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Part 93: Chapter Ninety-Three: Different Advancement

Part Ninety-Three: Different Advancement

While visiting his master, Christ was informed by Master Flawless of his lost his recently created medical pill.

Christ and Thorn both found the pill and had a fight over it, thankfully Thorn didn’t feel well and only started with half his life, so Christ barely won the battle.

Thanks for going easy on me, school brother!

Damn kid, I will have my revenge when I feel better!

Your relationship with Thorn decreased
Obtain Raising Dragon Rejuvenating Tiger Pill

This shoddy looking pill can heal 500 hp and 50% chi.

Little Kung came with the birthday invitation, so mission one is approaching, but our Christ still sucked.

So all Christ can bet on now is to train poison skill for the newly learned poison kung fu, Soul Breaking Palm.

You have come, wonderful. Today we shall experiment with centipedes!

You have come, wonderful. Today we shall experiment with scorpions!

You have come, wonderful. Today we shall experiment with poisonous snakes!

The bird watches as Christ suffered through weeks and weeks of poison training.

Wonderful! Another advancement of my theory!

Eh!? I’m still alive!?

Hohoho, your performance is excellent; you can rest for the day, we will experiment more next time.

When will be the end of the nightmare?

Your poison skill increased, it is now 51

Pitying the poor Christ, another removed event appears!

….hmm….help me….hmm…

Ma’am, ma’am, hold on there! There won’t be any doctors in the middle of the forest, and looking at the wound, its caused by sharp claws. I must hurry and stop the bleeding.

You…have…Red Flower, Fu Ling, and Corydalis Yanhusuo?

Yes, yes, yes…here!

Chew…all three herbs…to pieces and…put it on the wound.

But......alright! Are you feeling better?

Much better.

Note: My guess is there’s no injured Tracey image, so naked Tracey is used as placeholder.

I am Christ of the Carefree Valley, what would be your name?

Beast King Manor Red-Haired Whipper Thority Tracey! Thank you for saving my life, and I am feeling much better. This is a token of the Beast King Manor; please accept this and I will pay you back for the favor in the future. Farewell.

Red-Haired Whipper Thority Tracey, sounds really spicy!

Your medical skill increased
Your morals increased

Obtained Token of Beast King Manor

Honorable Kung’s birthday approaches and the bird watches all three school brothers delivering the gift.

……and the gift was stolen by a thief, so now the brothers have to search for her.

Before that, Mr.Ye! Mr.Ye! What is Christ’s ranking?

Let’s see~~~ your current kung fu ranking is….125th
Welp, that’s not good. The lowest is 200, so obviously Christ can only beat strong goons and maybe bandits…

Oh well, won’t hurt to try fighting this guy that won’t give Christ the information about the thief.


Your mastery of Soul Breaking Palm increased, it is now 4
Your battle experience increased, it is now 37

“Huh? Where’d he go?”


Seemingly losing interest from the untender meat of Christ, the cannibal went back to eating proper food.

Wow, damn…that’s some crazy attack. Too bad you can barely remember your kung fu’s name.

(If only all those poison trainings didn’t make me sick for weeks, I could have had time to practice a bit.)

I guess you will have to bribe him with the bear paw he asked.

3) Give him bear paw.

Bear Paw? Wonderful, I’ve been thinking of this delicacy. Hmm, so tasty. Thanks, kid. You want to find that pest Swallow don’t you? She went with second brother, but you can find her at the liquor store.

Sir, may I…

Kid, come here, have a drink first.

The bird watches as Christ throws up after a few cups of alcohol.

I…I can’t…..Ugggghhhhh….

Just this much awful…

[Sigh] Looks like this guy really likes alcohol, and if my alcoholic skill is lacking, I can’t ask for more information. If only I had practiced my alcohol skill more often.

Eh~~~looks like he only drinks the alcohol he brought with him, if I did something to the alcohol in this store, maybe I can keep on drinking.

Discreetly sneak into the kitchen…

The store’s alcohol is all here, what should I do about it? Maybe a swap of hand, if I can’t handle alcohol, something else …might do.

Outskirts of the city, Christ found a large pot of hopefully clean water.

Eh, this pot has gallons of water; maybe I can use it…

Since Christ has already brought a large empty water pot from the general store before…

1) Fill up water
2) Don’t do anything.

Alright, let’s exchange it with the one in the liquor store.

Don’t mind me, ma’am. I’m just going into your alcohol storage with a giant pot.

1) Change the alcohol in pot to water.
2) Don’t do anything.

>>Choose 1

This should do, all the alcohol the waiter brings will be water, so I should be able to keep on chunking.

I see so many flaws with this plan, but oh well, we might get lucky and no one notices.


The bird watches as the plan worked and the alcohol guy reveals the third brother took her to the gambling house.

Editor’s note: Christ’s story is much more compelling and interesting than Jesus’s story. Christ has to struggle a lot more and resort to more under-handed tactics to get to the top, unlike Jesus who could cruise by on talent and force alone.

Christ found the gambler and they made a deal to reveal Swallow’s location on a bet on all of Christ’s money. Christ accepted since he only has like 100 silvers and losing would still reveal the info anyway.

