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Part 83: Chapter Eighty-Three: Strongest Beasts of Sea and Air

Part Eighty-Three: Strongest Beasts of Sea and Air

August 4
The bird organizes his thoughts and summarizes the current situation.

Music: Gambling House

It seems that almost every small power sect has agreed to join Jesus in the Wulin Gathering while most of the major powers are having issues that make them unable to participate.

Now that Jesus has learned how to use sword and saber, let’s review the weapons that he has and ignore those starter weak weapons found in the shop.


Bone Ruler Sword, brought from Swallow, it can cause poison on hit.

Hypnotize Sword, ¼ chance to cause sleeping status that would make the enemy lose two turns.

Taiyi Sword, gifted by Moon. Good damage.


Tai Saber, gifted by Moon. Good damage.

Alright, time to visit Luoyang again for information on the antidote ingredients.

Music: City of Luoyang

The local fishermen might know something about the Weird Catfish.

There is a really small time event in the beginning mission where this guy asks Jesus if he can cure his leg, but Jesus always said no. (Last I checked with Jesus having 70 medical skill before the event closed)

My guess is that this is another removed content where this fisherman would have paid back something related to fishing in this mission, maybe something like twenty red carps.

I heard a strange thing is happening to Dukang Village’s pond, everyone been discussing it, but I can tell you it is a single Weird Catfish that is causing the problem, because I encountered one in my youth.

Next is hunter Lee’s house. We know about the Golden Winged Bird from Lord Million, but we need to know where to get one of those Peng Shooting Bows.

Hunter bro!

Something you need? I don’t gamble anymore!

I don’t know what would happen if we didn’t save him from the gambling problem since I always do.

Hunter bro, I didn’t come here to talk about your gambling, I just wanted to ask if you know about the Peng Shooting Bow?

Peng Shooting Bow! Of course I know, this bow is tough and stable, easy to control, especially effective against birds in the sky.

Do you know where I can buy it?

I don’t know where to buy this kind of bow, but if you can find the ingredients of the bow, then I can make it for you.


What ingredients does the Peng Bow need?

One is the special wood that has soft but flexible properties known as Nine Curve Wood, and the extremely tough silk known as Heaven larvae Silk.

Nine Curve Wood and Heaven Larvae Silk!

Jiangnan area is rich in silk production, so you might be able to find the Heaven Larvae Silk there while Nine Curve Wood is a type of rare wood that can only be found in the Northwestern area.

Thank you hunter bro, I will take my leave.

Time to fish that Strange Catfish, which is part of the ingredient for the cure, out of Dukang Village’s pond!

Sir, if you are here to drink our pure Dukang brew, then please come back in a few days as the whole village is out of stock.

Out of stock! Such a big village and not a single Dukang liquor! Such a strange event!

About half a year ago, the village water quality suddenly became very corrupted. Due to the lack of clean water, we have lost our ability to brew pure Dukang Liquor.

I see.

Jesus spots a suspicious looking person overlooking the pond.

Kid, you from out of town?


Then can I tell you something that you must not mention to others?

What is it? Tell me about it.

A night from a few days ago, I threw a rotten wrecked snake gallbladder into the pond, and saw something strange jump out of the water, and it scared me so much that I fell down into a pile of dog poop.

Editor: I love this whole sentence.

You want me to not mention about falling into a pile of dog poop?

No! About throwing the snake gallbladder into the pond!

You can count on me; I will keep it a secret.

That makes me feel better, I always want to tell people about it, but don’t want them to think that I was the person who corrupted the pond. Thank you, outsider.

Just a small thing, no problem!

That reminds me to make you eat all those leftover gallbladders, but I guess we can use it as bait for the fish.

Here goes nothing! Let Jesus show you the result of catching twenty red carps!

Aha, caught you little rascal…

Haha! You are nothing compared to twenty red carps!

…Ignore the fact that I barely made it with zero seconds left and I used nine snake gallbladders to finally catch one.

Obtained Strange Catfish
Look at this asshole! Laughing with his strange mouth at us!

Next Jesus visit Doctor Weird again to train his poison skill.

Oh, kid, it’s you…come come come, test my poison again…

It’s a great training for poison resistance, so Jesus decides to visit everyday until he is immune to poison.

Your poison skill increased, it is now 41

Back to Chengdu since there’s someone who asked Jesus if he need wood before.

Hey kid! Need some wood?

Sir, do you have Nine Curve Wood?

You are lucky, kid! I chopped lots of wood from the north side of the forest and happened to find this rare wood…

Great, I want! I want! How much is it?

This type of wood is very precious and rare, so it will cost 20000 silvers.

1) Fine, I will buy it!
2) So expensive, no deal!

Unfortunately we have no choice in this matter, so good bye money.

Lost 20000 silvers

Obtain Nine Curve Wood

You know what’s the second most expensive thing in the game? Some antique that costs less that this branch of wood.

