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Part 85: Chapter Eighty-Five: Journey of Heroes

Good news! I loaded a save of a previous month to get a couple of relationships to 100 at the cost of losing some valuable treasures. So Jesus can now invite some people to the party!

I also want to point out how insanely long end-game Bramble Thorn‘s HP bar is. Thank god for diarrhea poison.

Part Eighty-Five: Journey of Heroes

Since the sky is getting dark, Jesus and Moon decide to spend the night in Shaolin Temple, and this provides Jesus with the opportunity to catch up on Journey to the West.

During the their journey to the west, Wukong and Xuanzang came to Gao village and found that a daughter of the village elder had been kidnapped and the abductor left a note demanding marriage by a half human half pig demon, Bajie. In some versions of the story Bajie has convinced the elder to allow him to marry the daughter based on his ability to do large amounts of hard work due to his prodigious strength. The elder recants when he discovers that although Zhu Bajie manages to do quite a lot of work in the fields, he manages to eat so much that the farm is losing money anyway.

After some investigations, Wukong found out that Bajie was the "villain" behind this. Bajie fought with Wukong, but ended the fight when he learned that Wukong was a disciple of Xuanzang, and that he had also been recruited by Guanyin to join their pilgrimage and make atonements for his past sins.

Jesus buddy, thank you for resolving this great crisis of Shaolin. If there’s any way I can help you, please give the word.

1) Invite to party
2) Nothing

When Wukong’s party reached the Flowing-Sand River, they were attacked.

By Shā Wùjìng, Like Zhu Bajie, he was originally a general in Heaven who caused some problem and was punished for it. In his case, he was reincarnated as a terrible man-eating sand demon. Every day, he was punished by seven flying swords sent from heaven that would stab him in the chest before flying off. As a result, he had to live in the river to avoid the punishment.

Later, Guanyin, the Bodhisattva of compassion, and her disciple Prince Moksa came searching for powerful bodyguards in preparation for Xuanzang's journey west. She recruited Wujing in exchange for some relief to his suffering.

Something you need, Jesus buddy?

1) Invite to party

On their way, they encountered a sea dragon (Third son of the Dragon King of the West Sea) that accidentally devoured the white horse of Sanzang and went into hiding.

With the help of the local Earth Guardian, Wukong was able to track him down.

Sir, my mom told me not to draw on the wall, but why can a beggar draw a chopstick thing on the wall?

School brother, this wall has a strange marking!

I heard when there’s something big happening in Beggar Sect, they will use this chopstick symbol to point to the location of a gathering. We should take a look around and maybe we will find their local gathering spot.

The tip of the chopstick is pointing northwest!

Hunger comes with food, Honor comes with you!

Principality bare as cloud, use reason instead of association!

Aren’t you Jesus buddy!? What are you doing here?

So Yao buddy is here too, these two are…?

Grievous Yao! Is this person your friend?

It is, Headquarter Master. This is my friend Jesus from Carefree Valley.

Jesus buddy, this person is Zhuāng Filial, Luoyang Headquarter Master of Beggar Sect.

Nice to meet you, Headquarter Master Zhuāng,

Carefree Valley always stands and lives by the way of righteousness. However, Bramble Thorn’s defection to the Sky Dragon Cult might have shaken your sect’s reputation.

What a shame! To think that such news has already spread to Jiangwu.

What does young hero Jesus come to ask of us?

I won’t dare to inquire anything; I just heard that Beggar Sect always uses chopstick markings to gather in an emergency, so I got curious and followed the signs here to see what’s happening.

Jesus buddy, we are gathering here to find proof of treason by Eastern Agency’s Eunuch Cheng!

Grievous Yao! You spoke too much!

Headquarter Master, Jesus is not an outsider, telling him is fine!

Headquarter Master Zhuāng, actually I already know about the Eastern Agency’s alliance with outsiders; I heard it from Hangzhou Headquarter Master Lee.

You know Lee!?

Yes, we met a couple of times.

