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Part 92: Chapter Ninety-Two: The Forked Medical Path

Part Ninety-Two: The Forked Medical Path

Hope he teaches how to put a broken ribcage back into the body…


Are you alright, ma’am?

I wonder when it will be my turn; this pain will be the death of me.

I learned some medical skill before. If you don’t mind, I could try to relieve your pain.

Ouch! That would be wonderful, please do it young man.

Since we poked the right spot last time, let’s poke the wrong spot this time. [/logic]

Owww…it still hurt…

Idiot~~~! That’s not the spot to cure shoulder pain, it should be here!

Eh? The pain is gone! Ahhh, girl you are amazing! I’m glad I met you here or else this ruffling Mongolian doctor would have broken me apart, thank you, I will take my leave now.

Take care, ma’am!

Hey! Are you a new student? Such horrible medical skill you have.

(This girl’s word really hurt) I am Christ of the Carefree Valley, and I heard of the great name of Medicine God, so I am here for his guidance.

I think you would never able to master it, so there’s no need for guidance.


Ruta, you bullying someone again?

I didn’t!

Don’t hold it again her, this girl doesn’t know any better. I also heard everything, since you are willing to learn, I won’t reject you, but you should become my assistant and I will teach you my skill if you perform well.

Thank you mr.Medicine.

I think there won’t be any more patients today, so you can go home and we will see your performance next time.

I shall take my leave.


Removed content event!

Today we have nice weather. Eh? What’s that lady doing under the tree? I should go take a look.

Note: Removed event are out of order and this seems to be a scraped alternate version of Ruta.

What are you doing, lady?

I am talking to long Green!

Long Green? Is there someone here?

Long Green is not people, it’s a tree.

Ah? (This lady has mental problem?) it…then what did he say?

He says you are Christ of the Carefree Valley.

(Eh? It can’t be…..d-does she really talk to the tree? Im-impossible! She must be my admirer, and just too shy to say it outright……it must be so! Hehehe…who would’ve thought that I have an admirer …hehehe….) Hehehe……

Mr.Christ, what are you smiling at?

Ah? Not-nothing…I…


Ah? What?

I see it!

See what?

You are sick…on a bed…so pitiful…

Sick!? Hahaha…what nonsense! I am so healthy, how could I get sick! You should stop with the joke! Hahaha……

I’m not joking!

Hey! Lady…

AH! Move your hand away!


I told you to move your hand away!

I-I didn’t touch anything…I…

I’m not talking to you, is the one behind you. He keeps using the right hand to touch you, so disgusting!

Ah? W-who? Y-you shouldn’t scare me….I-I got scared a lot in my past…

Ruta, what are you rumbling again!

I wasn’t rumbling!

My apology, this girl loves to say random things, and is always talking to the air. I can’t do anything about it, so just don’t mind what she said.

Why you all keep saying I am reverberating, what I said is real! Hmph!

Ruta! Where are you going? Come back here!

Ruta? What a weird girl…eh? Lighting strike?

Ah! Rain! Oh no, I didn’t bring my umbrella! Now I am a wet chicken! Ahhh! Raining so hard…must return to valley…

[Sigh] I am all soaked….Ah-AHCHOO!!!!! S-so cold AHCHOOO!!

Time goes by, Christ continue to learn from Medicine God and eventually heard Medicine God mention about his brother Doctor Weird’s activity.

With his newfound medical knowledge, Christ is ready to get bit by some poisonous thing to build up his poison resistance.

Lalala, blue sky, white cloud, Green Mountain and blue water….

Eh? This dog on the ground is oozing white foam from his mouth, looks like its poisoned. Could it be this meat bone……come, be good and eat this herb.

Woof Woof!

Good, don’t eat random things.


Hmph! Your medical skill are pretty good at such a young age, youngster.

Nah, I am just studying from Medicine God.

Hmph! So it’s the dumb student of my stupid brother.

Brother….! S-so you are the naughty little brother that Mr.Medicine mentioned!

What naughty little brother, so disrespectful! I am the infamous ‘force dead people to revive’, Doctor Weird!

Who cares! Why are you poisoning food to hurt people, do you know how many people suffer because of you?

I invented new medicine, which means I need to test it, or how else would I know it’s effective? In fact I didn’t force anyone to eat my discarded food, all of them are willing participants, so how can you blame me?

But you make poison, so that is proof you are bad.

Poison is poison, medicine is medicine. It’s all depends on how you utilize it, and I have standards for my actions; saying I am bad, but I doubt you are that good either.

I…I….(Damn! I can’t rebuke him!)

However, I can stop throwing away food, on one condition.

What condition?

Someone must become my test subject.


You look tough, not a bad candidate, hehe.

You rotten person!

What rotten! This is the sacrifice for medical science! If you are such a goody two-shoes, then you won’t mind contributing, so think about it and come back when you open your mind, huhuhuhuhu.

This guy…

Now we have a source to train poison skill, let’s go!

Oh! Youngster, you have come, such goodness, huhuhuhuhu.

[sigh] Make it quick with whatever experiment; I don’t want to take too long.

I have a new theory lately, and that’s to inject little bit of poison into the human body, gradually awaken the ability to resist poison, to the point of immunity, huhuhu, not bad isn’t it.

I fear that person would die before that day arrives.

So this theory’s success will depend all on you.

I begin to regret this…

Too late, today we will start with toad poison.


Back to this poison training mini game again, there’s nothing new so I will train this behind the scene from here on.

Hmm, not bad, not bad, looks like my theory is correct.

