about. Let’s not talk about those anymore, how about I play a melody with my flute?

I will listen.

: Main Theme (Flute)

So…so beautiful…it is like seeing the goddess of lake sitting under the moon narrating a sad yet beautiful story…

Thanks you sir, but it is late and I am happy that we did chat a lot today, so I hope to meet you again next time, good bye…

O…kay, may fate bring us together again…

For this playthrough, we will never see her again. Thank god!

It's late, I better return to carefree valley.

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