That would be best! Then I won’t treat you as an outsider anymore. That third Imperial Prince of Manchu already arrived at the Chengdu government building and will be in contact with the goons of Eunuch Cheng. We must intercept them before they get into the city and take the token that can let you sneak into the government building. We will meet the third Imperial Prince and obtain the proof of the traitorous exchange...

Headquarter Master; our brothers have discovered some activity. According to the report, Eunuch Cheng’s men will arrive here within a few days at night time.

Well done, let’s split up and don’t let them get away! We will camp around the city, and we must intercept the goons of Eastern Agency.

Note: There’s no time limit for intercepting the goons, so we can do it later.

Jesus buddy, I will join with your group.

Alright, we will walk around outside of the city to see if we can spot the goons of Eastern Agency.

Thanks to the help of the local Earth Guardian and deities, the sea dragon is later converted and uses his shapeshifting power to become the new mount of Sanzang.

Is there something you need?

Note: She auto join on the event where Jesus ask Lord Million about the Golden Bird.

1) Invite to party

After a long journey of one hundred and eight thousand miles, Xuanzang reached the Western Region with the help of his disciples, and each of their past sins were atoned for.

And they finally obtained the sacred sutra.
Now go get the book and read the remaining 95% of the stuff that I skipped.

Hmm…brilliant! Kid, you are indeed special!


Take it! This is the Fire Phoenix that you need.

Ah! Wonderful! Thank you sir! Thank you!

Obtained Fire Phoenix

I hope you will use this flower well and let its beauty shine.

Yes sir, I will take my leave then!

Alright, I will also go on a trip.

Note: This took 8-9 attempts to revive the flower, but If Jesus can complete this by August 5, which means Jesus has to deal with this the first day and not miss any chance to care for the flower for the next four days, then Sword Saint would give Jesus a strong sword and teach him the strongest sword kung fu.

Rushing back to Wudang, all three ingredients have been collected.

Ma’am, the ingredients for the antidote have been gathered!

Then may young hero Jesus hurry and make the antidote!

Alright, I will do that now.

The bird watched a game script error happen, and Medicine God brewed the antidote instead.

It’s brewed, hurry and drink this!


Clean man! Clean man!

Cough…cough…school sister…cough…

Clean man! You finally awaken…

Ma’am, it seems master Zhou’s poison is not an issue anymore, he just needs to take more rest and will recover within a few days.

All thanks to you young hero Jesus’ help, that our master can be saved. When he is fully recovered, I will tell him about the news of the Wulin Gathering and I am sure he will fully support it!

I give my thanks.

Is us who must thank you. How about staying at Wudang for a couple of days, and let us be your host to thank you properly.

No thanks, I have something else to attend to, maybe next time when I am free, good bye.

If it is so, then I won’t force it, please take care young hero.

Now to run back to Hangzhou and patrol the area for the goons.

After patrolling for two hours straight, there doesn’t seem to be any one in sight for miles, so Jesus calls it a day and goes to a local motel.

August 9:
The bird didn’t see anyone either, except the well hidden beggars, you can never cover their smells.

Upon stepping out of the motel, the local children recognize the nice sir who traded stuff with them in the past and their conversation leads to one significant piece of information.

Big brother, I spotted a weird lady who is always wearing a veil hanging around the broken temple.

That sounds like Little Weave who the master of Heavenly Mount Sect needs to find. Let’s go in!

Hands off me! You scum!

I’ve been thinking about you ever since we last met.

You shameless scum!

Hahaha! Little Weave, no matter what you say, today you will not fly away from my palm.

Note: A reference to Wukong who could not escape Buddha’s palm.


Hahaha! It’s useless even if you yell until you burst your throat! Old Honest was already expelled by that idiotic old fool, no one will come to save you. Hmph! That rotten kid probably didn’t even know about what’s going on.

Wh-what did you say!? So sir Honest was framed by you!?

It’s what he gets for being nosy and daring to interfere in my business. Hmph! In the end he got his due.

You vandal! I won’t let you get your way, AH….!

Calm down Little Weave, you will become my woman eventually, so let us get to know each other better first. Don’t be afraid, I will treat you well.


Y-you dare to commit suicide! Curses! No, I better escape or else I would be caught up in it.

