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Part 64: Chapter Sixty-Three: Cookery Venture

Part Sixty-Three: Cookery Venture
Music: City of Chengdu

My dad’s cooking is the best in the city and without rival. Back in the days where a long line of people waited half the day and they might not even get to eat a dish before the shop closed in the evening……

[Sigh] It’s all in the past, why mention it?


Is there a problem, master Felicity?

Nothing, nothing, please continue, the veggies are getting cold………….sorry, I am a bit weary, so I will go rest in my home.

No worries, you take a good rest.

Lotus, take good care of our guest.

Hehehehehehehe Yes, daddy. Hehehehehehehehe

Is there some concern you could not mention?

[Sigh]….our Lotus Square is supposed to be a booming business, but the newly opened Heaven Prefecture and Treasure Fortune Floor attracted all the tourist trade and our business became slower…

So that’s the reason….

Nevertheless, the bad days are over. Tomorrow is the annual cooking competition and this year the government increased the prize money, so our Lotus Square will be back in business when we win!

With master Felicity’s skill, I am sure he can do it.

Let’s hope so.

Then Nix Summer walks into the house excitedly while rubbing his nose as usual.

Lady Lotus, look at what I got for….why are you here?

Sir Nix…


It’s dad’s voice!

Something wrong!?


HEY! What are you doing!?

Capture first! Question later!

Gluttony ninja-jumped up the roof, and sadly didn’t hit the dude on the roof since he is on the roof next door.

You are not getting away!

Nix runs out of the house through the door like a gentleman.

Are you alright, master Felicity?

I am fine, mister Nix might be in danger for chasing the enemy alone, so you should go assist him.

I will take care of dad; you hurry and go help sir Nix!

Alright, I will go!

Jesus also chooses to leave the house in a gentlemanly manner.

Surrender now, you rotten sand-hoppers!

You two Nyctalops! Enough with the chasing around! I will fix you up!

As usual, Gluttony has a massive amount of health and he has gained 75 more hp since the last time we fought.

Except Jesus gained exactly 400 hp since the last battle, so Nix just stood and watched in awe at Jesus’ giant glowing manhood blast.

All your battle stats increased.

Your claws are pretty hard, adieu!

Curses! Don’t run away!!

Let it go Nix buddy! We need to check on master Felicity’s injury.

Gluttony was lucky to get away. I will go in first to check master Felicity’s wound.

My apology for not able to capture the assassin…

No problem, I didn’t suffer any serious injury, but all the cooking ingredients for tomorrow’s cooking competition are destroyed, and all the herbs and ingredient have been brought out by Hundred Herbs Sect…. [sigh]…

What are you planning to do tomorrow?

[Sigh] Not much can be done.


Please don’t cry, lady Lotus…


Is there no other way? Can’t we just purchase the ingredients again?

We won’t make it in time with the special ingredients.

Please sir, tell us what ingredients we need and maybe we will find them in time.

Forget it, we won’t make it.

Dad, maybe…

Fine, other than the Fragrance Rice, we need the local produce of Deep Mountain Wild Bear Meat, unbeatable spicy Soil Red Peppers, and the herb Blue Moon Grass should do.

It should be easy now we know the name, so let’s split up and look for it, Nix buddy.

Alright, we move out!

Wait for me, Nix buddy!

Sir Jesus, Sir Nix is impatient like that, please take care of him.

I understand.

Um….you….you should take care too. Hehehehehehhehe

Yeah, I will.

Alright, we need the Fragrance Rice, Deep Mountain Wild Bear Meat, Soil Red Peppers, and Blue Moon Grass.

The vegetable lady and butcher might have the peppers and bear meat.

Ma’am, do you have any Soil Red Peppers?

You are late; Zhao Fifth of the animal hides shop has just brought all of it.

Ah! All sold out!?

Zhao Fifth love to eat spicy things and he buys all of it almost every time I gather a new batch. Kid, if you really need it, I will save some for you next time.

This won’t do, we need it by tomorrow!

Sir, do you have Deep Mountain Wild Bear Meat?

Wild bear meat? Bear meat I have, but I don’t know if it’s wild or not.

It has to be the Yunnan deep mountain kind of wild bear.

My meats here is not deep mountain bear meat, but I am sure the quality won’t be that much of a difference.

I just need Deep Mountain Wild Bear Meat!

Kid, I know the Beast King Valley back forest has some! But it’s too dangerous and you are better off stay away from it.

(Looks like I will have to take a risk!!)

Almost forgot to exchange the shuttlecock with the rouge we acquired from the beggar.

I have the shuttlecock here.

Little Yee, this shuttlecock is for you. Sir, this rouge is for you.

Wow, it’s a swan feathered shuttlecock! Awesome!

Obtain Rainbow Red Rouge

Before venturing into the forest or visiting the animal hides shop, the Hundred Herbs sect should have the Blue Moon Grass.

The problem is that we are dealing with him.

Hundred Herbs Sect doesn’t welcome you!

I won’t come here without a reason, and this time I want to borrow some herbs for use.

What herb?

Do you have what they call the Blue Moon Grass?

We are known as Hundred Herbs Sect, so obviously we have it.

Can I borrow it?

With our relationship, no.


BUT, since our Hundred Herbs Sect is open for business, and if a customer wants it, we will sell it, so one thousand silvers for each Blue Moon Grass!

One thousand silvers!? You are ripping me off!

I AM ripping you off. If you want Blue Moon Grass, pay it.

See how far relationship can go? Although I already brought the herb for like a hundred silvers in sim-mode shop, we will go ahead and buy this anyway.

Here’s one thousand silvers, give me the Blue Moon Grass.

Take it, Jesus Scum.

You lost 1000 silvers
You gain Blue Moon Grass.

Might as well go to the forest first before the bears decide to go home and sleep.

The road to the forest becomes darker with the shadow of the trees, what awaits Jesus abut?

Music: Beast King Manor

Wow, Beast King Manor…and look at those guard’s bear trap chain weapon!

Hey! Are you letting me in or not!?

I just told you, the Beast King Manor is currently close for the season, come back in June.


What happen, Nix buddy?

These two Moujiks said something about them closing and won’t let me in, I am so pissed!

Looks like we will have to charge in!

Who’s being so noisy out there?

Fourth Suzerain!

Lady Tracy!

Ah it’s you Sir Jesus, is there something you need at this manor?

I have some business that requires me to find the deep mountain wild bear, so if you can let me through.

Since this is Sir Jesus’ trouble, then it is my trouble. Sir Jesus, I have a good bow here, and I hope it can help you in your quest.

Obtain Arrows
Obtain Numb Back Bow

If we didn’t have good relationship with Tracey, then she will want us to get her some rouge in exchange for using the back forest.

Smooth moves, pal. I didn’t know you were this good. The Fourth Suzerain Tracy normally won’t be this nice to anyone, but today she’s agree to anything you say, looks like she h…..

Nix Summer, I guess you don’t want to go in the forest.

Enough, Nix Buddy, we better go look for the wild bear.

Jesus hides behind the tree and wait for the bear…


What the hell!? This bear knows Drunken Bear Fist! Gaaaahhh!! Heart Stopping Shot!

Obtain Wild Bear Meat

Nix Buddy, we got it.

Wonderful, I will go report the good news.

Nix buddy!!! He sure is impatient.

We still need to find Fragrance Rice and Soil Red Peppers.

Potential Avatar of the Afternoon

      1) Muscle Spasms
      2) Eclampsia
      3) Diarrhea
      4) WAAHHHHH Kung Fu
      5) Being old
      6) All of the above