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Part 84: Chapter Eighty-Four: Law of Hero

Part Eighty-Four: Law of Hero

The sun has fallen by the time Jesus returns from the desert, so he decides to stay at Luoyang for the rest of the night.

Still having some time left to spend; Jesus recalls Chi Li mention something about an underground tournament.

Lately there’s a new challenger that has appeared in the underground tournament known as Un-Relinquish. He’s very strong, I heard he comes from Shaolin Temple and his punching is much better than old man Chi's. Let me tell you this, I’ve been betting on him these few days and I am winning non-stop! Hahaha!

Oh, if you want to see his match, he shows up every four days or so.

So that means he appears on day 1, 5, 9, and so on. Today just happens to be the fifth, so let's talk to the host.

Sir, you guys have an underground arena?

Indeed, it is our gambling establishment’s newest facility, with fights every day. On odd numbered days we will have single battles, while even numbered days will be team battles. Winners will not only earn some cash, their reputation in Jiangwu will increase. So do you want to give it a try?

1) Sure, I will give it a try!
2) Maybe next time.

First you must gamble with us and win consecutively five times to be eligible to participate.

Alright, bring it!

Since Jesus maxed his hearing ability, he will know the result of the dice in the cup, and since the Law of Probability cannot contradict Jesus’ certainty, so whatever Jesus chooses will be the result.

Congratulations sir! How the hell did you get ‘Big’ 1000 times in a row? You are eligible to participate! All you need to do is come here at night, and we will set you up for a match. Remember, an odd numbered day are single battles and even numbered days are team battle.
Now just happens to be night time, so let’s do this!

Sir, would you like to participate in today’s match?

1) Yes I would!
2) I have something to do, maybe next time.

Ha! You really are hiding in here!

Jesus decides to crush his ding-dong disable him so hard that Un-Relinquish would burst into flames and have no recollection of this fight.

All your battle stat increased
Your reputation increased, it is now 771

August 6
The bird estimates that baldy won’t be able to stand for the next three days.

Better go inform Un-Real about his brother’s whereabouts.

Master Un-Real, I have news of Un-Relinquish!

Really!? Hurry! Bring me to him!

Too bad we have to wait three more days for him to appear again, so let’s move on to search for the last antidote ingredient, Fire Phoenix!

Running across the map for hours, Jesus manages to reach the hidden home of Sword Saint.

Who are you kid! Why have you intruded upon the Sword Dwelling!?

Wonderful, this is the Sword Dwelling! I need to meet with Sir Sword Saint.

Past as Sword Saint, present as Flower Saint. You need something from me?

You are Sir Sword Saint!

Do not mention Sword Saint again!

Editor: If you are so touchy, why still call the place Sword Dwelling?

Ye-yes…Sir Flower Saint. I am here to ask for one thing.

What is it?

Fire Phoenix.

Hahaha! You want my Fire Phoenix!? Ha! Do you know I spent thirty years to finally grow this plant, and you expect me to give it to you just like that? Hahaha! You are too naïve, youngster.

Swor-no, Flower Saint! I need Fire Phoenix to save the life of Wudang Sect Master Zhuo!

I have retired from Jiangwu and live in solitude, now all I care about is flowers, and everything else means nothing to me!

Looks like it would be impossible to convince him, but fortunately Jesus is an awesome speaker.

Who would have thought a self declared lover of flowers would say something like this!

What did you say!?

A flower is beautiful because of its meaning of life.

And just what is the meaning of life of a flower?

If a flower is just for viewing, then it only presents the meaning of its outer appearance, but that’s only one part of life, so if it can’t release the beauty from within itself, then it’s just a dead flower.

Kid, I am surprised to see a youngster that have such philosophical insight into flowers.

Not at all. I still wish for Sir Flower Saint to let me borrow this flower.

Since you understand this flower, as the saying goes: “All talk and no action.” My garden has a flower, and I am not sure why it’s looking so dreadful, but if you can revive it, then Fire Phoenix is yours.


I will not take back my words!

Fine, I will give it a try!

Yep, looking at the dry ground, this one needs water.

And so, Jesus gives life to the earth.

Hmm, caring for a flower should follow a set time period, so I will come at morning and night to take care of it.

The next few days, Jesus will come to care for the flower at morning or night if he can make it and I will skip reporting about it.

Since the Sword Dwelling is close to Leshan, Jesus goes back to the cave to help out.

Kid, want to train with us?

1) Sure, please go easy on me.

