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Part 74: Chapter Seventy-Three: Stirring Strings

It seems I forgot to max Mapo Tofu mastery last chapter, so here’s the result of redoing the cooking for the beggar event.

Part Seventy-Three: Stirring Strings
Music: Spring

That’s what I figure too.

Thank you Jesus, for letting me relives this heavenly taste. All the times you helped me has already filled my heart with gratitude, so I shall repay you with this book.

You are too courteous; this is just a trivial task, good deed, so you don’t need to repay me.

I had lots of fun reading this book. Since you are willing to share your food, I am willing to share my joy with you, so please don’t reject it. I don’t really understand this book at all; maybe your sharp mind will be better able to discover its secrets.

If it so, then I will take it with gratitude.

If you need anything, just give me a shout and little beggar me will come. Farewell.

Your relationship with Grievous Yao increased
You learned a new kung fu

Our first high level chi manual! Chi is like the bullet of our kung fu, and chi technique is like bullet upgrade.

So Jesus spends the next few precious turns mastering this.

Rest well, my little nuclear factory.

Eastern Manual’s mastery increased, it is now 100
Your Chi Power increased, it is now 100

Now that’s out of the way, let’s do some New Year exploration. As usual, we start at the potentially dangerous spot.

Eh? Isn’t that Little Kung?

Hahaha, well done, I do not regret taking you in as my apprentice.

I also heard that the master of the temple will be going on an expedition in early April. There won't be many monks left in the temple so it'll be our best opportunity.

Hahaha! Excellent, you are truly worthy as my apprentice. Very well, we will wait and take action at that time.

…..strange, what is Kung buddy trying to steal at White Horse Temple?

Jesus spends more time in the forest, hoping to catch a glimpse of more potential schemers.

Quick recap: on the left is Tang Crown’s father Flaying Tang, head of the Tang Family, and on the right is Nix Summer’s father Marquis Summer, master of Absolute Saber sect.

[Sigh] We came from the same sect with the same master and we're about as good as each other. Looking back at this tangled mess of the past thirty years, it won’t be easy to decide the winner.

Ever since the great Wulin battle, everyone else has been resting and training, slowly regaining their lost strength and gradually expanding except for the sects of Absolute Saber and Heavenly Sword trapped in their eternal struggle. At this rate, both will be ruined, are you not worried at all?

[Sigh] I am at my wits’ end; can’t think of anything that can deal with that old codger Simon.

I heard your sect's founder Depthless Zhenren left a relic in Soaring Cloud Cave, so why don't you retrieve it? It'll give Absolute Saber the legitimacy it needs to compete with the others.

But only the master of the sect can enter the Cave of Soaring Cloud, how could I abandon the teaching of the founding father?

Note: Both Absolute Saber and Heavenly Sword split from the Saber and Sword sect.

Heh, of course Marquis buddy is the master of the Sword and Saber sect. There are two masters, one real and one pretender. Which one of you is the true master depends on who can obtain the relic.


You're a Saber not a Sword, but the situation is urgent. The future of the Absolute Saber sect depends on you – don't be losing sleep over legal trifles. In fact……if Marquis buddy has thought about it….then maybe Simon Black would have too?


Hoho, “He who strikes first gains the advantage,” surely you’ve heard of this saying?

You are right, Tang buddy! Fine, for the future of Absolute Saber, I will go for it, and I will depend on your help in due time.

Of course, of course. December Fifth is a lucky day, so let’s do it on that day.

As you plan.

Hahaha, let’s go, I'll buy you a drink to celebrate your future mastership.

Hahaha, very well.

This way please.

Looks like something big will happen….

Upon further sneaking in the forest….

Huhuhu, just as you said, that old fart Simon went right for it.

Is like the Simon pig family is cursed with name calling by everyone.

Hohoho, when the time comes, our group will act like we are fighting each other. Let those two scuffles, and then….

Wulin will have one less obstacle.


……(So these two are planning to destroy the Saber and Sword Sect. I better think of something to stop them).

Both events are still far from now, so Jesus spends some time mastering skills.

Your cooking skill increased, it is now 100

Hi, your new title is ‘God of Cooking’, bye.

Reputation increased

Hope you like the abridged version.

Next, here is the summary of Jesus spending two months with Scholar.

Mr. Scholar.