Next, running all the way to Hangzhou to find this silk worm breeder lady to get the string for the bow.

Sir, you are breathing hard, is there something you need from me?

I want to ask if you have Heaven Larvae Silk?

Heaven Larvae Silk! I do indeed…but…

But what…!? Is it money? I have! I have! How much you need?

If it’s another 20000 silvers, then Jesus will have to nuke the local forest for cash.

It’s not a problem of money, you must know what Heaven larvae is an extremely rare thing, and the silk they spit out is priceless, so I usually don’t sell it.

No sale!? Please, do it for this one, please!

I said no means no!

Please! This is a matter of life and death!

What! So serious! You’d better not be lying!

I am not lying!

You are pleading pitifully, looks like you mean it, but the Heavenly Larvae Silk is really expensive…


How about this, I heard Hangzhou poet Tang Bahu’s actual writings are also very hard to get, so get me one of his actual hand written works in exchange for this Heavenly Larvae Silk.

Alright! Deal!

Oh we already got a fan with his signature from saving Tang Bahu from the bandit, so let’s give it to her now. Pretty sure the umbrella with the signature from mission two also works.

What is it this time?

Look closely, this is Tang Bahu’s actual signature!

Hmm…this isn’t a fake is it?

More real than real! No! It’s definitely the real handwriting of Tang Bahu, I, Jesus of Carefree Valley never lie!

Fine, I will believe you! Take it, this is the Heavenly Larvae Silk that you need.

Wonderful, thank you!

Obtained Heavenly Larvae Silk

August 5
Collecting the bow ingredients alone sure took forever, but the fruit of the labor will be paid off as Jesus rushes back to Luoyang.

Hunter bro, I brought the Heavenly Larvae and Nine Curve Wood.

Hmm…good, I will make this Peng Bow now….Done! A great success! The bow you want is completed!

Thank you, thank you! I’d better find the Golden Winged Bird. Good bye Hunter bro!

Obtain Peng Shooting Bow

This is not a bow! It is a crossbow!

Edit: It actually work more like a Repeating Crossbow

The feeding ramp is polished to a mirror sheen. The slide's been reinforced. And the interlock with the frame is tightened for added precision. The iron sight system is original, too. The thumb safety is extended to make it easier on the finger. A long-type trigger with non-slip grooves. A ring hammer... The base of the trigger guard's been filed down for a higher grip. And not only that, nearly every part of this bow has been expertly crafted and customized. - Solid Snake

This means war!!!!!

Music: Desert

Excellent, this is a great battleground between man and beast!

Isn’t that right? Golden Winged Bird.

The blue bar is the birds’ life, if Jesus can’t hit all the circle spot in time, the bird will retaliate. (New patch makes it easier though, you don’t need to hit all spots and just need to take it down to like half its life)

Rapid fire with auto reload action = mouse click and fire without delay.

Aren’t you sir Sky Wing?

It’s you! Why did you shoot my Golden Winged Bird!?

I didn’t know it was raised by you, so…

Luckily you missed and didn’t kill my bird; otherwise I would take your life! Now give me back my bird!

B-but I need this bird’s blood to save someone.

Save who? Who dares to drink my Golden Winged Bird’s blood!

It's Wudang Sect master Zhuo who is afflicted by a heart invading poison that requires Golden Winged Bird’s blood to cure.

Hahaha! That stubborn old crook deserves it!


Am I wrong! He didn’t even investigate the situation and only looked at things on the surface and made judgments based on it, people like him have no right to live in this world!

The person is…?

Were you in the gathering at Wudang?

Yes, I was there. What about it?

Then you should know about Old Honest being expelled.

That I know, Old Honest buddy was suspected of scheming an inappropriate thing to Lady Weave, so he was expelled from Wudang Sect.

Not just suspected, they are convinced that he is. Yet, all these are all planned by that Just person, all to steal the seat of master!

You mean all this is a setup and Swordsman Just made this to harm Old Honest buddy!? How do you know this sir?

The night before the gathering, my Golden Winged Bird happened to fly over the Wudang Mountain, so I followed it, but suddenly I saw a shadow sneakily moving around, so I followed it. What I found is that Just person holding a woman in his arm and sneaking into that Honest person’s room…

That lady is Lady Weave!

Exactly! The rest you should know, I don’t need to explain the rest.


You tell me if such person deserves to live or not? Why waste the blood of my Golden Winged Bird.

If it’s as you said, then it is all a setup by Swordsman Just, which is more reason to cure his poison so we can reveal such a scheme to let master Zhuo understand his error.

Do whatever you like! Just give me back my bird!

Before returning, I would wish to get a few drops of the bird’s blood.

[Sigh] You are just as stubborn as me when I was young. Fine, take it!

Thank you sir, here’s your Golden Winged Bird.

Come boy, let’s go!

Thanks again sir!

Obtained Great Peng Golden Winged Bird’s Blood

  Potential Strange Fish of the Night
  Thanks for the gallbladders!