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Part 62: Chapter Sixty-One: Cookery Adventure

Gotten a few more Tzuki emoticon, some looks like fan modded.

Part Sixty-One: Cookery Adventure
Music: Chengdu City

It’s nice to see children playing happily on the street with their friends.

Hey Little Yee! Look at this!

What a pretty Rainbow Red Rouge, where did you get this, Little Wei?

My mom gave it to me, how about I give it to you?

(Oh! This Rouge is very delicate) Little boy, can I take a look at your rouge?

I can’t, this is my mom’s… no, this is something I want to give it to Little Yee.

I will just take a quick look and give it back to you.

No, this is now Little Yee’s, why don’t you ask her.

I am not an adult, Little Wei, so I don’t need something like rouge.

Then what do you like?

Actually, I always wanted your feather shuttlecock.

But I only have one shuttlecock… sir, I’ll give you this rouge in exchange for another feather shuttlecock.

Jesus will keep that in mind, but these noodles smells good.

You must be a foreigner, how about giving my hundred years of Chengdu historical Dan Dan Noodles a try?

Alright, give me a bowl of Dan Dan Noodles.

Hmm…! Great!

My hundred years old business won’t lie, our soup is made with mountain boar back leg’s bone to marinate for two whole days. The taste is wonderful on top of the hand made noodles that give the soft and slippery feel yet retain the thrilling feel of crunchiness and all my customer say they love it! Hehehe!

Thanks for the great meal.

Your cooking skill increased, it is now 85

That noodle sure is getting the stomach going, let’s see what the Treasure Fortune Floor has to offer.

Absolute Saber Sect seems to be gaining recognition lately, and in my opinion the title of “Tang Family of Szechuan” will be replaced soon. Truth is, the Tang Family is pretty down already.

After all, only undignified or cheating pugilists would use hidden projectile.

Sir, please take a seat if you want to try our Treasure Fortune Floor’s specialty. We at Treasure Fortune Floor are the best restaurant in Chengdu, the flavor is local, and the cooking is delicate, we guarantee you will be addicted.

This chef here is inspected by that special class chef and obtain acknowledgement from that world champion chef, so it’s obvious that we will win the match.

Something about not able to provide THAT chef’s name kind of give your bluff away.

1) What dishes do you have?
2) Cooking competition?
3) Thanks for the introduction, but I should go.

Despite the bluff, let’s give the dish a chance.

We have a lots of dishes, like Mapo something Tofu, red oil fry hand, return wok meat, Sliced lung by the married couple, Ingot Duck…. et cetera. In this list, the most popular dish is the Mapo Tofu, for it has attracted many people from all over the place to the Treasure Fortune Floor, even the emperor has been here too, so wanna give it a try?
This saleman waiter is horrible at introducing stuff and the “emperor’s visit” thing is getting old.

Mapo Tofu? Where’s this name from?

Oh! The name is fabled from a hundred years ago, where an old lady Cheng, who sold tofu here in Chengdu, but her tofu is different from others as it is somewhat harder, which make it less likely to break apart in the wok.

To make it as a specialty type of tofu, Old lady Cheng adds in meat chunks, spicy chili, bean-based sauce, chili powder, onion, onion flower, that red oil, soy source, and tapioca.

Wow! So many ingredients!

Yeah! With these, she has created a masterpiece of numbness, spicy, rolling, boiling flavors, and due to the extreme spiciness, people’s mouth and tongue would enlarge and become numb, sweating non-stop, and so people call it Ma (Numb) Po (Old lady) Tofu ever since. This old lady Cheng is in fact, this Treasure Fortune Floor’s founder.

I see. Very well! I will give this tofu a try!

How is it sir?

Hmmmm, not bad, not bad, I should try making this when I go home. Thanks for the service.

Your cooking skill increased, it is now 88

Ughhh, the lure of food in this city is too strong, must save some stomach space for lunch....

