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Part 87: Chapter Eighty-Seven: Anguish of Heroes

Part Eighty-Seven: Anguish of Heroes

Day 30:
The bird watches Jesus feeling depressed for the last couple of days for failing to prevent the death of his friends and the destruction of two sects.

Music: Desert

School brother, it’s only a few more days until the Wulin Gathering, let’s go ask master if he has any other arrangements.

Yes, master!

Yes, I shall take my leave!

Day 31: Jesus’ room

Yes, school brother.

Day 40:
The day of Wulin Gathering.

Seems like the game glitches on me and Simon West and Nix Summer are resurrected and looks like both sects didn’t get destroyed. Let’s pretend only their fathers survived.

Amitabha! Fellow Wulin Heroes, today we all gathered here to evaluate the outrageous actions of Sky Dragon Cult, as they have critically threatened the safety of various Wulin sects. To prevent us from repeating the event where sects were broke and weakened due to the battles against the cultists from ten years ago, or worst, the destruction of a sect , I suggest we pick a day and invade Sky Dragon Cult with a preemptive attack!

Yeah! Beat them in surprise!

Great! Make them crap their pants!

Yeah! Well said, abbot!

Vile cultists deserve to be smitten!

As you can see, some of the unused NPC portraits are dumped into this final event.

Everyone please be quiet…I have another proposal!

Everyone be silent, abbot has something else to say!

Since everyone agrees on the plan to attack the cultists, we would need a Wulin Mengzhu
(alliance leader of the Wulin) to unite all sects and lead us to remove the vile cultist.


ED: This guy loves his elections.

I believe the greatly admired abbot would be the most suitable candidate.

I am too old, my stamina and energy is not as good as the youngsters, and I’m sure lots of heroes here are better candidates than me.

I elect Wudang Sect’s master Clean Man.

Hmph! Then I Heavenly Mount elect Beggar Sect’s master Dragon.

I elect Guan of Long Rainbow Agency.

Swordsmith Manor’s Lord Any might not be bad.

I elect the heroic Honorable Kung.

No, no, no, there are a couple of people here who are wiser than me, I won’t dare to take up such heavy responsibility.

Heavenly Sword Sect will elect young hero Jesus of the Carefree Valley.

(Young hero Jesus! That’s me!)

Jesus of Carefree Valley!?

Indeed. I, Marquise Summer also feel that young hero Jesus has the ability and charisma to lead us against Sky Dragon Cult!

(School brother is getting so much praise!)

Wulin Mengzhu is not child’s play, how can we let such a youngster take on the responsibility? The Tang Family also prefers Heroic Kung as the proper candidate.

Why can’t you become Mengzhu just because you are young? Long time ago sir Little Shrimp also become Mengzhu at a young age.

That’s true.

I still think is better for Honorable Kung to do it.

So what are we going to do? We haven’t attack the cultist yet and we are already debating like this.

Since everyone has so many opinions, I suggest using the old rule of deciding with kung fu. Candidate will be those who are elected just now, does everyone accept this?

Great, this idea is good, let’s do this.

Fine is fine, but I suggest letting the youngster fight first since they are young and full of energy, just think of it as a way of respecting the elderly. So let Jesus of Carefree Valley fight first.

Totally setting Jesus up for a harder fight.

Go for it, school brother.

Jesus is still feeling down and sad about failing to save his friends and protect them, so he feels that he doesn’t deserve to be the leader and lets Flying Tang defeat him. (Took like 50+ turns and mountains of needles)

Last battle is decided, I was lucky to have won so I will accept the position then. Regarding the invading Sky Dragon Cult, I believe it’s a big problem that should be solves quickly…

What day would Mengzhu wish to operate?

I think since we all are here, how about we all go there now!


Sir Kung, is there objection?

I think attacking Sky Dragon Cult now would need a more detailed planning and not rush into mistake! In fact…COUGH….COUGH…..

GAHHHAAAA! There are explosives under us!

Over half the heroes are dead

Haha, Success! Friend sof Sky Dragon Cult, you all can come out now.

WHAT!!! Honorable Kung, you guys cohort with the evil cult to hurt our Central Plain Wulin people!?