You are here, kid, let’s study words. You should know that writing characters can strengthen your finger.


Today I will teach you how to write a few characters, watch carefully.

Basically memorize this cursive script with the Chinese equivalent at the bottom. Also, first time I don’t need to translate a wall of texts.

I guess it’s like trying to find the Engrish equivalent of English.

This is the third visit and next time he will test us.

The test is a series of finding the matching character.

We gain bonus finger and calligraphy skill for each correct answer. Since I am so pro at this, I can max this in no ti--


That’s it for today; I need to get some exercise, see you next time.

Your relationship with scholar increased
Your finger skill increased, it is now 28

Screw that, I will study this myself at home instead.

Your calligraphy increased, it is now 100.

Hi, your new title is ‘Flowery Brush”, bye.

Reputation increased

Year Four Early April

Looks like Little Kung and that monk are planning to steal something in White Horse Temple, should I check it out?

1) Go to White Horse Temple
2) Don’t go

Stealing is bad, so we shall go and stop them.

The bird follows Jesus all the way to White Horse Temple.

: White Horse Temple

White Horse Temple, not a monk in sight.

There seems to be some noise within the temple, it must be them!

Jesus decides to peek a bit before jumping in.

Oh hey, it’s the BONG Fa-wang guy that tried to steal the Shaolin’s Yijin Jing.

1) I better stop him.
2) Watch a bit more

Jesus would love to jump in and stop him, but where is Little Kung?

There he is, and he brought Honorable Kung!

I better hide!


You…..cough! Is there something you need for kind-giver Kung to be here?

Nothing much other than wanting to have a look at that sutra you've got there.

Hahahahaha, this book is all about obscure Buddhism insights and it is written in Sanskrit, so I am sure sir Kung won’t be interested in it.

No, I don't think it's about Buddhist esoterica. I'd say it's more a high level chi manual.


Hm, hm, I’ve been suspicious of you from the time you came to us and started teaching my son kung fu. When you asked my son to look for a sutra for you I became certain you were up to something.

You told me it was a personal grudge against the monks, but I never thought so.

Hurr hurr, so what? This book is written in Sanskrit, you two would never understand it, so what’s the use?

Although you never speak or write Sanskrit in front of us, you do use it with your servant. While I don’t have much talent, I am gifted as far as picking up languages, and so you gave it up just by talking to your servant, hahahah!

Hmph! Who would had thought the heroic and admirable Honorable Kung is such a schemer!

Oh hoho, Honorable Kung is not honorable. What are the odds?

Hahahahaha, thank you, thank you, too bad it’s a bit too late for you to notice.

Hmph! If you want the sutra, then you'll have to pry it out of my cold dead hands!

1) Help the Kung family
2) Help the monk
3) Watch the show

I would love to let you vote, but they all end up the same and besides, come on, he's Jesus. Let's get our salvation on.

Kung buddy, I will give you a hand.

The fight is already on going when Jesus joins in, and Honorable Kung decides to step back and watch this sudden development.


All your battle stats increased

DAMN IT! *escapes*

You won't get away!

Thanks for the help Jesus, but why are you here at White Horse Temple?

1) Lie
2) Tell the truth

Jesus never lies when he doesn’t need to.

I saw you and that monk walk into the temple, so I came along too and decided to help when it got violent.

In that case….you know about the Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters?


Then you are interested in this sutra too?

Nah. This is your item now, I won’t want it.

Good move Jesus, letting the good guys get stronger is better than it falling into the hands of evil.

Hahaha, Jesus buddy is a great friend. I will take my leave, good bye.


Little Kung makes a sneak attack at Jesus, but Jesus manages to dodge it in time.

Little Kung buddy, you…what are you doing!?

You might not want it, but there are a lot of nosy people in Jiangwu. So just to be safe – the fewer people who know about this, the better. All I can say is sorry.




All your battle stats increased
Your relationship with Little Kung decreased

Obtained the Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters

Curses! Jesus I will NOT forget this! *leaves*

I didn’t think the Kung father and son would be so iniquitous, I better be careful in the future.

Well, at least Jesus got himself another chi manual.

Please hold, alms-giver.

Gah! It’s the sleepy looking monk from Shaolin Temple!

….is there something the great monk requires?

