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Part 79: Chapter Eighty: Regular Troubles

Script Sent.

Alright, I can finally confirm that the game is set during the Ming Dynasty and around AD 1500 based on the appearance of Tang Bohu (AD 1470–1523).

Part Eighty: Regular Troubles

Jesus left Shaolin Temple to head to the next destination.

A short derail to visit the Swordsmith Manor since they are just a couple dozen miles away.

Music: Swordsmith Manor

They are a sect that focuses on crafting swords and using them.

Along with sword-themed designs and muscular students. That’s what you get after hammering iron for years.

HMPH! You arrogant rotten kid, how dare you make a ruckus in the Swordsmith Manor, you must be very eager to die!

We have orders from the master of Sky Dragon Cult, Naga, to retrieve this sword, so you better give it up now before I have to deal roughly with you.

Sky Dragon Cult and Swordsmith Manor have never been associates, and now you want me to give you my sword merely on your word alone? Hahaha! I think you are insane and dreaming!

Any Noble! The fact that we the Sky Dragon Cult want to use your sword brings glory to you, so don’t throw away such generosity!

Servant! Take this ill-behaved Bagpiper out of here!

I haven’t begun the fight and you already started it! Fine, I won’t hold back!

Sword and Saber genius versus the Sword smithing master.

The genius Thorn is not holding back!

Neither is the sword master!

Whoa! Pillar of chi beams up from the master!

Any Noble dual-wields his swords!!!

A deadly drilling attack! But it barely makes a dent to Thorn’s HP bar which is twice as long as Lord Any’s!

Any Noble manages to cut away half of Thorn’s life before he goes down.

Hm! True to the name of the sword, if my blade wasn’t faster, I would definitely be at a disadvantage. Hahaha! Lord Any, I will borrow this sword then!

Or if he is so old as to have only half your life bar.

Second school brother, return the sword this instant!

Hmph, so it is you!! I Bramble Thorn borrow what I want, and will return it when I feel like it, so there’s no need for you to lecture me!

Second school brother, master had a heart attack when he heard about you joining the cultists. You should come back and stop committing crimes!

I said I don’t need your lecture, what don’t you understand! Move aside, don’t get in my way!

Only when you return the sword to the lord, otherwise…

Otherwise what! Want to fight me? You might not have that capability!

Yes, yes he has. You are looking at Wulin’s strongest hero.

Since you are adamant about it, then I have no choice.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what it means to be so strong that you don’t need to take a stance.

Pin down your legs with thousands of needles.

Block your blade with his iron arm.

Burn you into a miniature sun.

Dodge your rapid slashing like falling leaves.

“Wake up already, school brother!”

Now who barely made a dent? Also note that Jesus only has 1000 hp.

All your battle stats increased

You wreckers! How dare you interrupt my great work! Next time you will get it! Let’s go! *leave*

Thank you for your assistance, may I inquire as to your heroic name?

Dad, he is Jesus of Carefree Valley.

So you are young hero Jesus. Thank you for your courageous intervention to retrieve my lost Divine Sword of Nether; otherwise it would have fallen into the hands of cultists with horrid consequences.

Nowadays the cultists in Jianghu are getting more aggressive by the day and they are at the point of threatening all the orthodox sects, so the only plan now is to convene this Wulin Gathering to unite our strength to eliminate the wicked.

Hm, I see, if everyone would go, then I would naturally join in too.

I have other matters to attend to, farewell.

Take care.

Now to go back to the main road and travel southward to Hangzhou.

Music: HangZhou

That’s right; we are going to visit the Beggar Sect.

Headquarter Master Lee, how are you!

Jesus bro! What wind brought you here?

I have business with the chief.

The chief is not in Hangzhou at the moment, so I will be the one to handle all issues, so if there’s anything you need to say, just tell me and I will pass it on to the chief when he returns.

Then I will elaborate. I came here today to invite the chief of the Beggar Sect to the Wulin Gathering on September 9 on Mount Hua.

You want our chief to participate in the Wulin Gathering?

Indeed. Nowadays the cultists in Jianghu are getting more aggressive by the day, and they are at the point of threatening all the orthodox sects, so the only plan now is to convene this Wulin Gathering to unite our strength to eliminate the wicked.

The cultists’ rowdiness is a concern of our chief too, Jesus buddy can be reassured that I will give him the message.

Thank you Headquarter Master Lee… one more thing, I don’t know if I should ask or not…

Don’t stand on ceremony, Jesus buddy.

You all seem to have a troubled expression, maybe there’s some problem?

[Sigh], the truth is, not only are the cultists causing troubles, even the Eastern Agency is joining the chaos! According to our reliable sources, the Eastern Agency joined forces with outsiders with plans to betray the government, and have entered into a coalition with the Manchu people and the Eastern Sea people (Japanese).

Our brothers are discussing how to find the proof of the traitor.

Remember this part of Mission Two where I showed you the removed content that the dev forgot to remove?

Something weird over here…let’s see…ah! A secret passage!

If Jesus had captured the escaping traitor with the proof during mission two, then the Beggar Sect probably won’t have a problem in the final mission. Now back to the unavoidable problem at hand.

These impious Eastern Agency people! Not only are they hurting the loyal patriots, now they are working with outsiders to betray their country!

Moreover, those fangs of the agency who communicate with the outsiders are very careful, so capturing them would be a difficult task.

I see, no wonder you and the chief are so troubled.

[Sigh] If we don’t find the evidence soon, I afraid this land of Great Ming would fall into the hand of outsiders, and the ones who will suffer are the citizens!

Editor’s note: Direct evidence that the game takes place during the Ming Dynasty.

“For nation, for people, the way of Xia.”

Headquarter Master Lee’s spirit has impressed me. Is there anything I can help with?

Editor’s note: The “Xia” here is not a reference to the Xia Dynasty. Instead, it is the Chinese character for “justice” or “chivalry”.

Jesus buddy, please contact us if you find any proof of Eastern Agency’s betrayal.

This I will do, farewell.

Farewell, Jesus buddy.

Actually, the nation can wait, but the world of Wulin cannot!

The Heavenly Capital Mount is actually the place where the Young Hero Tournament is hosted, so it’s pretty empty now.

At the southern end of the map is the land of Miao.

Jesus wonders if it’s alright to invite a cult.

Sir Jesus, why the sudden visit?

Marry me I’m traveling around to prepare for the Wulin Gathering.

Wulin Gathering? You mean the thing you Central Plain people arbitrarily host that talks about great plans, but all they really want is to be elected as the Wulin Mengzhu to take control of every hero? We Miao people will not participate in such things.

Editor’s note: “Meng” means “Alliance, and “Zhu” means “Chief” or “Leader”. “Mengzhu” means “Chief of the Alliance”.


Ah yes, it pains me to see you all exhausted like that, so please drink this bottle of our Miao people’s medical liquor that could provide some help for you.

Thanks, Azure.

All your battle stats increased
Your poison skill increased, it is 35

Although Jesus doesn’t use poison kung fu, the skill also acts as poison resistance, so it’s awesome.

Sir Jesus, please visit me often.

Nope, Jesus will be busy for the rest of the month.

Now back to traveling and passing the Sea Shark Gang’s territory.

Not like Jesus has to deal with those pirates and some of their removed content in this route.

Next stop, Wudang sect. Let’s hope this won’t be another mess that we h--

Another day passed, I should take a rest.

Aww already? Alright then, good night Jesus.

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