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Part 80: Chapter Eighty-One: Painful Troubles

Part Eighty-One: Painful Troubles

August 2:
The bird believes the message of the gathering to be spreading pretty well, but it seems like most of the big players have some crippling problem that prevents them from attending.

Music: Wudang Mountain

And then they come back to escort Jesus to their master.

I am Jesus of Carefree Valley, here to visit master Zhuo.
Clean Man’s last name. I wonder if anyone will call him by that anymore.

Ah, so it is young hero of Carefree Valley, welcome, welcome!
Soak in 700 reputation points worth of respect and fear.

Is master Zhuo within the sect?

Young hero has come at a bad time, our master was bedridden by sickness and he’s currently resting in his room, in no condition to be visited. If you young hero have any inquiry, I can report to him in your stead.

It’s about the Wulin Gathering.

Wulin Gathering?

Indeed. Nowadays the cultists in Jianghu are getting more aggressive by the day, and they are at the point of threatening all the orthodox sects, so the only plan now is to convene this Wulin Gathering to unite our strength to eliminate the wicked.

Then the participants of the gathering will include…?

As long as they can help against the forces of the cultists, then anyone big , small, , man, or woman are welcome.

Then it also includes Heavenly Mount Sect.

I had heard that Heavenly Mount Sect’s master Penultimate is a fair and just person. Although the sect is far above the peak of the Heavenly Mount, I am sure he would be willing to contribute.

HAHAHA! What a nice FAIR and JUST person! As long as Wulin Gathering includes Heavenly Mount Sect, then there will be no Wudang Sect!

Sir! That…

You know why our Master is bedridden!?

I am all ears for the details.

It is Penultimate’s people that poisoned him!

His portrait expression is making this conversation very hard to swallow.

What! Sir, you shouldn’t say that without any proof, this is no joking matter!

I am sure it is that shameless scum who did it.

Why would Penultimate want to poison Master Zhou?

[Sigh]…it is the grudges from previous generations, not something that can be told in a short time…

What kind of poison afflicts Master Zhou?

We already invited many doctors to check it, but we still don’t know what kind of poison it is.

How is his condition, can I go check up on him? I do have some medical knowledge that might be of help.

If Jesus Medical skill is too low to diagnose it, he will have to run all the way back to carefree valley to get Medicine God (who is attending Master Flawless) to figure out this poison.

In that case, then please come with me.

He is Jesus of Carefree Valley. Young hero Jesus has some medical skill, so I brought him to diagnose our school brother.

Please proceed, young hero Jesus.

Thank goodness they forgot it was Jesus who took away Old Honest.

Alright, let me check your pulse. Hm…Master Zhou seems to be afflicted by a kind of heart invading poison. Such poison travels slowly, so there won’t be any danger to his life for a while, but it would greatly damage his organs. Even after curing it, he would need a long time to recover his inner strength.

Then that means the poison has a cure!

There is a cure, but…

But what?

This poison is uncommon, not something a normal person can concoct, so I suspect it’s the work of Doctor Weird.

Doctor Weird? We have no grudge with him, so why would he poison us?

This I don’t know.

It must have been ordered by Penultimate!

School brother, don’t say any more! Young hero Jesus, do you know how to cure this heart invading poison?

To cure such heart invading poison would require three medical ingredients: first the Golden Winged Bird’s Blood, second is the Fire Phoenix, and third is the rare Strange Catfish.

Since we know the ingredients, then school brother, hurry and send someone to buy them!

Ma’am, it is not that simple, I only saw these medicines in a book, so I don’t have full confidence of finding them all.

Th-then what can we do!

Young hero Jesus, the Fire Phoenix you mentioned seems to be the name of a flower, but I am not sure about the other two.

(Flower…I better go back to Carefree Valley to ask Flower Elder, maybe he will know something) Saving him takes priority; I will go look around and try to find these ingredients.

Thank you for your work, we will also send our students to look for it.

For curing Master Zhou’s ailment and pushing back the forces of evil, I will do my best, farewell.

Legend has it the Fire Phoenix is a fiery red flower that takes twenty to thirty years to blossom, but I am not sure if that’s fact or not.

Great…finding these ingredients will probably take forever.

Let’s make another detour to visit the local forest, we might find the ingredients there.

Looks like someone’s over there.

May I ask who you are and why do you like solitude in this forest?

Who am I? I am Doctor Weird. Kid, come here and test my poison…

Test poison? Why would I want to test your poison?

This is the rule! Anyone who visits Doctor Weird’s residence must test my poison!

What crappy rule is this!?

