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Part 91: Chapter Ninety-One: Contrast

Part Ninety-One: Contrast

Oh, you are awake.

…where am I?

You are here at Carefree Valley……just rest for a few days.

The next day, Moon came to offer his medicine.

…Hmm…hmm, I made a medicine, maybe it will help with your condition, if you are willing to take it, and it will really make me feel better.

1) Accept
2) Declines

Drink it; you can’t get any worse than you are now.

(You are right.)

>>80% chances of good result…success!

Hmm…I feel much better, Moon buddy’s medicine are effective, next time I will get some more!

Your energy increased
Your relationship with moon increased

Yes, drugs make you strong. I can recommend you some powerful stuff when we find a vendor.

How strong would it make me?

Well, the last time I took it, I could backhand a bear off a mountain.

Wow that’s amazing!

Yeah…and then I lost half of my hair the next day and veins popped out of my skull permanently. It’s still worth it though.

Hmm….umm…maybe next time.

During this period of recovery, Christ impressed Master Flawless with his basic knowledge of Music, Chess, and his willingness to listen to him grumping about flowers. So it was no surprise when Christ asked to become a student and Flawless’ answer was…

Very well, I will accept you.

Thus began the new life of Christ and his fellow ghost buddy…

Working like a slave…

Learning the basic of human health…

Meeting the asshole school brother…

Sucking up to Master during Chinese New Year…

…to finally begin the training regiment.

Boy, this sure is not worth all the trouble.

It’s alright; you can’t expect master to give his strongest kung fu to me for free.

[Sigh] This regiment sucks; let me show you how a real man trains!

Keeping eyes open for hours!

Warning: Keeping eyes open for hours will make your eyes worse.

Staring at the sun for hours!

Warning: Looking at the sun directly will cause permanent blindness within minutes.

I-I think my eyes got worse…I give up…

Pff…obviously you are too weak. I only lost one eye when I got through the whole training!

Not long after, Master Flawless come to offer two sets of kung fu to choose from.

Carefree Hazy Kick and Carefree Saber.

Now you are talking. Kicking ass and chopping behinds!

So I guess we should…

Nah, real man hone their Kung fu in actual battle, and these Kung fu are too weak to worth our time. Let’s just chill.

Removed Event!

Christ buddy!

Moon buddy!

Christ buddy is looking well.

Yeah, it’s all thanks to Master Flawless…

Today weather is great, would you like to have a stroll with me?

Sure! I haven’t been outside for a while; I’m so bored, let’s go!

Your relationship with Moon increased

Wow~~~~ beautiful flowers…


I’ll pick some for master…

Hey! Don’t touch my flowers!

Ah! My bad, I didn’t know you grew those flowers.

Flowers are for viewing, not picking.


The flowers you grow are very pretty.

Indeed, is there a secret to such beauty?

Hurr hurr, of course. Growing flowers is a philosophical process! Not only the selection of seed, growing season, water ratio, earth quality, sunlight, other environment factors, and especially the feelings of flower!

Flower’s feelings?

Flowers have feelings?

Of course! If the flower is happy every day, then it will grow better.

Then how do you make the flower happy?

Sing a song.

Sing a song?

Yep! Like this…cough…cough…hurr hurr, let me clear my throat….cough…alright, I will now sing!


…… (This flower is still alive…miracle!)


…I guess we should leave…

Good idea!


Your gardening skill increased

Next day, Dark Mysterious comes to visit.

I told you he’s not here……

……but it is quite unexpected that he ended up taking you in as a student!

The one who poisoned me is… my school uncle!

1) Ask him to teach you kung Fu.
2) Turn him away.

This is your chance! Ask him to teach you kung fu!

(But! He…)

Just do it! Don’t you remember how long it took for you to recover from that poison?

Beard, leave this to me; don’t worry.

Eh, why did you send him away?

You misunderstood, school uncle. I am just really impressed by your poison kung fu, and since my poor Kung fu is going nowhere, if I can learn one tenth of school uncle’s techniques, then I’m sure I can dominate Wulin!

Hahaha, didn’t Flawless teach you any kung fu?

He does, but not as powerful as school uncle’s poison, I am filled with envy!

Hahahaha, really? Fine, I will teach you some poison kung fu! However, my kung fu requires you to be able to resist poison to be trainable, so you should stroll at the forest and let some poisonous thing bite at you, but I won’t guarantee that your life will be safe.

Next time I come, I will teach you a kung fu if your poison skill reaches 10.

Yes, school uncle!

Your moral decreased, it is now 46

Later that day…

Hey Beard, anything happen today?

Master, today Dark mysterious come for you, but after the third young master contentedly chatted with him, he left the valley laughing!

Hm….such a thing happened…!

Your relationship with Master Flawless decreased.

Few more days of jogging in circle on a jar…

Jesus, boy. From today on, you are allowed to leave the valley and do whatever you like, but please don’t cause trouble or make any enemies!

Thanks master, I will be careful not to start any trouble.

Alright! Let’s visit the beard guy! He said he would teach us weapon smithing!

Shouldn’t we focus on kung fu first?