The bird watches Swordsman Just escape through the roof.

Ah! Mameluke, that Just guy got away! I better check how she’s doing!


Lady Weave is still breathing, I should take her back to the valley first.

Back at Carefree Valley, Jesus settles her down on Thorn’s bed.


Lady Weave, this is Carefree Valley, you can rest assured that we’ll treat your wound here and we will talk about it when you recover.

[Sigh] ….why did you save me, just let me die…

Lady Weave, does that mean you want that vile person to get away with it?

H-how did you know…

I saw everything. That Swordsman Just is too despicable.

Imagine how awkward it was for Jesus, Moon, Vacant Truth, Wintry Sword, Grievous Yao, and Tracey standing right there at the front door watching the drama silently.

Don’t mention him! I don’t want to hear his name!

Please calm down, Lady Weave. This scum of Jiangwu, shame of Wulin, must be revealed to the world and let him suffer the harshest punishment.


Okay! Okay! I won’t say anymore. Lady Weave, you should stay here and recover, I won’t bother you.

Jesus ponder how to approach this problem, and remembered that Wudang is going to elect a new master, so he’d better go stop Swordsman Just from being elected.

To Wudang main hall!

Everyone listen: I am getting old, and after this poisoning affair, my body is not what it used to be. I have lost my will to command the sect, so today I am going to announce the successor to the seat of master.

Who will be the next master?

I think Just brother has a chance.

I really hoped it was Honest brother who would be the next master. [Sigh] I wonder where he could be at now.

Everyone be quiet……I decide to pass on my position to the youngest that is superior both in kung fu and character, Swordsman Just.

OBJECTION Hold it, master Zhou!

Young hero Jesus! You are just in time, I was about to announce our Wudang Sect’s new master…

Master Zhou, please listen to what I have to say, succession can be discussed later.

Why do you say that, young hero Jesus?

I was informed that the person who poisoned you might be from this very sect!



How can that be!

Kid, you better not go mouthing off like that!


This person not only poisoned his master, but also schemed against Old Honest. I saw it with my own eyes - this Hooligan tried to rape lady Weave of Heavenly Mount Sect…

Jesus! You better have proof for your accusation and don’t wildly accuse good people!

Swordsman Just! You know what you did. On the day of master Zhou’s birthday, you took the unconscious lady Weave into Old Honest’s room and set it up to look like Honest buddy was acting inappropriately. You used everyone there as witnesses to accuse Honest buddy to get him expelled as part of your scheme to get your hands on the seat of master!

Haha! Jesus, you sure are babbling it out so naturally! Why don’t you also talk about how I planned to rape lady Weave!

I will say it!

You…! You are not dead…!

Lady Weave, why are you here!

Swordsman Just! Today I will expose that ugly face of yours and reveal your true self!

Master, don’t listen to her; this woman’s word can’t be trusted!

Swordsman Just, you see this?

EH! My jade amulet! Why was it…

Why was it with me, right!? I pulled it off when you were too distracted trying to rape me in the temple!

You lie! Master, don’t listen to her lies!

Just! So it was all your schemes!

Master! Don’t believe her! She’s trying to have revenge on me!

Master? That day you called him an idiotic old fool! And said whoever gets in your way will suffer!

You…you freshwater swabs! I will make sure you never open that mouth again!

Be careful lady Weave!

Yeah! We won’t be satisfied without ending this in your ass getting kicked!

Chop, burn, and strike. Repent for your sin!

All your battle stats increased

[Sigh] I am such a fool…to be-

True to the saying “know their face but not their heart”, I even wrongly accused Penultimate of Heavenly Mount Sect.

Young hero Jesus, thanks for your interception otherwise I would have made a grave mistake.

You should thank lady Weave, without her here that vile Just might have continued to do what he likes.

Dear Weave…you have endured much…


[Sigh] You should stay at Wudang Mountain for now, we will talk about it when you are recovered.

Master Zhou, I think everything here is settled, so I will take my leave.

Young hero, Wudang will be there on time at the Wulin Gathering.

Thank you for your support, farewell.

Your reputation increased, it is now 999

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