For the next two days, Jesus repeats the tasks of caring the flower at morning and dawn while training with the masters in-between.

Each battle with the masters takes one time unit, and with the addition of gardening time, Jesus can train about 3-5 times per day (6-10 hours) depending on how fast he runs all the way back to the cave.

Soon after the start of battle, the masters realize that Jesus is very powerful and they go all out but their attacks are easily dodged.

Jesus decides to start training his sword skill first and just tries poking around with the Hypno Sword to buy him some time.

After a while, Jesus figures out how to apply chi to the sword.

Making it bigger and flashier.

The battle is basically just these three standing in one place exchanging slashes.

All your battle stat increased
Your mastery of Carefree Sword Style is 100
Your sword skill increased, it is now 37
Your saber skill increased, it is now 5

There’s a 1 point sword and saber skill boost at the end of the battle.

August 7
Jesus mastered his sword style yesterday and proceeds to his saber style today.

Just like yesterday, Jesus clumsily swings his saber to get feel for it. The two masters look on awkwardly.

Then they go all out again because they know Jesus will get RAPIDLY stronger within hours, and to Jesus surprise, they were able to land a clean hit on him today!

This will not stand! FLAME ON!

Marquis Summer getting chopped up like a fish.

While Simon Black has to suffer the blood pinked slashes.

All your battle stat increased
Your mastery of Carefree Saber Style is 100
Your sword skill increased, it is now 42
Your saber skill increased, it is now 36

August 8
Jesus surpassed these two masters in the way of sword and saber, so he becomes the tutor instead.

Here we have Jesus demonstrating how to fake an exposed back for a surprise sword trick.

Then Jesus displays the proper amount of force needed to cleave a boulder with the saber.

All your battle stats increased
Your sword skill increased, it is now 51
Your saber skill increased, it is now 51

Note: Training complete when Jesus’ Sword skill + Saber skill + Base I.Q. = 200

Ah! Yes! Just like that, the sect founder wanted us to use sword to cover the weakness of saber and vice versa, complimenting with each other in offense and defense to reach the ultimate state of explosive fusion of power!

Yeah! We finally grasp it! We finally grasp it!

All thanks to you for practicing with us and leading us to discover of the secret of “Saber and Sword as One, Infinite Potential”.

Congratulation to you both on your success!

August 25 is getting close, we should hurry back to our sect and pass on the concept to our students.

Alright, let’s go! See you next time, kid!

Your reputation increased, it is now 821

That’s it for Leshan, everything here has been resolved, so Jesus go to says good bye to the giant Buddha.

Good bye Buddha, things will be much quieter without us chopping each other around your head.

Note: There’s NPC recruitment for Jesus’ party on the final mission. They scattered around Wulin for Jesus to recruit if they have good relation (100) or completed some quest.

Since I didn’t know it require 100 relationships, Jesus' party will be pretty small, but that’s also mean less characters slowing down the battles.

Note 2: Plot important or busy NPC like Azure can’t join Jesus.

August 9
Remember tonight is when Un-Relinquish will visits the underground arena again.

After spending a night and the next morning caring for the flower at Sword Dwelling, Jesus moves on to try and find the lost sutra from Shaolin Temple.

According to what Jesus find in the chest of the Fawang monks (the one with women’s undergarments), they seem to have lost the book sometime around their purchase of a Dragon Well Tea.

The famous place to get Dragon Well Tea is from Hangzhou so Jesus travels to ask the local tea gatherer about it.

Sir, are you busy!?

Youngster, if you want to buy tea then go to the teahouse in the city, we don’t sell it here.

I’m not here to purchase tea, sir, but to ask for some information.

Ask for information? What is it, say it already! I am busy picking tea here!

Have you seen this tea box before?

This tea…? Hmm….course I’ve seen it, some weird looking monk kept demanding me to sell it.

A weird looking monk?

It sure pisses me off thinking about it! I told them I don’t sell the tea leaves, but they seem not to understand what I said and became very adamant about buying from me, so I just grabbed a used box and filled it with tea leaves to send them away!

Then did you hear anything about a sutra or something?

Didn’t hear anything about sutra, but they did ask where they can buy a shovel.


Yeah, this year sure has a lot of weird things and people; they don’t even know where to purchase a shovel! Youngster, I need to work now, no more chitchat!

Only the general store sells shovels.

Sir, what do you want to purchase?

Sir, you sell shovels here?

Of course!

Then do you remember a foreign monk who came and bought a shovel from you?

A monk?

He’s very tall and doesn’t look like a person from Central Plain.