You are wrong, this has a deeper meaning. Think about every new medical discovery of every era, they all required lots of sacrifice in exchange, but when humankind enjoys the fruit of labor, they all forget all these sacrifices’ contributions.

So to let people ‘think of the source when they drink water’, to understand the pain of the guinea pig, you want people to test poison?


What kind of logic is this!?

It’s my twisted logic.

More like illogical! [Sigh] Blame my bad luck! Fine I will take it!

Music: Poison Training

Welcome to poison training mini game, these green color stuff will invade the heart, and if you fail it defend it, then Jesus will have huge stats points drop at about 40 points EACH on four categories.

How is it?

I am fine.

……..strange, did I mess up on the ratio?

I can leave then?

You can go.

Your poison skill increased. It is now 38

If we talk to him again

Kid, my poison can only be tested once a day, otherwise your body won’t be able to handle it.

Returning to the main road and off we go to Chengdu.

Music: Chengdu

Good old Chengdu, way too many talkative locals and so many wondrous foods.

On the way, a new face Jesus has never seen before.

Hey kid! Need some wood?

No thanks.

Ugh…Tang Family…but we need all the help we can get.


Young one Jesus of Carefree Valley greets thee Master Tang.

You need me for something?

It’s about a Wulin Gathering at Mount Hua on September 9.

Wulin Gathering?

Indeed. Nowadays the cultists in Jianghu are getting more aggressive by the day, and they are at the point of threatening all the orthodox sects, so the only plan now is to convene this Wulin Gathering to unite our strength to eliminate the wicked.

Is that so, sure, I understand.

Please come to participate.

On his way out, Jesus notices a kid playing with something.

You can do it, Big Red!

(What’s this kid doing?)

Don’t surrender Little Red, squeeze harder!

Young man…what are you doing…

I am training red worms!

(Training red worms!? This year really has all sorts of weird things) Why are you training red worms?

I am training them to prepare them to fight with Little Fortune’s red worm!

Red worm battle! (My lord!)

Yeah, you don’t even know about red worms, how sheltered are you?

….(got teased by a little kid...)

[Growl] I got hungry from playing so much, if only I had a veggie bun to eat.

In fact we do, Jesus brought a veggie bun from two years ago for the beggar who would only accept a meat bun.

Ah! I smell veggie bun. Big brother, how about I give you all of my red worms in exchange for the veggie bun?

Alright, two years old veggie bun for you, red worm for me.

Red worms are sold at limited stock in store and it’s the only bait to fish Red Carp, not like we need to fish that much anymore, but maybe the Weird Catfish will need it.

Kay, I will change it with you and enjoy it at home.

We never see this kid again.

The dialogue for Absolute Saber is the exactly same as Heavenly Sword, so I will skip ahead.

This is the Beast King Manor, outsiders are not allowed.

Sir, is your lord at home?

What do you want with our Lord Million?

I want to ask about the location of Golden Winged Bird.

Kid, I am the lord, you are?

I am Jesus of Carefree Valley, nice meeting you.

You are looking for the Golden Winged Bird?

Yes sir, if Lord Million knows of its location, please tell me.

There’s lots of legends about the Golden Winged Bird. Some say they saw it at the peak of Heavenly Mount and some saw it at the southeastern snow field.

Then which…

Then my father mentioned the homeland of the Golden Winged Bird is in the desert.


And he said that the bird is huge, moving at incredible speed, very hard meat and tough skin, and with a very feral personality. Capturing it would be a difficult task!

Then I better ask for assistance.

Not so, more people would make things worse. In fact, according to father’s word, a normal bow won’t be able to capture it; you need the legendary Condor Shooting Bow.

Where do I find this bow?

Father said the bow is not easy to make and the recipe is long lost, so I don’t know where to find it.

In that case, thank you Lord Million, goodbye.

Let’s go in, children.


We have everything except Golden Winged Bird.

Next the Hundred Herbs Sect just because we are getting desperately low on participants.

No one in sight except this goon.

Young master has left to the outer boundary to collect rare herbs.

Next stop, the Green Fortress Sect.

Young hero Jesus, what a rare guest, is there something you need at Green Fortress Sect?

I come today to notify you of the Wulin Gathering at Mount Hua on September 9.

Wulin Gathering!

Yes sir. This gathering is for us to discuss plans to repel the Sky Dragon Cult to protect the peace of Wulin, so please participate.

If it’s about the cult, then I will definitely come; I will bring people of my sect to September 9 Wulin Gathering.

Thank you for your support, my work here is done, but I have other business to attend to, so I will take my leave!

