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Part 57: Chapter Fifty-Six: Maidens of Wulin (Chapter B)

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Part Fifty-Six: Maidens of Wulin (Part B)
Music: Summer

(Wow!!! This babe is hot!) Miss, you seem troubled, do you need some help?

Gah, this is turning into a triangle with Moon isn’t it?

Sir, sorry to bother you, but do you know where the Carefree Valley is located?

Carefree Valley huh? Course I know, but may I ask why you want to go there?

Although these two does looks good together…maybe it’s the hair color…the red and blue compliment clothing…or the same pose…

My father instructed me to bring something to Master Flawless of Carefree Valley.

(So she is looking for master) I see; then please follow me.

Thank you sir.

The bird follows them back to the valley.

It’s so peaceful here, surrounded by the song of the birds, the fragrance of flowers, the fresh air with an enthralling pond; it invigorates me like I am in another world.

Eh…aren’t you two lady Cho and second school brother? What a rare guest, how did you get here, Miss Cho?

Thanks to this gentleman who brought me here, otherwise I would still be lost.

You two know each other?

Let me introduce you, this is my second school brother Bramble Thorn, and this lady here is Lady Cho, daughter of Mount Hua’s master.

So Mister Thorn is under the Carefree Sect too; please pardons my lack of foresight.

Please don’t say that, it is I who hid the fact from you, so it should be me who apologizes.

Oh god, Thorn is being nice! The sky is falling!

Lady Cho, you came here for…

Mister Jesus, I am here to thank you and your senior school brother for saving me, which I promised to come and thank you properly. Have you forgotten?

Is not a big deal, Miss Cho. No need to be courteous.

My father is busy with an issue within the sect so he sent me to bring this thank-you gift to Master Flawless. Is he available?

How unfortunate, Miss Cho. My master is currently outside the valley, but he should be back soon if you can wait.

No problem, Mister Jesus, and where is Mister Moon? I want to give my thanks to him.

This probably is her main motive for coming here.

Lady Cho, why are you here?

Speak of the devil and he doth appear.

Mi-mister Moon, I-I-I come to thank you, thanks you-you for saving my life.

Lady Cho, are you aright? Is the valley too humid for you? Because your face is all red.

Na-nah, why would it be too hot?

Miss Cho is too courteous, this is the duty of a Kung fu practitioner, so no need with the etiquette.

What a nice little speech.

Bro, you…

Nonetheless, I must thank Mister Thorn again, without him, I would never be here.

He probably would have taken her somewhere else if he knew she is visiting Moon.

You’re welcome Miss Cho, it is my responsibility.

What with all this revelry? This person is..?

Master, she is the Miss Cho I mentioned last time. Miss Cho, he is my master.

Young Cho greet Master Flawless.

Good, good, good, come, let’s talk in the house.

Bro, are you on to her?

Don’t speak nonsense, bro.

Still denying it? If that’s so, then I will go for it.

Don’t cause troubles, or I won’t forgive you.

Hmph! You just watch. We will see who won’t forgive who, humph!

This probably won’t end well, and Jesus is clueless as ever.

Back to meeting girls, it is so hard to avoid Ruta and her dangerous drugs.

Jesus bro!

Lady Azure!

I am bored again, how about a stroll with me?

Okay, let’s go.

The bird watches Jesus walk into a date without knowing.

Eh? There is a crowd over there, what are they doing?

Let’s go take a look.

Come one, come all, to the pop quiz with a money reward. Bid a fee of at least a hundred and watch it double down for each correct question, and lose all if you are wrong. Anyone wish to give it a try?

Jesus bro, how about we have a match and see who wins more money?

Sure, let’s do this!

Which topic would you like?

1) Music
2) Calligraphy
3) Alcohol
4) Flower

We are obviously going for alcohol! I won’t bother finding the proper name for these answers though.

Lost 100 silvers

Which of these is medical liquor?

1) Jade Ice
2) Little Mouth
3) Green Bamboo Leaf
4) Mou-Tai

>> Choose #3

Congradulation~~you are correct! Would you like to continue?

1) Yes
2) No

I will skip the yes, no confirmation from here on.

Which is known as the liquor of longevity?

1) Jiangxi Maku
2) Jimolao Jiu
3) Graceful Spring
4) Dukang

>>Choose #1

Which liquor has the ability to strengthen bones and nurture the spleen and stomach?

1) Jimolao Jiu
2) Graceful Spring
3) Dukang
4) Wine of Wu

>>Choose #1

Maybe it’s too late to change the name of my old translation?

Who has liquor named after them?

1) Lee Bai
2) Du Kang
3) Yuen Shang
4) Chang Fei

>>Choose #2

Which one is yellow liquor?

1) White Side Cloud
2) Vault of Wu
3) Jimolao Jiu
4) Mou Cheng

>>Choose #3

Which one is not yellow liquor?

1) Graceful Spring
2) Birthing Life
3) Wine of Wu
4) Vault of Wu

>>Choose #4

Congratulations~~you are correct! What is your next topic?

Obtain 6400 silvers.

