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Part 61: Chapter Sixty: Natter Foreshadowing

Part Sixty: Natter Foreshadowing
Music: Summer

Another day, another check up with our monkey king.

I am here Wukong, how are you doing?

Gi Cha Gi Fu Duula Duula

Translation B: I don’t feel good.

1) Medical Care
2) Feed
3) Chat

The monkey is sick enough for Jesus to notice and he wonders if acupuncture will work the same for a monkey as it does for us, since we do share a lot of similarities with monkeys…

When in doubt, poke the Meeting Ancestor Point (會宗穴).

Ji ji ji ji!

Translation: (Happy/High Noise).

Looks like I did it right. Wukong looks much happier, and since he is happy, I am happy as well.

Your mood improved.

Year Three Early May, Jesus’ Room

School brother.

Good morning brother.

Master told us to gather at the great hall, hurry up.


The birds follow Jesus and Moon to the great hall.

Good, you are all here. I have a friend name Felicity Year, who currently lives in the city of Chengdu as the famed local chef. Speaking of food, his cooking is definitely top notch, and my mouth just waters from recalling those dishes! Hurr hurr hurr…….

I heard the government is sponsoring a cooking competition, which my friend will definitely participate, and I want to send a gift to cheer for him. So which of you three is willing to go?

I will go.

Hohoho, good, good, then you better leave now, and say hello to my friend for me.

As you wish.

The bird follows Jesus all the way to the city of Chengdu.

Music: Chengdu City

I finally reached Chengdu!! Master told me to give this gift to Mr. Felicity at his restaurant ‘Lotus Square’, but where is it?? I better ask the local logistics station.

Sir, do you know where the Lotus Square is??

Just go straight down the road and turn to your right at the first intersection. Then keep going till the end of the road the building on the right side is what you are looking for.

Thanks you, sir.

No problem!! No need to be courteous.

Guess I should turn right here.

All the way to the end…seems like it is over there.

Lady Lotus, are you alright?

I-I am fine, just stumbled a bit………….Sir Nix….y-you don’t need to hold me anymore…

Ah! Oh!


Guess Jesus has to go break up the moment.

Nix buddy, didn’t think I would see you here.

Ah! Jesus buddy. Such a coincidence……uhh…I will take my leave then, lady Lotus.


I have something to do, goodbye.

Sir Nix always comes to help out at the store, he’s a really good person……Ah! Why am I telling you this…

Hoho, it’s alright. May I ask if there a mister Felicity Year here?

He is my father. Is there something you need with him?

Indeed. I am the student of Carefree Valley, under the order of my master to bring this gift to master Felicity.

Oh! So you are the student of Master Flawless, hehehehehe…

…what’s with the hehehehehehe?

Probably sensing his daughter getting creepy, Felicity Year walk out of the house!


You are master Felicity?

That’s me. Let me see the stuff.

Hm! Great knife! What a great knife! Is mister Flawless well?

With your blessing, my master’s body is as tough as ever, and he still lingers at the thoughts of tasting your cooking again.

Jesus would know how flawlessly tough our master can be.

Hohohoho, good, good. Next time I pay a visit to Carefree Valley, I will make him some delicacies.

I thank you on behalf of my master!

Lotus! Close the store in a moment, and set up some alcohol and dishes by noon to welcome our guest.

Yes, daddy.

I can’t accept such wonderful welcome!

Is fine, is fine! Hohoho…you should go tour around the city and come back here at noon for your dishes, just don’t forget to come back for it.

Thanks you master Felicity.

Time to explore the city of Chengdu! But first…

Someone is chilling on the roof.

Dude, what are you doing on roof?

Editor: Ok, this is my favorite line in this game so far.

I am trying to achieve the ‘height’ of mindset from the successful scholar of the past.

[Sigh] You wouldn’t understand!

You mean the quote from the way of gentlemen: “Awareness of self action leads to discovery, and alertness of pursuing great achievement leads to self destruction?”

Self destruction as in he will fall off the roof. Hohohohoho.

EH!!! To think there is someone in this city that understands. Sir, you are a rare find that understands me, and there’s a saying about giving treasure sword to heroes, and in this corresponding situation, I will give you this preface.

This is?

It is a preface to Orchid Pavilion, the height of Wang Xizhi’s calligraphy work. Please accept it as our meeting gift.

Thanks man, I will happily accept it.

Obtain Preface to Orchid Pavilion
Your calligraphy skill increased, it is now 38

Business is great lately thanks to the oncoming cooking competition, which attracted lots of outsiders. Hopefully our local dishes will become popular and we will flourish from here on.

