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Part 56: Chapter Fifty-Five: Maidens of Wulin (Chapter A)

The day where we vote for Jesus’s soul mate is approaching, but let’s gets to know more about the girls before that!

Part Fifty-Five: Maidens of Wulin (Part A)
Music: Summer

Hmm, very good. I am happy to hear from Painter Qing and Scholar that you helped the Beggar Sect in Hangzhou rescue General Wei, and I am glad that my teaching is not wasted on you. Hahaha, you are my wonderful student.

Your relationship with Master Flawless increased.

Summer is a good time to grow some flowers.

We let this flower fend for itself long enough.

The Gardening mini game is basically figuring out the situation based on the image and choosing the appropriate actions.

Since the leaves are full of holes, the obvious choice would be removing the bugs that caused them.

Your gardening skill increased, it is now 20

Gardening is so boring; the forest has better flowers anyway.

Eh? That lady looks familiar…

Ah! Lady Azure!

Thanks again for your help in Hangzhou last time.

Don’t mention it. Why are you here?

I have some errands in Luoyang lately, but today I am free enough to take a stroll, and somehow able met you here!

Fate sure has brought us together.

That’s true. Now I am pretty tired from all the walking.

There seems to be a house over there, we can go ask for some water and maybe take a rest!

That’s a good idea.

The bird follows those two into the house.[/v]

Editor Comment: That woman honestly terrifies me more than Little Fragrance. Her hand looks like a foot.
Author Comment: ARGHHH!!! CAN’T UNSEE!!!!!

Hello ma’am, we are just passersby who wish to ask for some water and maybe take a break here, would that be fine?

Come in!



Why are you sighing ma’am?

I borrowed one hundred silvers from mister Hé to pay for my medical fees from a few days ago, and when I went to pay him back today, he said I have to pay a thousand silvers in interest!

If I can’t pay him back, then he said he will…he will…wahh…take my daughter away….wahhh…and he is coming tonight, but I still haven’t able to come up with a single penny…wah…

Unreasonable hoodlum! That Hé guy is going too far!
1) I will pay for the interest!
2) I will punish him!

This loan shark will have an unforgettable discipline from Jesus!

Mister Hé is not someone you should mess with, his bodyguards are all killers who don’t care about lives. You really shouldn’t clash with them.

I detest people who bully good citizen like you; this matter is now my matter!


That…then I will thank you both.

I say we set up some traps to give them some retribution when they come again!


Hmm…ma’am, can I borrow these few things?

If it helps, please take it.

(Jesus obtain needle, green beans, corn, and salt)

Hmm…where should I put the needle?
1) Door
2) Floor
3) Water Pot
4) Stove

>>Choose #1

Hmm…where should I put the green beans?
1) Door
2) Floor
3) Water Pot
4) Stove

>>Choose #2

Hmm…where should I put the corn?
1) Door
2) Floor
3) Water Pot
4) Stove

>>Choose #4

Hmm…where should I put the salt?
1) Door
2) Floor
3) Water Pot
4) Stove

>>Choose #3

It’s all set, let us wait for mister Hé’s arrival!

The bird waits and night arrives.

No one is answering the door? Go knock on it!

Yes sir!

The bird watches lip-guy #5 slams his fist on the door.


Your relationship with Graceful Azure increased.

Curses! Break down the door!

Yes sir!

Why is it so dark in here? GAHH, OUCH!!! Who put all these green beans on the floor!? My butt is breaking apart! Ouch…

Ouch! My head got a bruise from the bump!

Your relationship with Graceful Azure increased.

Hurry! Turn on the lights!

There seems to be a stove in here, let me start a fire...haha, it is lit! Is lit!

*pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop*

Ouch! Pain! My eyes hurt like hell! Wh-who put corns in the stove!? Ouch!

Your relationship with Graceful Azure increased.

Flagitious! My whole body is cover in wounds, let’s hurry and find some water to wash it down.


Wha-what is it now?

Water…water have salt…gahhhh…..

Your relationship with Graceful Azure increased.

Hehe, how is it? Are you feeling the suffering?

You…who are you?

I am your grandpa!

I am your grandma!

(…won’t that make her my wife?)

Hmph! I don’t give a hoot, and I will spare no one in my way! Attack!

With all the battle stats maxing and such, Jesus now has 968 HP. His bar is getting long!

The goons have this much left from all the PAIN.

Their kung fu is just a really weak chi blast, so Jesus brings out the big stick to beat them up.

All your battle stats increased.


Hehe! Now it’s your turn!

Wahhhh! (Run away)

Wait for us!

Hmph! A bunch of bullies that lack any backbones!

They probably won’t come again.

Thank you so much; I really don’t know how to thank you.

No problem, don’t worry about it, and we will take our leave now.

Take care, ma’am.

The bird watches them strolling out of the house with a great mood.

Today is awesome!

Dulcetly true! However it’s late, I need to go home!

I also need to return home, see you next time!

Your relationship with Graceful Azure increased.

“Poison Dragon Cult’s youngest leader. Pretty good looking but has a very cruel ways of doing things, which makes it hard for people to understand her heart.

Proficient in the creation and art of poison; Loves the silk made products of Jiangnan.”

Let’s go to the forest again; maybe we will meet lady Azure again!

Phew~~~today’s weather is great……

Mister Jesus!

Ah, it’s you, Lady Swallow…this sheep…

I saw it tied under the tree eating grass, so I took it with me.

…still with the old act…

Oh yeah! I need cash lately, so how about buying this not-so-bad saber for a cheap price?

How much for it?

For you, let it be one thousand silvers!

1) No way, too expensive.
2) Deal!

Real men don’t bargain with girl!

Straight forward! I like!

[Yawn]…it’s pretty late; I really should get some sleep, and back to work tonight…

Lose 1000 silvers
Obtain Bone Ruler Sword
Your moral decreased, it is now 92
Relationship with Swallow History increased

“Have a Shiny black shine to the blade, the body is thin like bones. This sword is a product of Blacksmith Manor; combined with seven style of heavenly sword, it can cause massive damage.”

This sword is one of those really rare weapons that can cause poison, which is a god send for those players with high speed but weak kung fu.

Ah yes, how about this sheep too, for a hundred silvers?

1) Alright!
2) No.

Sheep for a hundred silvers is a fair price.

Good, here’s the sheep, bye!

Lose 100 silvers
Your moral decreased, it is now 90
Relationship with Swallow History increased

Hmmmm~~~this big fat sheep will taste really good…

Ah~~ha! So it was you who stole my sheep!

Ah! Is-is a misunderstanding!

Oh yes it is! What a big misunderstanding, go explain it to the judge!

(This is BAD, I better escape!)

Stop running! You rotten kid!

The bird watches Jesus run with all his might.

Hmph! You lucky kid! I will catch you next time!

Phew~~lucky that he didn’t catch me. Dammit, next time I won’t buy any more of those stolen goods!

Your reputation decreased, it is now 195

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