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Part 58: Chapter Fifty-Seven: Maidens to Love

Is like this chapter is cursed and string of events kept this and my editors at bay, so fudge it and I will just throw up this tag instead.

Fan Bias Alert
If you don’t want to read the translated fan analysis, then you can go ahead and vote without missing anything but the girls may not actually be “a dominatrix, a kleptomaniac, a poisoner , drug-pusher experimental pharmacist, and a chick that looks like a dude in drag” that you hoped for.

WWJD? (Who Will Jesus Do?)

Note: Real portrait is the tl;dr and chibi portrait is in-depth bias over analyze.

Part Fifty-Seven: Maidens to Love
Music: Spring of Love

The bird makes a mental review on the potential soul mate of Jesus.

Chi Li

The first girl Jesus met is Chi Li, a sweet but frustrated girl who would prefer to live a normal girly life than becoming the successor of the Janken Fist.

Theme: Ordinariness

Unlike other women who want to pursue their dreams and look for excitement in their daily lives, Chi Li embraces the opposite.

She is satisfied with a normal life, constantly worries about daily tasks and likes to talk back to her father but never enough to make him angry. However, she worked hard on Janken fist just so her father won’t be disappointed and become sad.

Her looks are average, her family simple, she lacks any social standing, and has no interesting or deep background, yet it is from such pursuit of normalcy that makes her the type that won’t wish for money or fame, but instead, work hard to create her little heaven known as family.

Thority Tracey
Fourth suzerain of the Beast Kind Manor, raised by the toughest man of the Beast King Manor, instructed to become superior to men through taming the wildest beasts, and thus she is the queen.

Theme: Wildness

Living among wild beasts at a young age helped her preserve the pure heart of a child. She lacks the normal sense and rules of society, yet she doesn’t need them, for she doesn’t care about association with society and would rather walk freely in nature.

Like a wild animal, she ignores people that have nothing to do with her, but will be extremely friendly (or violent) with those who do. Such women pursue freedom and open feelings with each other.

Rivulet Ruta

Daughter of Medicine God, she loves creating new medicine and telling fortunes. She persuaded Jesus to take her experimental medicines numerous times and overall they helped contribute to Jesus’ success.

Theme: Girl Next Door

Classic neighbor’s girl that is both charming and appealing. Has a silly expression most of the time, or maybe that is only when she is around Jesus.

She is also the girl who expresses the most feelings for Jesus when he is not present, causing a pursuit reversal of girl chasing for boy.

Swallow History

The little thief girl who snagged Jesus’ stuff in the past, but our merciful Jesus is slowly helping her to become a better person…or she is guiding Jesus to become a less good person? She is considerably shorter than other girls, which helped her thieving career and probably received a lot of bulling.

Theme: Unfortunately Named Hapless Girl

Ex-Beggar Sect member of the Great Kindness Brigade, expelled for the disgraceful act of grave robbing. Grew up as an orphan which led to her independent personality and reliance on practical things like money, gold, and treasure.

However, her misfortune has given her a strong personality, strong enough to resist giving up her way of stealing things for something foreign like honest work, and manage to keep her promise to Jesus by stealing things from dead people instead.

It might sound like she’s just evil or stubborn, but it is to this art of stealing that keeps her alive, and maybe how she can express her life to the fullest.

Although Jesus can change her, he chooses not to because it is the way of life she was born with or even her destiny. That doesn’t mean he gave up on her. Instead, he tries to show her that in this cold sad world of hers, where money shine greater than the sun, there are good people out there who will show her the kindness she is normally excluded from.

Graceful Azure

Lady Azure is definitely the most active girl created by Helou Studio. From beginning to the end, her events composed of romance, excitement, happiness, and peacefulness.

Theme: The Ideal Partner

Editor Note: Biased much?
Author Note: Biased much.
Reader Respond: Not biased enough.

Meeting Jesus on the bridge (what a nice start), scheming witty traps with Jesus against the baddies, and playing a quiz game together with Jesus. You can said that she is the girl who has the most proper dates with Jesus of all the girls. It all began with a casual stroll together in a forest or on a city street to enjoy whatever life provided.

If you didn’t notice by now, she is also the woman who has the most compatible personality with Jesus, sharing his strong heart of justice and the playful childish heart of the youth (I am your grandpa, I am your grandma…) and Jesus reacted the most strongly with her (She said it is great with me..hehe…hehe…)

Everything is matched perfectly despite the impossibility of Jesus and Azure living miles away from each other yet they are able to meet in a labyrinth of forest and the busy streets crowded with people. It’s like fate has a hand in their continuous union.

Ren Faire

A kind hearted girl that is hard to approach, her background is a mystery and all we know about her is her love of flowers.

Theme: Mysterious Flower Girl


She is a mystery.

The bird then considers their hobbies.

Chi Li loves snacks (but not chili, hehe), probably the type that loves to snack on potato chips, but maybe she is eating all these sweets stuff to relieve the stress of all those embarrassing street shows and her father’s unfair expectation.

Rivulet Ruta loves to collect umbrellas; such a thing is more meaningful for women than men as they use an umbrella on a sunny day to block the sunlight while men only relate them with rain. Thinking further, maybe this frail girl who can’t protect herself is wishing for something who can protect her.

Thority Tracey loves bows. A good bow to her is better than anything, though when it comes to hunting with a bow, her arm strength as a woman is just lacking compared to men, which could be the reason why she couldn’t take down the bear this first time we met her.

Graceful Azure loves the silk products of the Central Plain. Women are sensitive to clothing, so taking a liking to something like a silk that’s delicate and soft yet retaining a good quality could represent her robust and carefree personality.

Swallow History loves any item with gold in its name. She has a deep psychological fear being poor and hungry again, always thinking how much she has in hand and how long will it last…

Ren Faire obviously loves flowers, comparing herself to flowers, her feelings united as one with flowers; you could say she is a flower fairy.

Now the bird will look deep into their eyes.

Caring eyes of Ruta and pure hearted eyes of Chi Li, both are neighbors of Jesus and both have their own elegance. (On closer inspection with a lighter hue, both used a white eye shadow; Ruta at the lower eye lid and Chi Li at upper eye lid)

Wild purple and alluring red color beam out Tracey’s strong emotions while dazedly subtle brown orange at the corner of Swallow’s eye provide a mysterious feel to the thief who raided lots of tombs.

Both have the same shape, but Azure eyes are straightforwardly well aligned at the corner while the edge of Ren’s eyes is much lower, almost like the shape of a flower seed.

The bird wonders if it is thinking too much, so it flies away.

Vote ONE of these girl as Jesus's Soul Mate!
1) Chi Li
2) Thority Tracey
3) Rivulet Ruta
4) Swallow History
5) Graceful Azure
6) Ren Faire
7) All of them (…somehow)

For those who choose #7, just know that a wise man once said:

“…I could handle a triangle, but if it becomes a square or larger, things will get really complicated!!” - Keima Katsuragi