Eh!? I didn’t die!?

Huhuhu, you performed splendidly youngster, you can go home today and we will experiment more next time.


Your poison skill increased, it is now 15

If Jesus fails the mini game…….

Whaaaa……so painful!

…..hmm, still can’t do it…

Save me!

Hmm………………..let me think a bit…………


Your perception, hardness, speed, and energy decreased!!!

Back to getting bit by less poisonous spider instead…

Lady Ruta!

Oh, is you…

(…what with that tone, is like she doesn’t want to see me.) What are you doing here?

Gathering herbs, you didn’t see what I am holding on my hand?

1) Elect yourself as her guardian
2) Go back to Carefree Valley

Let’s go, we don’t need to waste time on her.

Then you take your time, I will take my leave.

………….Hmph! So inconsiderate.

Actually, she’s the daughter of Medicine God, so we should help out.

Let me assist you since this place is isolated and there might be some criminals around. I can at least help you get rid of them.

Thanks. Get me four sets of ginseng and angelica sinensis.

The bird thinks the herbs names are ridiculous. Oh and Lip-guy harassing Ruta.

Stay away from me!

Huhuhu, you must be lonely all by yourself…

…Shut your gob, en garde!

Christ gives him a hard kick.

And lip-guy promptly chop Christ’s leg off.


Mr. Christ!

Hehe, don’t act like a hero if you don’t have the skill for it. Young lady, big brother is coming to play with you….OUGH! OUCH, HEY!

Hmph! How’s that? Wanna come again?

Wh-what a strong shrew, I’m done for today.

Mr. Christ, you alright?

N-no problem. (Didn’t think she’s so strong, now I am so ashamed.)

Mr. Christ, you shouldn’t help me gather herbs anymore, otherwise you will get hurt again if we encounter more baddies. Are you alright? Let me take you home.

No need, I can go back, see ya! (Ahh…….so shameful!)

…….Mr. Christ……

Your relationship with Ruta increased
Injured!!! Need to rest for 2 turns…

Alright, let’s look for poison spider in the city instead. We should be safe in a more civilized place.

Don’t touch me you pervert!

Pervert? You are the one who said that we can do whatever we want if you lose. Now you lost and refuse to fulfill your promise, so who’s the shameless one?

1) Help her.
2) None of my business.

Ahh…more trouble, let’s just ignore it. I’m sure someone will show up to deal with it.

But…I can’t just…

You want your leg to get chopped off again? They outnumber you too.

The irony that this is the battle that Christ can win with the life stealing saber.


Kid, you shouldn’t be so nosy!

Hmph! How dare you to bully a maiden on board daylight, I will stick my nose in this even if you are the emperor himself!

And so the hero of the day goes to Great Guan.

Wha! S-so strong…run!

Lady Chi, are you alright?

I am fine, thanks you for rescuing me.

*Look at Christ* Damn you! You just stood there and look! Squawking popinjay!

I will escort you home.


(Why shout at me? I’m just watching the show.)

Your moral decreased, it is now 43

More searching for poison spider or something that’s not toad poison.

Saw a beggar asking for food. Christ gives him some and offer him to come visit for food at the Carefree Valley.

Why do you help that useless bum?

Would you rather the street fill with dead beggars because they pick up the poisonous food that Dr. Weird dropped?

You need to discard that goody heart of your, it will hurt you in the end.

I thought the envoy of heaven would be the embodiment of goodness.

Uhhh….yes, yes, I am just testing you. Do whatever goody thing you want then.

Saw a monk brawling with two bandits.

Christ joins in for the fun and the monk gives his thanks.

All your battle stats increased

Few days later, saw the same monk fighting that fat monk.

Oh, we meet again!

Hmph! You come back for another beating, loser?

Alms-giver Christ!

Don’t worry little master, I will help!

So you two are together. Good, I can punish you two at once.

With their combined strength, they manage to barely beat the fat monk.

All your battle stats increased

Pardon me, School uncle.


Thank you for your help, alms-giver Christ.

You welcome, last time I lost to that vile monk, but this time I got him back, feels so good! Haha……

I better bring school uncle back to Shaolin, farewell.

I should good home too.

So, in the end we can’t find anything poisonous enough to train on.

Looks like we have no choice but to visit Dr. Strange after all.

Better visit the Medicine God and learn some super antidote before you try that again.

Sounds like a plan, let’s visit Medicine God.

Christ, are you learning poison from my little brother?


I teach you medical skill to help people. Yet you go and learn poison; I am so disappointed.


[sigh] Seem like you are not too deep into the hole, if you want to learn medical skill, you are not allowed to train poison anymore. You can go home today.

Note: Other than wasting a turn getting lectured, Christ can’t visit Dr. Weird unless he wants to be banned from visiting Medicine God. Although Christ can master medical skill first and then master poison, but that would take too long and Christ would miss the deadline for Dark Mysterious’ poison skill’s deadline.

Speaking of Dark Mysterious

School uncle, you have come.

Kid, follow me; don’t let your master notice.

Finally! Let’s go!

Kid, let me see how your poison skill is going……hmm, pretty good, looks like you are suitable to learn my kung fu. Come, today I will teach you the Soul Breaking Palm, watch carefully…

Thank you school uncle.

Hm. I will teach you a more powerful one the next time I come, and your poison skill needs to be at least 50.

I won’t disappoint you.

You learned a new type of kung fu
Your moral decreased, it is now 37

Let’s go break some souls!

    Potential Avatar of the Day
Hmph! How’s that? Wanna come again?