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Part 70: Chapter Sixty-Nine: First Clash

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I wish I had people call me something awesome like "Fiery-Eyes Golden-Gaze ". Then again, that might be inconvenient in regular conversation. Also, I gotta say, those are some sweet demon illustrations. Where are they from?
Found it in some forum post from random google search, but I can't find the original source, so I apologize for that, Fiery-Eyes Golden-Gaze. Maybe you will have better eye than me.

Part Sixty-Nine: First Clash
Music: Mid-Autumn Festival

August 15, Mid-Autumn Festival (Lunar Festival)

Wise words indeed; Old buddies meeting again is justly a great experience!

For such rare enthusiasm, old friend, let’s give my three unripe students a test!

Excellence! You three listen up! I make the first half of the poem and you follow up with the other half. It must be assonant and make sense and if you can match all three correctly, uncle here will give you a prize!

First verse: Diverse motive to thrive, renounce three chances for a world of two. (志异证书诛,三让两家天下)

So easy! I will match it!

1) With resolve we unite, two-three buddies’ adventure.
2) Mid-autumn moon viewing, sharing three slide of mooncake.
3) Achieve together, unleash million years of Jiangnan. (功同开创,一坏万古江南)
4) Doubtless heart, nine general and three king revolt.

>>Choose #3

Second verse: Infantile exhilaration of warriors, revenge is lost in Mount Tai.(壮士奋挥稚,报韩已落泰山胆)

No problem! I will match this!

1) Little demon busy hitting board, Yama head to guillotine.
2) Frustrating the overlord, and glorious Han belong to Xiang Yu. (大王烦借箸,荣汉终函项羽头)
3) Students work their brushes, days end with renounce.
4) Toad keeps ribbiting, rapid shallow insects and flies to round belly.

>>Choose #2

Wonderful! Flawless old man, your student has some ink in him after all!

Last verse: Few bits of proud bones, declare to hold sky and earth. (几根傲骨头,称持天地)

This is easy, let me go again!

1) Thousand irritating strings, cover heaven and earth.
2) Five stick of willow branch, swing at cloud to see the day.
3) Three hot-blooded men, bravely lead three armies.
4) Two hungry bellies, cover past and present. ( 两个饿肚瘦,包罗古今)

>>Chose #4

Matching! Very matching! Hahaha! Didn’t know the old head have such a knowledgeable student.

Today is so ecstatic for me, I think I will give you this Manuscript of Nephew Festival by Yan Zhenqing

Thank you, sir.

Obtain Manuscript of Nephew Festival

Beginning September

School brother, master has orders for us, hurry to the main hall.

Alright, I will be there.

Looks like something interesting, the bird follows.


Hmm, you are all here. I have received an invitation from the Green Fortress Sect. Their two foremost students Green Dawn and Violet Sun will fight it out to decide who will become the next master of the sect, so they are inviting us to be witnesses.

It will be later this month, but I am planning to have a shut-in training for two moons, so I wonder if any of you want to go there for me.


I would like to.

Hohoho, good, good, to have such courage, I will give you the mission.

I won’t disappoint you.

A few days of traveling later…

Noon……then I still have some time. Since I am here, might as well tour a bit.

Everyone then spreads out to hang at their corner. Let’s see what they have to said about this match.

Both of them are strong, but Violet Sun are quite witty, so we might see a surprising ending.

Finally a chance to see the kung fu of Green Fortress Sect.

Better study at their techniques and maybe it will be helpful in the future. I am on a horse.

Finally got out to here to have fun…why won’t they start already?

Looks like Green Fortress Sect is on decline…

Amitābha, may the good receive righteousness.

I deeply regret making a joke about him being grim dark and such, now I can’t unsee his dark soulless eyes on that grim pale face of his.

There’s a rumor later about the Buddha Sword and Demon Saber resurfacing in Jiangwu, do you know about that, Any North buddy?

These Buddha Sword and Demon Saber were supposedly looted from some ancient tomb, and caused many struggles in Wulin when they got into the market – they changed hands many times, and that quickly. I heard they were seen near Louyang lately, but not really sure.

Louyang huh…..I better keep my eyes open…

I heard the Buddha Sword and Demon Saber appeared in Luoyang; I wonder if that’s true.

Hopefully no one is hurt…

One of the witness is a snake carrying foreigner, Green Fortress Sect sure has a large range of influence, but why did that foreigner disappear in a puff of smoke? So weird.

I hope Green Fortress Sect could flourish from here on, and help strengthen the righteous side.

I hope those two beat each other to a pulp, then Wulin will have less competition, hehehehehe.

Senior Green Dawn is resting now, please don’t bother.

Young hero, if you are tired, you can rest here until noon.

1) Sure
2) Maybe later

Something doesn’t feel right, it's like there is something Jesus must do.

Maybe Jesus will just slide through these trees and explore the back mountain.

What’s this? Looks like Violet Sun is talking with someone.

These are the poisonous toad from the western region. Most people who get poisoned by this will lose all energy for a whole hour: no matter how powerful they are, they will be the same as a cripple. So the position as master of the sect will be yours.

Hahaha, wonderful plan, I will depend on you guardian Mofulo.

When you become the master of the sect, don’t forget about our deal.

I won’t dare to forget, Green Fortress Sect shall serve the Sky Dragon Cult.

Good that you remember, let’s see how you perform later. *ninja leave*

….(Violet Sun teamed up with a cult, what should I do?)

1) First capture Violet Sun…
2) I better inform Green Dawn of this.
3) I better not do anything.

Save the third choice for evil route, we are going to kick his traitor ass!