Oh…Ya! Ya! Ya! I remember, there indeed was indeed such a purchase. That monk sure was odd looking…

Did he say anything?

I think something about burying a book or something.

Book! Where did they bury it!?

They spoke in a weird tone so I couldn’t hear it clearly. Something like the back of the forest at the Dragon Pell Villy near the furner where the boo is.

Boo near the furner, Dragon Pell Billy back forest, what kind of place is that!

Then they bought a shovel complaining non-stop all the way out…

Sir, you remember anything else?

Nah, that’s all!

Thanks a lot sir!

Alright, first step is going to the back forest area of Dragon Well Village.

“Furner” probably mean Furnace, so between the shop and the back of the forest is this spot with a bush that might be the “boo” part. So let’s try digging around here.

Actually, screw it, Jesus just ask the local moles to dig and find it for him. Thanks mole!

The first sutra is found, the second one should be with Un-Relinquish.

And it is noon by the time Jesus returns to Luoyang.

With time to spare, Jesus checks to see if the Heavenly Sword Sect is doing well.

It seems Simon Black got back safely.

I, Simon Black will definitely be there at the Wulin Gathering on September 9!

With the combined forces of Heavenly Sword and Absolute Saber along with the rediscovered teachings of our founder, we have no fear of the Sky Dragon Cult!

Alright, now we wait at the gambling house until dawn for the tournament to begin…...or Jesus could gamble until nightfall.

Behold, we are witnessing an extreme rare occurrence of the dice ignoring Jesus’ Law of Betting all on a Big and Win, which the dice resulted three times in small out of fifty-three times. Those dice later self destructed due to violating the fundamental natural law of Jesus Always Wins.

Sir, would you like to participate in today match?

1) Yes I would!

Un-Relinquish! Un-Relinquish! Hurry and return the sutra and come with me back to Shaolin Temple!

Brother! Why did you come!

Why did I come!? I am here to bring you back to Shaolin Temple! Un-Relinquish, don’t make your mistake any worse!

Yeah! It’s all my mistakes! Ever since we were young, you were always better than me in everything, even being a monk, your comprehension of Buddhism is better than mine.

Un-Relinquish, don’t fall any further, give me the sutra and I will plead to the abbot to forgive you for your sudden clouded judgment.

HAHAHAHAHA……! Stop dreaming, I have almost comprehended all the high level kung fu within this sutra, and I don’t need to care about abbot or whatever when I master this kung fu, Hahaha…….!

Un-Relinquish! If you keep spewing such things, then don’t blame big brother here for treating you badly!

HAHAHA….! You might not be able to handle me!

We shall see about that! En Garde!

Then the battle room suddenly becomes larger than it was…

And we get to watch two monks brawling with each other.

It was a really close battle, Un-Real only won by getting the first strike to finish Un-Relinquish.

Your reputation increased, it is now 826

AHHHH….! Why is this! Heaven are unfair!

Un-Relinquish, don’t blame anyone for your loss, let’s go.


Congratulations to master Un-Real for taking care of this vil—this monk.

I want to thank you for your help too, if there’s anytime in the future that you need me, just come to Shaolin Temple.

I shall give my thanks in advance!

Un- Relinquish, let’s go! Alms-giver Jesus, farewell!

Take care, master Un-Real!

Actually, Jesus is going to Shaolin too.

Amitabha! Alms-giver Jesus, thank you for finding school uncle Un-Relinquish and the lost sutra.

It’s time to return the other book to the Abbot.

Abbot, is this the sutra that Shaolin Temple lost?

AH! Lankavatara! It is Lankavatara! Yes, this is indeed the lost sutra of Shaolin Temple, where did you find this?

I got it from those monks of the Western Region…

[Sigh] It’s my oversight that let those foreign monks scam it away!


Indeed! Those foreign monks asked to look at the book and they used some sort of trickery to switch it with a fake, and by the time we discovered it, they were gone.

Nothing good comes from the Western Region.

Amitabha! Let me give you my thanks, alms-giver.

No need to be formal, Abbot, this is what we all should do, and all the sects should help each other.

Then I will thank you in place of Shaolin.

So the Wulin Gathering I mentioned…

As a member of Wulin, any problem in Jiangwu is Shaolin's problem, we will be there on September 9 Wulin Gathering at Mount Hua!

With that declaration, I am sure we can destroy the cultists once and for all!

Amitabha! Sadhu! Sadhu!

I have something else to do, farewell.

Take care, alms-giver.

Your reputation increased, it is now 926

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