What evil cult, the Sky Dragon Cult is stronger by the day and none of you ants can defeat it.

Hahaha!! Well said. Listen up; you so called orthodox sects better surrender to Sky Dragon Cult otherwise death awaits you.

You demons, I would rather die than surrender!

…and so a really long and big battle begins. Jesus can win the whole thing by himself with half-alive heroes, but seeing all these deaths that he feels he could had prevented really demotivated him…

…and ultimately, Jesus died.

Jesus respawning in 3…2…1…

WOAH!!! What a horrible dream. It’s like a premonition or maybe it’s that side effect of the poison from Dr Strange. Oh yeah, what’s today’s date?

Day 25 of August

Not going to miss this again! To Heavenly Swords Sect!

Simon Black, be good and swallow this Pill of Loyalty and join Sky Dragon Cult.

Note: Pill of Loyalty (Actual name: For My Lone Life Pill) is a poison that must periodically intake antidote from your boss or you will die from the poison.

Enough talk, let’s do this!

Sir, let me assist you!

First strike at the surprised cultist!

These cultists are strong!

But our swords (and whip) are stronger than your poison!

All your battle stats increased

Your ratty kung fu sure has gotten better, but when Naga arrives, you will know the wrath of Sky Dragon Cult. Let’s go!

Thank you for the help.

Jesus then runs like 90 MPH to the Absolute Saber Sect at the other side of Central Plain.

Hope we are in time!

Marquise Summer, be good and swallow this Pill of Loyalty and surrender to Sky Dragon Cult.

Enough talk, let’s do this!

Sir, let me assist you!

The four sins, a vile woman and Guardian Yaksha!? They deserve the diarrhea poison treatment.

Jesus’ poison skill is so high that these poison resisting cultists can’t stop it.

Friendly fire is unavoidable when Jesus can easily dodge a chi-powered rocket kick.

ED: Have we ever met her in an event?

Author: Nope, she’s one of the hundreds of NPC that never get the chance to show up.

Yaksha poison spear attack is still very taunting friendly fire. The Lust guy at the top barely got hit by it.

Looks like mister gambling is unlucky today with the full body of burning alcohol. Lust guy running to hide at the corner.

Lust guy almost got hit by the poison spear again.

He literally is running back and forth away from Yaksha’s line of fire. Oh, the irony of him running away from a woman.

ED: though way back at the character recap, he mentioned ‘not even I, Lust, would touch her. Consistency.

Moon decides to end his suffering by blowing him up.

Yaksha is the only one who can survive the onslaught of Jesus’ team attack. Too bad her party is filled with idiots.

All your battle stats increased

Your ratty kung fu sure has gotten better, but when Naga arrives, you will know the wrath of Sky Dragon Cult. Let’s go!

Thank you for the help.

Now that both sects are safe, Jesus is worried about the evil Honorable Kung dream, so he’s running back to Luoyang.

Eh, those looks like goons of Sky Dragon Cult sneaking around, let’s take them down.


All your battle stats increased

Eh? This person has a secret letter with him.

School brother; let me read it’s contens. Maybe it is something important.

… this the opposite of foreshadowing?

This...…sure a vile plan!!! This letter looks like someone writting to Sky Dragon Cult leader Naga, reminding him that he will do his duty and not to forget his promise.

What’s his duty?

Naga tells this person to bury explosive under Mount Hua to blow all the Wulin participants into smattering.

Crab-apples! To do such a thing, but who could it be?

Is not named in the letter.

Then what should we do?

Since those Sky Dragon Cults’s goons came out of Luoyang, then it should be someone from Luoyang, and I estimate its Simon Black, Headmaster Guan, or Honorable Kung.

All three are possible, but who?

Music: Luoyang

We need to investigate more, but we also can’t alert them.

Investigate them somehow without alerting them? Maybe gathering some information about the candidate might help.

To the White Horse Temple!

Amitabha, White Horse Temple require repairs, would alms-giver willing to donate some money?

1) Sure, I will donate some
2) Nah

You lost 1000 Silvers

Alms-giver are very kind, please sign your name here.

Sign name?

Yes, anyone who donates will be asked to sign their name.