Actually I saw everything…the Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters is a chi manual for White Horse Temple only. Master Spiritual is on a journey, but Shaolin Temple and White Horse Temple spring from the same root so I am asking on his behalf for you to return the sutra. The Shaolin and White Horse Temples would be grateful for your act of protecting the book.

This…this book is the property of White Horse Temple, I only came here to stop the thieves. Since that's taken care of, I will now return it.

Alms-giver is very benevolent, truly the joy of Wulin. Master Flawless indeed has a good eye for students.

Your reputation increased

Hmm, I managed to stop the Kung family and Fa-wang’s plan, and protected White Horse Temple’s treasure, Sutra of Forty-Two Chapter.

Back to learning calligraphy from Scholar with our 100 skill in calligraphy.

Mr. Scholar.

Hohoho, you are here, kid.

I’m here to learn calligraphy technique from you again.

I have nothing left to teach you, the rest will be you finding your own unique style in the future. Keep up the good work, I expect a lot from you.

Thanks for all the teaching and instructions, I won’t disappoint you.

Excellent, I am going to exercise again, you take care.

Yes, and take care.

Jesus is running out of teachers, guess we will go visit…

Year Four Early May, Dragon Boat Festival

Chinese New Year/Cerebration

May fifth, Dragon Boat Festival, Jesus boy, it’s time for you to cook for us again.

Yes, master, I will go prepare.

Jesus, master chef of ancient china. Any of the 100 mastery recipes will do as long as it isn’t last year’s selection.

Hmmm…..hmmmm….. it's so good I don't know what to say! You should become a chef instead!

Third school brother, your food is amazing; we're lucky to have you around!

Thanks for all your praise!

Your relationship with moon increased
Your relationship with Master Flawless increased
Your relationship with Thorn increased

Now that we’ve got Moon to 100 relationship, it’s time to pay him a visit.

Senior school brother, you are training?

Yeah, how about we have a practice and brawl a bit?

1) Sure, please give me guidance
2) I have something to do, and will seek your guidance next time instead.

Out of respect, Jesus lets Moon win the battle, just like the battle with Thorn.

Senior school brother is amazing.

Your kung fu is getting better too; work harder and you could beat me!

Thanks you for the motivation.

Then that’s it for today, we will spar again later.

Sure, I will join in anytime.

Now for a ½ chances of Moon teaching us a feat.

School brother, your attacks seem to be leaving you open a bit.

Please enlighten me.

Just like the first technique, if your fist can be a bit more steady and heavy, like this…………………..then while attacking, you will be able to protect yourself, then use the second technique………….do you understand?

Thanks for the guidance, it really opened my eyes.

It’s nothing, the bystander can see things clearly, and thus I gave the suggestion. We will stop here today, let’s fight again next time.

Sure, I will join in anytime.

You learned a new feat, Strength Discharge Protection

Year Four Early June

Jesus boy.


I have received an invitation to the celebration of Wudang's master's fiftieth birthday. Many sects from Wulin will be represented there, but I have my own things to do so I thought I'd send you in my stead. Any objections?

I will never dare to refuse your orders.

Hehehe, good, (sometime it’s not bad to use the master’s privilege!) Then you should go now, deal with it accordingly, and whatever you do don’t shame Carefree Valley’s name.

Yes master.

The Bird follows Jesus to Wudang Sect.

Editor: Could you remind us what Wudang is?

The Wudang Sect is a fictional Chinese martial arts sect featured in several works of wuxia fiction. It is one of the most famous and highly-recognised orthodox and righteous sects in the jianghu. Its home base is in the Wudang Mountains. Wudang and Shaolin are often hailed by pugilists in the jianghu as the leaders of all orthodox sects.

Its members are mostly Taoist priests who practise Taoism apart from martial arts. However, unlike the Buddhist monks from Shaolin, they are allowed to marry and have children.

Music: Wudang Mountain

Reputation checks….success! If your reputation is low, this guy would just ask who are you and let you in.

Everyone is here; I may as well hear what they have to say.

Avoiding Honorable Kung and anyone he doesn’t know.

I heard that this is not just a regular birthday as the master will also decide on the next successor.

Old Honest acquitted himself well in that battle with the cultists of Heavenly Capital Peak not too long ago, so he’s probably the successor.

What time is it? I am so hungry.

Judging on character, Old Honest is the best choice.