The Hundred Herbs Sect, and this guy sells herbs outdoor. Jesus already has every herb so there’s no need to buy anymore.

Remember this Hard Gong guy who told us to stay out of his forest and Jesus punished him for holding up the entire herb?

He is also the one that I mention that I will keep a very low relationship with to show you the effect of relationship.

Isn’t you Gong?

Is you, what do you want?

I have an errant from my master in this city and I just come here to greet you.

I accept the courtesy, but Hundred Herbs Sect does not welcome you.

Kid, if you have no business here, get out. Our young master doesn’t welcome you.

Jesus make mental note to make amends with him after this trip is over.

These two are just chatting about who will win the cooking competition and betting ten silvers on it.

Sir, please take a seat if you want to eat some medical stew to nurture your body.

Nurture my body? My body is fine, doesn’t need any supplement at all.

Then you better listen to this, sir. Our Tong Yan herbal supplement cooking provide a mild and balanced taste, made with herbs as main ingredient, processing herbs as food, achieving powerful combine properties of food and supplement. Especially our specialty Caterpillar Fungus (i.e. cordyceps) Pig Liver Porridge, you can taste such a wonderful food while strengthening your body at the same time.

Caterpillar Fungus Pig Liver Porridge? It really is that great!?

Sir, how about giving it a try?

Fine! Give me a Caterpillar Fungus Pig Liver Porridge.

Dead worm check, pig liver check, porridge check, huuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr…..

The bird really like this dish, hoping it can eat the left over snow caterpillar.

Not bad, this porridge is good. What is the benefit?

Since we use Caterpillar Fungus, Lycium, and many other herbs, slowly simmer it with small fire for twelve hours, and the Caterpillar Fungus is specifically gathered from Emei Mountain peak.

Eating this smoothens blood channel, nurtures eyesight and liver, and one bowl a day can extend your lifespan. Due to the cooking time, I can only provide a limited amount everyday, so you are quite lucky today to eat the last bowl.

Great, thank you very much.

Your cooking skill increased, it is now 90
Your hardness increased, it is still 100

ARGHHHHH! Jesus ate again! Must burn away those calories before noon!

Oh his way, Jesus comes across a beggar.

A hundred silvers, kind sir?

1) Sure
2) No

A hundred silvers? What happen to I decide how much I give!? Fine, Jesus is rich anyway.

You lost 100 silvers

Kind sir, this swan feathered shuttlecock has been with me since childhood, but now I don’t play with it anymore, you can have it and give it to your children.

(I haven’t married yet, where would I have children to give to...)

Obtain Shuttlecock

Running passes between the rice store and the local law enforcement…

Jesus reaches the Absolute Saber Sect, Nix Summer’s home turf.

Pretty broken down for a sect… wait a minute.

Best training dummy ever.

This place might be small and broken down, but it’s awesome. Just look at the mask on the wall!

Nix Buddy!

Jesus bro!

Young Nix, who is this person?

Dad, this is Master Flawless’ Student of Carefree Valley, Jesus.

Youngster Jesus greets thee!

So you are the winner of the Young Hero Tournament, I heard about you from my son, and you sure have an exceptional look to you.

Thanks for the praise.

Hahaha! That reminds me of when I join the Young Hero Tournament, too bad I lost to Honorable Kung.

Dad! Why didn’t I hear this before!?

Hmph! If that Honorable Kung didn’t cheat, I would have been the champion, and it won’t have become a year-long laughing matter to that Simon Black!

Interesting to hear from this side of the story.

Old time, just forget it! Kid, your should tour around the city since there’s a lot of good place to eat, just hand around and have fun! Pardon my lack of hospitality but I have something to do.

I will take my leave!

Good bye, dummy, I will miss you.

Must run till the Dan dan Noodle is burned out!

Chengdu Animal Fur? Looks interesting.

No, must ignore the fur shop, weapon shop, and pawn shop and keep running to burn out those Mapo Tofu.


The Tang Family, we should be courteous and pay them a visit.

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