This gives Jesus an idea, time to talk to him again.

Alms-giver is a kind person.

Master, how it’s the rebuilding funds going?

[Sigh] Little donations are going strong, but large donations are rare, so it’s not yet successful.

Hmm, I see! Ah yes, I remember a very charitable person, he will surely donate a lot, let me help you collect the fund.

That would be wonderful.

The well-known heroic faking charitable person is obviously Honorable Kung.

Oh, the Bagua Sect people are here too. All of them just “HMPH!” at Jesus with a pissed off face.

Of course the sect master of Bagua Sect would be here too. Let’s talk to him first.

Pardon my rudeness the other day, sir. Please come to the Wulin Gathering nonetheless.
The day where Jesus kicked his whole sect’s ass to save the nuns from Emei Sect.


Now to talk to Honorable Kung.

You must be tired from all the traveling for the Wulin Gathering.

Sir Kung, I have a request.

What would it be? If it something I can do, please say so.

Is about the fund for rebuilding White Horse Temple, I hope the charitable Kung would lend a hand.

So it’s this, no problem, I will help.

Thank you heroic Kung, please sign your name here and I will go tell the master about it.


I will thank you in the stead of humanity.

Back to report on his success.

Master, heroic Kung has promised to donate to rebuild White Horse Temple.

Wonderful, thank you for your help.

Unfortunately the donation trick won't work on the other two, so Jesus would need something else to get the other two’s handwriting.

Guess we can get some information from the local gossiper.

Sir, do you know that headmaster Guan of the Long Rainbow Agency loves the calligraphy of Wang Xizhi.

Since Jesus gifted one of the Wang Xizhi’s treasure writing to his friend, he will have to ask for one from Scholar.

Sir Scholar, can I borrow one of your manuscripts? Any one from Wang Xizhi will do, it’s for an important purpose.

Alright, I will loan you this Script of Far Official.

Obtain Script of Far Official.

Now to show this to headmaster Guan. Also we can replace a party member with Great Guan here.

It must be tiring to travel so much for the Wulin Gathering.

I heard that you love the calligraphy of Wang Xizhi and I happen to obtain one of the scripts, so can you identify this for me?

Really, sure, let me have a look at it.

Hours of reading and drooling on a national treasure later…

Indeed, this is indeed the writing of Wang Xizhi. Son, bring me my brush, seeing this script makes my hand itching to write something.

Hours of writing furiously later…

Hmm, done.

Rumor on Jiangwu was correct, headmaster Guan not only good in Long Rainbow Saver Style, you can even write a fine script. I have a request, may I have this script of yours?

Hm, keep it if you like.

Thank you headmaster Guan.

Lastly, to dig up some info about Simon Black.

Second School brother, do you know that the lady at the Buddhist Merchandise Store was actually admired by our master at his youth?


Absolutely, master had even written love letter to her.

Did what you two just said is true? Where can I find that love letter?

Where it is? Obviously is at the lady at the Buddhist Merchandise Store.

And here we are, at the Buddhist Merchandise Store.

Ma’am, I heard the neighbor mention that you were dazzling at your youth and charmed the world.

It’s all in the past, no need to bring it up.

I also heard that master Simon is one of the many who admired you and even wrote you a love letter, is it true?

That did happen.

Can I have a look at the letter?

Hmm, since it’s such a long time ago, I guess there’s no harm.

Thank you, ma’am.

Back at Jesus’ room at Carefree Valley, the most secure place that won’t alert anyone.

School brother, all three handwritings are gathered, let’s see whose handwriting matches.


This is Honorable Kung’s writing….
Honorable Kung
This is Guan Long Rainbow’s writing…Guan Long Rainbow
This is Simon Black’s writing…Simon Black

This is secret letter’s writing…on Mount Hua setting up explosives; participate will be blown to pieces…

So it was Honorable Kung, who would had thought that heroic Honorable Kung would join up with Sky Dragon Cult?

This person’s ambition is too big, a little heroic title is not enough to satisfy him.

Then what should we do?

This is a big issue, we should be careful; I suggest we reveal the truth at the Wulin Gathering right before he can make a move so we will catch him with the evidence.

Alright, we will do that.

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