Amitabha, alive is alive, dead is dead, nor shall joy, nor shall suffer. Gain is gain, lost is lost, nor should will, nor should wish, Sadhu Sadhu.

…..(what is he saying?)

Hehehe, I wonder who will be the person to get the seat of master, how exciting. Out of all these years of birthday parties, this one will be his most meaningful.

Whoever it is, I will view it with joy.

Strange, why haven't I see Swordman Just and Old Honest anywhere?

Then the master panda Clean Man of Wudang sect and his wife appear.

The celebration will begin soon, please be patient.

Thanks you all for your patience, and thank you all for coming. To get so much respect in my old age is proof that I didn’t fail being the master. Today is my fiftieth birthday as you all know, but I will also use this chance to announce a big decision…….where are those two?

That…I think I saw them not too long ago….where have they gone to?

All the sudden, this woman speeds into the party.

Clean Man! Return my student!

Editor: Clean Man?
Author: Yes.

Ah! You….you’re Easy Orchard!

Hmph! So you still remember me!

You….weren't you in Heavenly Mountain? Wh-why are you here?

Ask your wonderful student! Where is my little Weave? Where has your student hidden her? Hurry and bring her out or I will take down this Wudang temple!

I’m sure you are mistaken, ma’am. Our Wudang students are always lawful, everyone here can attest to that. Yet you suddenly come here out of nowhere, ignoring the guests and yelling at the host, aren't you ashamed?

It’s your student who harassed my student first, why should I be polite!? If I can’t find her today, I won’t leave!


Then the camera pans to the little house.



Easy Orchard then tele-jumps in front of Honorable Kung.


Then Clean Man tele-jumped in front of the monk.

Noise: What happened?
Noise: What’s going on?

I better go in and check it out…..

Whoa, this doesn’t look good.

Little Weave!


What is this!?


Master! I saw second school brother sneaking around into this room, so I followed along, and I saw second school brother doing despicable things! That’s a major shame to Wudang, master!

I-I am innocent! I-I didn’t do anything!!

Little Weave! What happened!?

I…I don’t know…ye-yesterday night…someone dropped me, when I woke up….is like this….wahhhhh….

I-I really didn’t do anything…

You still dare to deny it! I saw it with my own eyes how you stared at her with your dirty eyes. I have long suspected you were planning something, but I didn’t think you would do something like this!

Clean Man! What a wonderful student that you raised! Y-you….Little Weave is your daughter! Wahhhhhh……


Cleaning the floor in autumn morning, holding bag in valentine. Wind blow the long hair, dew wash the weave. I always remembered the love poem you gave me and so I decided to call this child Autumn Weave….


Clean Man is not clean.

This is the repercussion!!!

Easy Orchard is an easy woman.


YOU! YOU GET OUT! Get out of Wudang Mountain! I never want to see you again!



Hahahahaha! Who would have thought the leader of Wudang is such a playboy! Too bad you're also an old idiot who can’t distinguish true and false!

Who’s there!

Everyone tele-jumps out of the room while Jesus decides to stay silent and walk out the room normally, but before that, he heard Little Weave’s whispering…

Master of Wudang is my father? Master is my mother?

At the outside, the gang tries to look for the person who spoke before.

Which brave man is the one who spoke? Since you already spoke up, why don’t you show your face?


It’s a cultist!

I afraid you have come to the wrong place, I don’t recall inviting any cultists as my guest.

I have no interest in your birthday, but the shameful deed your student did was witnessed by me, seeing him scheming to blame the other one, and your horrible judgment, it just made me want to clear things up a little.

What do you mean!?

The bad things you did, you would know better!

Y-you don’t blame it on me! Master, the cultists always try to destroy the order of Wulin. Now he's just using this chance to help my school-brother... I can't bring myself to think that Old Honest might be working with the cultists too…[

[Spit] You manipulative Anthracite! I hate your kind the most, today I will slay you for the sake of Wulin!

Don’t hurt my school brother!

Old Honest! Drop your act already! I, Swordsman Just, will not let this cultist get away with this slander!

1) Just watch
2) Help Swordman Just
3) Help Old Honest

The bird wonders if the cultist is telling the truth? Is Old Honest another naming scheme that means the opposite? Or is this another complex master plan by the cultist? Should Jesus ignore Master Flawless’ order and risk bringing shame to Carefree Valley’s name?

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