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Part 73: Chapter Seventy-Two: Canvas of Flawlessness

Part Seventy-Two: Canvas of Flawlessness
Music: Winter

Back at Carefree Valley, the concerned Jesus decides to pay a visit to Thorn.

Second school brother.

Good timing, I need a sparring partner. Come here and fight me.

Okay, please be gen—


Uaghtjtjnd! Thorn! Jesus is still holding his Guqin!

Fine! Jesus will fight you with music!

Just as Jesus reaches a coda that can finish off Thorn’s 15 hp, he remembers just how sore a loser Thorn is and decides to throw the fight in order to preserve their friendship.

Hmph, not bad, you are getting stronger.

Nah, it's all thanks to second school brother’s daily guidance.

Hmph, I have to train more, don’t bother me.

At this point, if we have 100 relationship with Thorn, 70 I.Q., and lose to him, there’s ½ chance Jesus will ask for more guidance.

Why are my attacks not as solid as yours?

Because my way of Wu is about speed, deadliness, accuracy, and the unity of body and mind. Just like a predator staring at the prey, and at the most important moment, strike out death……..

…….I see……

Jesus learned a new feat! Willful Strike!

Year Four Beginning January

Chinese New Year

Another year come and gone. This year I will play with you all and see how much your Kung Fu has grown over the year. Young Moon, you go first.

Yes, master.

Master Flawless gives Moon the first hit. Moon uses the opportunity to deal as much damage as he can.

Flawless stops holding back when Moon manages to reduce his hp to 60% and blown him away.

Hmm….alright! Next is Young Thorn.

Fine, I won’t hold back!

Thorn goes all out with his brand new Buddha Sword and Demon Saber.

Flawless decides to buy him a stairway to heaven when Thorn manage to cut down half his life.

Young Thorn, your Kung fu carries a blaze of murderous rage. It looks like you've overreached and are starting down a dark path, please have more self control.

But, master…!

Your turn, Young Jesus.

Yes, master.

Battle Theme Two

One year ago, Jesus had 694 hp while fighting Master Flawless. Now Jesus has 1000 hp.

One year ago, Master Flawless had 1435 hp while fighting Jesus. Now Flawless has 1540 hp.

Having learned from his past lesson, Jesus rushes to Flawless' back and uses his most powerful attack.

This is going to be a long hard battle.

As predicted, Master Flawless is still going easy on us by using the beginner Carefree Finger, which Jesus can easily dodge.

Jesus tries to use hit and run tactics to take advantage of his maxed-out speed.

The slightly slower Flawless makes up the difference with his long-distance chi attack. He’s attack is flawless.

The battle rages on, Jesus going all out punching and striking Master Flawless...

Desperately dodging palm-fart palm blasts...

Nuking master with as many drunken bombings as he can...

Soaking in the excruciating pressures of a mega chi blast...

The difference is clear.

Jesus has defeated Master Flawless (who was going easy on him and previously battled with Thorn and Moon).

All your battle stats increased

Not bad, Young Jesus, you have grown. But don’t just practice kung fu and forget your other skills.

I understand.

Very well, now I will give out pocket money. Like always, the amount will depend on your effort, so do more good things, suck up to me, and you will gain more.

Obtain 16480 silvers

As Master Flawless suggested, Jesus will work on the skills he's less adept at, like painting. You will also notice that Lady Music is gone; she is now traveling since she has passed all her musical art to you.

Hmm….I think your painting skill is not high enough, let’s wait until your skill are 50.

Oops, better go work on the painting skill then.

Your mood improved
Your painting skill is now 50

I packed all three visits into one so you don’t need to read the repeats.


Hello, kid.

I am here to learn from you again.

Good, let’s begin.

First visit’s picture, so this is skill 50.

I wonder what it would be like for the later skill level.

Second visit’s picture. Jesus’ mental images of places he's been.

Jesus fights a whole crowd on top of Buddha. Buddha is not amused.

Can you guess which these two places are?

Luoyang and….and…..*looks at note*… Hangzhou!

Your relationship with Painter Qing increased
Your painting skill increased it is now 60

Back to the drawing board!

Your painting skill increased it is now 84

Packed all three paintings event in one again.


Hello, kid.

I am here to learn from you again.

Good, let’s begin.


Iconoclast! I barely made it. So this is the high level stuff. It’s so beautiful.

Okay, the second one is easier with the clear color difference.

Aww, it’s a painting of wildlife.

Third one, this look quite familiar.

Ah, it has the same rabbit painting except this time it's mixed in with a near mirror image of the tree.

Your relationship with Painter Qing increased
Your painting skill increased, it is now 93

Another hobby teacher leaves because Jesus is too skillful!

Now what?

Jesus buddy, I have come again to beg for some cooking.

No problem, Yao buddy, I will go make some in the kitchen.

Thank you, Jesus buddy.

The bird went to eat before it dribbles over Jesus’ cooking.

Sorry for the long wait, please enjoy.

EH!? THIS…this is Mapo Tofu!!!

Indeed, I learned this in Chengdu not too long ago, and so I made some for you to relive the flavor.

Then I won’t hold back.

The bird has a full stomach but dribbles over Jesus’ food anyway.

Phew~~~so full.

How does it taste?

Jesus buddy, your cooking is simply amazing. Your version is a little different, but just to be able to taste it again! This unworthy one is already in your debt, and from here on if you need anything, I will do whatever I can to repay you.

Yao buddy is too kind, what I did is just a simple thing as an act of kindness, so you don’t really have to repay me.

This kind deed has written itself onto the heart of Grievous Yao. I promise I will repay you in the future, good bye.

Your relationship with Grievous Yao increased

  Potential Avatar of the Evening
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