I will skip showing the rest, and I made about ten thousand silvers.

Today was so fun, thank you for playing with me Jesus bro. It’s so great to be with you.

Umm…huhu..don’t mention it…I…I am also happy…

Then I am going home, see you next time!

See…see you…(She said it is great with me..hehe…hehe…)

Year Three Early April

Today is the Qingming Festival; I better participate in the Luoyang flower competition.

: Flower Festival

The event is held in the White Horse Temple.

They say that the previous champion Flower Elder put all his hope on a kid…
He will be disappointed by Jesus’ rank 20 flower…

There are so many varieties this year.

My flower is the prettiest after all…

I wonder who will be this year’s Flower King.

Looking at flowers once in a while is good for the mind.

Growing flowers is actually a very deep and profound philosophy.

Says the person who can’t master Rock Paper Scissor kung fu.

Growing flowers is actually a very deep and profound philosophy.

Don’t copy your dad, and you are not impressing Jesus.

Looks like no one can beat me…

My flower will win…

Old man Wong is full of confidence; it looks like he has the highest chance to win…

You can only see so many flowers at a time like this…

……………….this flower……..shape……… pretty.

Flower Elder, the previous winner…did he grow that flower next to him? It’s huge!

Editor Comment: Big flowers for a big man.


Hurr hurr, kid, you are here. Did you take good care of your flower? Oh yeah, hurry and bring your hard work to the register, and maybe she will win you the prize.

He’s right; we might as well give it a try.

Dear Almsgiver, do you have a piece to submit?


I call it the ‘Dying Beauty’.

Good, before the judging, you can look around and admire other people’s pieces that are not dying


[Sigh], forget it. For this time, I will just admire the flowers.

Then, Jesus spotted the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen.

Ah…what a beautiful lady…

Hurr, hurr, hurr, her name is Ren Faire, the mystery individual of this competition for the past few years.

No one knows her origin, but her knowledge of flower is not too far from me. Her kung fu is as great as her understanding of the way of flowers, and her beauty is as great as her kung fu.

Hahaha, you have good eyes kid, but her temperament is the opposite of her appearance.

I will go meet her.

Hahaha, you got guts, just give me a call if you need my help. So how do you plan to hook up with her?

I will…

1) Accidently hit on her and start from there.
2) Just talk to her.
3) Talk with Elder about flower to attract her attention.

Too bad Jesus’ Flower skill is bad, so the proper choice of number three will fail. So we go with number two.

Hurr, hurr, hurr, good.

The moment of truth.

Aww, too bad, too bad.

All these flowers didn’t grow well at all.

Oh? How so?

Then I will use this piece as an example.

1) The flower is weak, it must have lacked water.
2) The leaf is thin and weak, it must have lacked fertilizer.
3) Has a weak appearance, it must have lacked care.
4) Is filled with holes, it must have lacked debugging.

>>Choose #1

How about this?

3) Has a weak appearance, it must have lacked care.

How about that?

2) The leaf is thin and weak, it must have lacked fertilizer.

…and that?

4) Is filled with holes, it must have lacked debugging.

Who would have thought you had such a high level of knowledge of growing flowers. I am impressed.

Not true, it’s just the basics. It’s nothing to brag about.

You are too sincere. My name is Ren Faire, what’s your name?

I am Jesus of the Carefree Valley.

I am happy to have such an opportunity to meet another lover of flowers, so please accept these seeds of my favorite flower as a meeting gift, and I believe that you can make it blossom into a beautiful little flower.

Thank you.

I need to leave now, so let’s talk more about it when we meet again, good bye.

“Ren Faire: Has a kind personality, but is not easily approachable and it is hard get close to her.

Her origin is a mystery; loves the art of growing flower and has a strong knowledge to back her devotion.

You can smell a weak and yet fragrant smell of flowers from her body, what a mysterious girl.”

Commander Flower, Mission Successfully Accomplished.

Hurr, hurr, hurr, she seems to be impressed by you, not bad.

Too bad we can’t chat longer.

It’s pretty good for the first meeting, don’t rush it and wait for the next chance. Hohohohoho.

I believe everyone has seen the beauties of all the entries, inhaled the wonderful fragrances of the flowers, inebriated within the atmosphere, and now it is the most exciting time of the event…

After all the judges’ close inspection, the new King of Flower has been elected!

Everyone must be curious at who the winner is? Who is this year’s king of flower?

Hohoho, just stalling a bit…

Umm…looks like everyone can’t wait anymore and wants to know the answer. Then I will now reveal the answer!

Ladies and gentleman, after close inspection and judging by our judges, we all agree that this year’s king of Peony is…Old man Wong from the Wong Village!

…(Sigh, I knew it…) I am sorry sir, I failed to win the title of flower king and disappointed you.

Hurr, hurr, hurr, don’t worry about it, no one can be succeed in one go, it is fine as long as you try best.

Yes sir.

The festival is over, let’s go home.

 Potential Dwarf of the Day
Hurr, hurr, hurr, hurr, hurr.

 Potential Avatar of the Day
Flowers are serious business.