Farewell, young hero Jesus.

If Jesus didn’t help him and let his school brother win, then there will be an enemy that oppose you at the gathering instead.

Now we go to inform the masters in the cave.

We need to take a boat from the other side of Leshan to get to Leshan and run through all those stairs to reach the cave.

Hahaha! Scum, hero, no matter which it is, you’re all going to die today!

Old head Shang! I blame my luck to have fallen into your hands. If you want to kill me then make it quick!

Quite gutsy for a nun of Emei Sect, fine! I will grant your wish!

Emei sect is basically an all nun sect.
Editor: Wait, those are women?
Author: They cover up their feminine.

Master Shang, the saying goes: “A good man won’t fight with a woman”, especially with a faithful vegetarian nun.

Dad, it’s Jesus of Carefree Valley!

Haha! Kid, there is a road to heaven but you chose hell instead.

Master Shang, a Buddhist saying goes: “.A fault confessed is half redressed”, if you would release these nuns, I am sure Buddha won’t judge you harshly.

Kid, you are far too young to lecture me!

Jesus, you still don’t know you are going to die?

Hehe! Let’s see who has the last say.

Hehe! I will put my bets on Wulin number one.

Let’s get rid of this oily tongue Gobbledygooks!

Jesus and moon double posing!

Embodiment of Wukong!

Double slam down!

And finish!

All your battle stat increased

Rotten kid! You may have won this time, but next time we won’t let you off so easily!

I dare you not to run! No need to wait for next time, let’s go again!

Young hero Jesus, they are already far away.

Hmph, they sure run fast! Where’s all their bluster now?

Thank you for rescuing us, old nun me is very grateful. I heard your last name is Je, but what is your great name…

I am Jesus of Carefree Valley!

So it is Master Flawless’ wonderful student, looks like Jianghu has another young hero.

That’s too much for me, ma’am. Why would Bagua Sect stir up trouble with the Emei Sect?

It pisses me off just recalling it! Yi Ran, you retell it to young hero Jesus.

Yes, master. It all started three months ago, Bagua Sect Heming Shang suddenly came to your Golden Top Temple and proposed marriage to one of your school sisters…

Engagement? Nuns can marry?

We nuns obviously won’t engage in marriage. Since we are people who gave up our past life, I declined, and with that Heming Shang started causing a ruckus and cursing loudly at us and said we are looking down on Bagua Sect.

That sounds like troublemaking!

Then they visited a couple more times, each with a different reason to cause troubles at our Emei Sect. Our master lost her cool and accidently harmed the student of Bagua Sect…

This caused the killing intent of Bagua Sect?


In my point of view, things might not be that simple.

Young hero Jesus, not only you, but I have the same thought. About half a year ago, I heard Bagua Sect and Tang Family were fanning the flame of Simon Black and Marquist Summer, planning to break down the already divided Heavenly Sword and Absolute Saber Sect. So it shows that Bagua Sect already plans to destroy the peace of Wulin.

So these two sects are already working with Sky Dragon Cult!

That’s a possibility.

Ah, since you are here, I would like to inform you of one thing.

What is it young hero Jesus? Please say.

It’s about a Wulin Gathering on September 9 on Mount Hua to discuss a plan to repel the cultists, so please participate.

Very well, when I am back at Golden Top Temple, I will inform master of such news and we, Emei Sect, will fully cooperate!

Thank you ma’am!

Yi Ren, those Bagua people might still be around, let’s go back to the temple first.

Yes, master!

Take care on the way!

See you at the Wulin Gathering, young hero Jesus.

Now to cross the river to reach the cave.

Buddha Viewing Pavilion, nice place to look at the giant Buddha.

Aww come on, I have to go all the way down?

This is literally like climbing two mountains to reach that cave!

Finally reach the base level, and Jesus realizes that he probably could have just jumped straight down instead.

Finally, a fisherman! Now to ask him to take us across the river!

Sir, I would like to cross the river, can you give me a ride?

[Sigh] I am not in the mood to work, if I can’t provide those red craps, I am doomed.

How so?

You wouldn’t understand, kid. Lately, the emperor has fallen in love with eating red carp, so all the local governors who wanted to bribe their upper officials would order each of us to provide twenty red carp, otherwise we lose our heads, so you tell me where to find those rare twenty red carp.


Twenty Red Carps…
Twenty Red Carps…
Twenty Red Carps…
Twenty Red Carps…
Twenty Red Carps…
Twenty Red Carps…
Twenty Red Carps…

 Potential Avatar of the Noon
 Twenty red carps? It must be
          Penultimate’s doing!