Violet Sun, Green Fortress Sect is built by the ancestor masters with many years of sweat and blood along with the lives of many elite students. Yet you consort with the cultists and plan to bring the sect to destruction, I plead that you to reconsider.

Hahahahahaha….I didn’t know Master Flawless of the Carefree Valley had taught such a good student, so amusing…

Please don’t insult my master.

Don’t worry; you will never hear it again!

Our Jesus has reached the hallmark of 1000 hp while our opponent has 925 hp, so this might be a tough fight.

Gahhhhh double slashing! It hurts!

I lied. He only dealt 40 damage to Jesus’ armory body.

While the maxed tune of Cherry Snow Blossom heal Jesus 400 hp for like 10% of his chi.

Have a nice and long unconscious nap, sir.

All your battle stats increased

Truly the elite of the Green Fortress Sect, I might have died if I didn’t practice my kung fu a lot…

Practiced on many unfortunate ‘evildoing’ meat bags. Also, sarcasm.

As much as we want to capture the bad guy, if we choose two…

We will find him tele-spinned down the stair.

Hold it!

You are?

I have defeated Violet Sun, and your plan will not succeed!

….Violet Sun is defeated? What are you saying, what you mean, I don’t understand….me no speak Chinese.

Still denying, but now is your tur--

Guardian, the deed is done.


Ha, so you have spies hiding in the sect too…

Shut his mouth.

Get out of the way!

All your battle stats increased

Eh! Where’s the Sky Dragon Guardian? Where did he escape to…ah…didn’t those spies mention something…oh no, Green Dawn can’t have been…

Are you alright!?

You are….

Even his portrait is in pain.

I am Jesus of Carefree Valley, and I overheard the plan of Violet Sun and the cultist scheming, yet I…was late, I am ashamed.

Young hero Jesus, then…where is the cultist and Violet Sun?

I originally captured Violet Sun, but in the end let the cultist saved him…

The cult…

Ah, how do you feel?

[Sigh], I wasn’t careful and caught in their trap, now I whole body feel weak, I probably…

We still have some time before the match, maybe we have other way to—

We lost our chance….I was poisoned by a toad venom. It won’t kill me, but it doesn’t have a cure, and it will only keep me from using chi. In fact Violet Sun was rescued so the only witness is you and me, which mean he just needs to deny our accusation and counter-argue that I just blabbing because I lost the fight…

….is there really no other way?

School Uncle, it is noon, School Uncle Violet Sun is already waiting for you at the battlefield.

Forget it; let the heaven decide the fate…if heaven wishes Green Fortress Sect to be destroyed…


That never happened since Jesus is too smart for this, and we will save the losing screen for evil route. Violet Sun is still unconscious.

Now we go prevent Green Dawn from drinking the poison.


Youngster…you are….

I am Jesus of Carefree Valley, and I overheard Violet Sun and the cultist scheming to poison you, so please be careful.

…………ah, who is your master? Why haven’t I see you two before…

Go see him in hell!!

Green Dawn flashed the spies to death.

All your battle stat increased

I am too careless. If it wasn’t for you, I would have been within their grasp.

Ah, sir, I just defeated Violet Sun at the cliffside, how about we both go arrest him and then explain it to all the Wulin warriors.

…good idea, please lead the way…

Looks like the cultist woke him up.

School brother, I would never have thought you would make deals with the cultists, how can you face your master…

…enough words, at this rate I will never become the master, and it's all your fault…

You got seriously injured by that rotten kid?

Yeah, that rotten kid.

Very well, since they come back here to die, it will save us a lot of trouble.

Well said, then we will send them to heaven.

Unlike the previous battle, this battle is tough.

The cultist can use strong poison and have like 1500 hp

Even the maxed tune of Bodhi Heart Cleanse can’t catch up to the massive dosage of his poison spamming.

So Jesus just spams massive power.

While Violet Sun is giving Green Dawn a head shave. Guess Jesus have to step in.

All your battle stat increased

Since Violet Sun has been colluding with the cultist, and also plans to harm Green Dawn, he has lost eligibility to the master’s seat. Green Fortress Sect’s new master is Green Dawn!


Young hero Jesus, thanks for you help, please accept some modest gifts from this old man, and if there is anything you need in the future, just asks me personally.

Think nothing of it, sir. Thanks for the gifts.

Jesus obtained tea, historic manuscript, nice painting, and an ultra rare full heal medicine. Awww yeah~~~

Spot a special someone hiding in this scene!

Huhuhu, congratulations to young hero Jesus for racking up the points.

This is what everyone should do, it's not some big achievement or anything.

No need to be courteous Jesus buddy, whether it's a big accomplishment or not will be decided in my book.

Jesus of Carefree Valley singlehandedly uncovered the scheme of the cult and saved the whole Green Fortress Sect, hmmm, that’s about right, my work here is done, good bye.

Take care.

Back at Carefree Valley.

Hmm, I hear you've done a great deed, stopped Sky Dragon Cult from devouring the Green Fortress Sect.

Master, how did you know this so quickly when I just came back?

Because he is Flawless.

School brother, news of your deed has spread throughout Jiangwu, and you elevated Carefree Sect’ status even more.

Nah, is all thanks to master’s teaching.

And good at sucking up.

Moon, Thorn, you two better learn more from your school brother, understand?

Yes, master.

Your relationship with Master Flawless increased
Your reputation increased, it is now 337

 Potential Unconscious of the Day

 Potential Concerned of the Night
You sure we should leave him next to the cliffside?
             What if he roll over?
More importantly, enjoy my manly mustache.