My mother was sick last month, and all the herbs in the city just happened to brought by the Hundred Herb Sect, who sold them at a ridiculously high price. It sure pissed me off! Thankfully the kind hearted Doctor Weird saved her life. Otherwise, I…I…[sigh]….!

Don’t bother me kid, I am busy preparing all the meat for all of the restaurants that will participate in the tournament.

The kids just talk about kiddy things, nothing too interesting about this area.

Take a look boy, these may be copies of the original, but they are well made enough to rival the real thing; they’re absolutely great for a personal collection or as a gift to a friend.

All these are just copies, not interesting.

We may be located at the center of China, which can’t produce fish like the shore side cities, but our cooking skill with fish is exceptional and our creations like Fry Fish with Egg or Fish with Dried Pork are delicious.

First place to visit is the local liquor store.

Music: Liquor Store

We see some familiar faces with color swap different clothing.

Brother, have you heard about the reoccurring murdering of beggars?

I heard about it; I wonder which beggar displeased someone powerful enough that the local enforcement didn’t even start an investigation.

Although those beggars are annoying sometimes, they are also human beings…

You are right, life is a significant thing. I just hope it won’t happen to us regular folks too.

[Sigh] Let’s not talk anymore about it, drink up!

Yeah! Drink!

People drinking their problem away instead of taking actual action, looks like Jesus will have to do something about it.


What’s with you, Shun!?

Yesterday I was in the forest hunting for a snack, but suddenly…

What’s of it?

I encountered the forth suzerain of the Beast King Manor!

You mean that crazy shrew!

Who else would it be?! She said something like “I intruded into their territory” and then beat me up just like that. You tell me if I should be angry or not!

You should have kept a closer eye and avoided her earlier.

If I meet her again, I will make sure she gets it!

Shhhh, if someone hears you say that, you will get roughed up again!

This should make dumping her much easier…

Sir, if you want some food, please go up to second floor. There, you can have your meal and enjoy the views of Chengdu, which is quite a delightful experience.

Jesus decides to enjoy the view with alcohol instead, since master Felicity is making his free lunch now.

Those two men outside, one of them looks like Violet Sun of the Qingcheng (Green City) Sect, but I’m not sure about the other weirdly dressed guy.

I think I heard them say something about using poison, and poisoning someone.

Jesus changes his mind; he will order some food and eardrop on whatever scheme they are brewing.

Anything you need, sir?

1) Anything fun around Chengdu?
2) Anything good to eat?
3) Nothing, just saying hi.

Jesus chooses to ask around, acting like an innocent tourist.

Although Chengdu is located in the northwest and it’s not as popular as the central plain, there’s quite a few fun places to visit, like the Giant Buddha of Leshan (Happy Mountain), Green City Mountain, etc.

Giant Buddha of Happy Mountain?

On happy Mountain sits a giant stone Buddha that was curved during the Tang Dynasty, led by a monk named Haithong. He hoped that the Buddha would calm the turbulent waters that plagued the shipping vessels travelling down the river and killed many people.

People describe the mountain as Buddha and Buddha is the mountain, so you can guess how big it is.

Fun Fact: Apparently the massive construction resulted in so much stone being removed from the cliff face and deposited into the river below that the currents were indeed altered by the statue, making the waters safe for passing ships.

What about the Green City Mountain?

Green City Mountain is a famous place of Daoism, with strand after strand of pine trees. During the summer, million of cicadas will sing in concertos that are loud enough to reach the heavens. The Green City Sect is also located at this very mountain, but I heard they are too busy electing the next successor to the sect lately.

2) Anything good to eat?

This must be your first time here in Chengdu, sir. Our Kung Pao Chicken is famous throughout the world, even the emperor himself visit this very Heaven Prefecture Floor just to have a taste of our Kung Pao Chicken.

Even the emperor likes it?

Try it and you will know!

Fine! Give me a dish of Kung Pao Chicken!

Waiters in ancient china are such persuasive salesman.

The bird hopes Jesus leave some veggies for him.

Well, that was quick. It’s like they know that people will order this and already cooked it up. At least it looks…

…looks so godly good…NO Stomach, no! Stop going wild for this!

Oh yeah, waiter, why is this dish called Kung Pao Chicken?

You asked the right person for its origin! According to legend, there was a governor known as Gōng Bǎo who set a draconian law of sentencing anyone who stole to death, and, unbelievably, the first thief to sent to death for stealing was his son.

Such tragedy!

Not only that! The servant who’s suppose to guard his son’s grave also looted all the expensive accessories that he was buried with, but due to the grief Gōng Bǎo suffered, he decided to spare the servant. The thankful servant decided to payback such kindness by immediately cooking a midnight snack with the left over chick meat, peanuts, and chili mixed together for his master.