Nonsense, those weak kung fu won’t take you far, but a sharp Saber will!

The bird watches as Christ spends lots of time on learning the art of blacksmithing and gotten lots of recipes.

Most of them are available in shops and the new one is only slightly stronger.

You have learned all I know about blacksmithing, now the rest are for you to discover. As a farewell gift to your apprenticeship, here’s a blueprint of my latest work.

There’s a 50% chance beard will give a very high strength sword or this Light-Devouring Saber that has the ability to drain your enemy’s health in battle and transfer them to you.

Christ immediately forges this badass weapon.

Wuahahahah! With this Saber, we shall rule the world! Let’s go out and give it a swing!

Maybe we can find a bear to test this on!

Eh? An apple tree! Such a pretty fruit, I better climb up and grab a few.

Hmmmm~~~this apple is great…ah! I dropped it!

Ouch! Who assaulted me with an apple!?

Ah! I’m sorry. My hand slipped. It really was unintentional. Please forgive me.

Hmpf! You think saying sorry is enough? Come down here, knee down and knock your head on the ground a few times to plead for my forgiveness!

1) Plead for forgiveness
2) Don’t plead

What? Hell no! Demanding us to apologize on all four is insulting! Let’s beat him up!


No buts! We shall test our new weapon on this fat monk!

Hey! A monk should be forgiving! Buddha will punish you.

You dog! You dare to curse me?!

This is what Christ remembers before he’s temporarily blacked out from that punch.

Gahhh! (Damn, I have no choice, time to use my ultimate technique) Behold! My ultimate technique!




The bird watches Christ outrun the fatty monk.

Phew, finally escaped…damn monk, next time I will get him! Ouch! My body hurts so much!

Injured!!! Need to rest 3 turns…

Hmm….we just got unlucky and met a really tough guy.

After a couple days of recovery, Moon visited to ask for another stroll to the forest.

Save me….the bear is going to eat me…

Christ failed to shoot down the bear.

Oh no, the bear is too cunning!

Move aside, school brother!

Wow! School brother is amazing! Killing that bear with that flying rock.


Ah, little moon! ….school brother? This is…

Bro, he is the friend of our master, Medicine God of Relaxation Village…….

……If you really want to learn, then visit me at Relaxation Village.

The next few days, Christ wonders the forest, hoping to find that monk and extract revenge, but he encounter the following instead…

A girl named Tracey, which Christ manages to save.

1) That sounds right.
2) What a bunch of baloney.

He’s right about the first come first serve though, just agree with him.

We are lacking workers, would you like to help out? Obviously we would pay you.

1) Alright.
2) Not interested, see ya.

I heard this guy pays well, so you shouldn’t refuse.

Alright. (Do I have no say in this anymore?)

Pretty much, just trust the word of your guardian.

Then please get me 10 ginsengs.


All points into getting ginseng!

I got the ginsengs.

Wonderful, here’s your pay.

Thank you. I am Christ of the Carefree Valley, what’s your name?

I am Hard Gong; master of Hundred Herb Sect is my mom.

Well met.

We got enough herbs, I will ask for your help next time, farewell.


Obtained 1000 silvers.

Next we met these two fighting in the forest, Christ gave Simon West his leftover short sword.


Huhu, Simon Pig, what do you have to say now?

Hmph! Damn brat! What’s with this crappy sword, so bad to control, are you plotting to shame me!?

I…I didn’t!

Hey! Simon Pig! A Loss is a loss, why blame it on others?

This is an unfair match, I won’t surrender! What a joke! I don’t have time to play with you!

Simon buddy!

Tsk! Loser! Hahaha! I am Nix Summer of Absolute Saber, with me here are Tang Crown of the Tang Family, what’s your name?

Well met, I am Christ of Carefree Valley.

Sir Christ well met.

Summer buddy, Tang buddy, pardon my lateness.

North buddy is here too, excellence, today is a great, let’s go have a drink together!

Nah, I have something to do, maybe next time, good bye.

Ugh, me too, good bye.

What’s with all the inconvenience? Oh well, Christ buddy, let’s go drink!

1) Alright.
2) Sorry, I got something to do…

I think you should refuse those two looks like they want to get away.

(What’s the harm? It should be fine) Alright.

After lots of drinking at the liquor store…

Wahhh…laDy LOtuS…

You are drunk, Nix buddy.

LaDy lotuS, I LOVE you…

Nix…Nix Summer buddy, you got the wrong person…don’t come at me!

Lo-…tUS…..hmm? SIMON PIG!

Wh---at? (Hey, that’s too much of a difference!)

VeRy WelL, SiMOn PiG, you ComE to FigHT AgaiN? I WiLL pLAY wIth YoU!

Hey! Wrong person!


Phew~~I managed to escape; almost died back there! So that guy gets crazy when his drunk, no wonder everyone stayed away, ouch! The injury is heavy, what rotten luck, ouch!

Editor: A New Sprite! I love this guy’s art!

I told you man, I warned you dog.

Yeah, yeah, what should I do next?

Maybe you should visit that Medicine God guy and learn to fix yourself up.

Good idea.

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