The touched Gōng Bǎo cried nonstop as he ate this wonderful meal, and that’s how this dish is known as Kung Pao Chicken.

I see.

Hmm, I am full. This Kung Pao chicken is wonderful!

Your cooking skill increased, it is now 83.

Just when Jesus decides to leave, he suddenly realizes that he forgot to eardrop on those two.
Damn you, persuasive and entertaining waiter! Damn you!

Maybe they will let Jesus join into the conversion with some liquor?

Go away kid, stop bothering us!

…damn you, waiter. Guess Jesus can’t do much about it.

Oh yeah, Jesus should thank the guy who gave him the direction.

Hey man, did you found Lotus Square?

Yes I did, sir, thank you very much!

May I ask why you are going to Lotus Square?

My master told me to deliver a gift to master Felicity at his restaurant Lotus Square.

Ah I see. [Sigh] that poor old man.

What’s the matter?

Lotus Square is supposed to be the local attraction with customers lining up day by day. If it wasn’t for his sickness that forced him to close his doors for a couple of years, all his business wouldn’t have been stolen by Heaven Prefecture Floor and Treasure Fortune Floor.

(That’s why there isn’t any customers…)

But Felicity will definitely participate in this year’s cooking competition and become number one with his skill easily, and then the Lotus Square will be revived.

Author: My eternal loathing for the teahouse associating with a certain someone that talks nonstop about tea poetically have been reignited.

我喜歡喝茶,我也想打他到達祖宗十八代那兒吃炒饭, 王八蛋, 混蛋, 吃到他不能談話!

Oh good, a nice place to drink some tea, and chat about current events like a gentlemen!

I heard a tomb raider at the eastern mount unearthed two weapons known as the Buddha Sword and the Demon Saber.

Due to the fame of these weapons, it has attracted a lot of attention to the thief. Every related trade is hunting his head, and now he is hiding somewhere here in Szechuan.

This thief sure is dumb, Absolute Saber Sect would risk anything to get him, so it won’t be long before he’s a goner!

This area of China is Szechuan and Jesus is somewhere in here staring at someone drinking tea.

You really should take care when venturing into the world of Jiangwu!

Jesus buddy, anything you want to ask?

1) Anything new lately?

There is a cooking competition every three years for Chengdu’s Dragon Boat Festival. Each year it gets more and more popular and rumor is that the government will send some guest here.

Due to the growing importance, some people have started to do shady things, and rumor has it that someone even hired the people of Wulin to harm their competitor just so they can win.

2) What is my ranking?

Let me see, your current ranking is…….Twenty Three.

Yeah! Another celebration to our almost masterhood is in order!

Would you like some tea, sir?

I never noticed this before, but that man is the height of a table. He must be a gnome. Now where’s the elf?

1) Sure
2) No thanks

Does he even need to ask?

1) Buddha Hand
2) Red Yunnan
3) Big Red Gown
4) Tearful Tea
5) Mengshan Peak Yellow Sprout
6) Pu-erh Tea

Choose #1-6.

Chubby appearance with a weakly fresh greenness, clear sights of sandy points on the back of the leaf, powerful fragrance yet refined, embodies the aroma of snow pear, and provide a deep taste of satisfaction with a dark orange, yellow color that has a hint of redness.

Produced in Yunnan, trickled out golden luminosity with a hyper and sharp aroma that emulates burnt sugar, layers of deep tastes generate potent sensation.

King of tea, exemplar of the state. Grow in the crack of Nine Dragon mount, with only four stems, it will provide a strong aroma and a golden shiny coloration that can rival the items of heaven.

Originally made from the leaf of Tearful Tree, and now has been replaced with tea leafs. Has the benefit sobering, improving digestion, and clearing colons.

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Rater Ye didn’t say the tea taste good or is aromatic! Someone ban this tea now!

Produced in Szechuan’s mountain peak of Mengshan. Hints of refreshing stimulant, leaf of golden yellow inhabited with immense fragrance creates the soup of golden sea sipping into the even taste of sweetness. Truly the oldest famed tea of ancient China.

More popular in Yewu and Chewei. It can endure repeated soaking and still retains its brawny taste, and greatly satisfies your thirst while containing the benefits of sobering, nurture spleen, relieve digestion, and cooling effect. It is one of the top ten teas of China.

Your tea skill increased it is now 90

This whole city is filled with talkative peoples.

                Potential Distinctive Picture of the Afternoon
  Hohohohoho, this Eagle-Shaped Golden Crown is wonderful!