Knowing the thief is in the hand of a serial rapist, he decided to let nature and biology take its course and spend some time visiting with the locals.

It’s you again! Last time you made me lose the battle, now you come to Heavenly Sword Sect. Clearly you are not respecting Simon West!

Simon West prepares to attack Christ.

Christ’s instinct reacted and he attacked Simon with the slightly better mastered Soul Breaking Palm.

Simon West was poisoned.

As Jesus tries to run away from the fevers of slashing, he notices that Simon West stopped.

He’s not moving a bit, not talking at all, just breathing heavily.

(He’s not moving…)

Looks like he used up his entire chi reserve and the poison is preventing him from recuperating.

(Wow, does that mean…)

Stool-pigeon! We might be on to something here…

Free practice dummy and punching meat bag!

All your battle stats increased

You got me, I will remember you.

This is a great discovery! Maybe the Janken Sect would like a brawl?

Eh! Aren’t you the lady who performs on the stage? Why didn’t you go out to perform today?

[Sigh] My dad is not well, so we won’t go perform anymore.

Too bad! Your performance is pretty good.

Too bad! Can’t really beat up sick people.

(Then who else can we beat up on?)

How about that sick-minded rapist?

(Oh yeah! Almost forgot about that.)

Looks like Christ is just in time to play hero.

For some reason, I have this strong urge to yell “Stop right there, criminal scum!”

Save me, sir!

Eat poison! Criminal Scum!

Alright, now just take on all of his attack until he’s out of chi!

After an intense session of taking and receiving, the raging rapist runs out of juices and his body become un-erected from exhaustion. Completely valuable for some hardcore fisting and bloody penetrations.

All your battle stat increased

The bird watches as Christ decided to let the girl go since she’s a pretty hot babe and the brothers made it to the party to only be crushed by the cultists.

Christ didn’t watch the battle because he knows those noobs will be owned by the cultists.

Before he knew it, Christ was dragged by his bros into the battle and he managed to poison the eat guy and the gambling guy.

Things didn’t go well for Christ, so he popped the Raising Dragon Rejuvenating Tiger Pill.

Moon and Thorn manage to take down the rapist while Christ is unsuccessful with poisoning the alcohol guy.

Crab-apples! I bet that guy’s blood is made of alcohol!

Moon and Thorn went on to take down the alcohol guy and Christ went ahead and coup de graced those two sinners who ran out of chi.

All your battle skills increased

The brothers later report back to their master about what transpired (except for the part about the stolen gift).

Seeing how strong the alcohol guy can be, Christ went to train his drinking skill and met an old drunkard who eventually taught him the Drunken Fist.

Your alcohol skill increased, it is now 100

Christ also met his best drinking buddy during these times.

They later got into a fight with some idiots.

They all turn into sitting ducks with Christ’s poison.

All your battle skills increased

Christ also saved them later in the forest for the sake of beating up some bandits, which he keeps regretting it ever since.

Spotted Swallow going into an old ruin, decided to follow.

Teamed up with her later when some bad guys tried to rob her.

Accidently copped a feel at Swallow. Christ later promised he will take responsibility and take care of her.

All your battle skills increased

Visiting master again and he wants to test Christ’s kung fu.

Christ gladly poisoned his master and the old man can barely stand after blasting a large amount of chi attack.

All your battle skills increased
Your relationship with Master Flawless increased

Hmm, not bad.

Master Flawless didn’t teach Christ any new kung fu, maybe because Christ is learning from his school uncle?

Editor’s note: Is that the case? No wonder I’m not getting any new kung fu from Master Flawless during my own “evil route” playthrough.

Soon after, Master Flawless decided to send Christ to the Young Hero Tournament for reasons that might or might not have to do with Christ kicking his ass.

At the tournament, Christ chats with his buddy, Hard Gong.

What does Gong buddy wish for?

I think the prizes that the organization prepared would be limited, so I won’t ask for much. But my life’swish would be to obtain a legendary antique jade.

So Gong buddy likes jade.

Indeed, I’m always on a lookout for any discarded jade when I hunt for herbs. Speaking of interests, what’s your?

I don’t have many interests.

That can’t be, everybody has something that they especially like. For example on the participates here, Wudang Sect’s Just buddy likes calligraphy works of famous people, Any buddy likes ancient paintings, Simon buddy likes antiques, Lone buddy likes bronze ornaments, and High buddy likes chess related items, maybe due to his sect’s founder being known as the saint of chess.

Even girls have their own interests, things like silk, fans, sweets, musical instruments, etc.

I didn’t know Gong buddy knew everyone so well.

Nah, it’s just lots of hanging out and revealing of hearing people reveal what they like.b]

The tournament begins and Christ has to solve the puzzles by going into the correct or wrong room.

Let’s see, practicing flexibility can make the body sturdier, and can take less damage due to higher defence.

No, that’s practicing hardness.

You sure we can share answers like that? Isn’t that cheating?

Why not? The announcer didn’t say anything about cheating.

Christ got out in the third place, so he only needs to beat those two to win.

Christ dropped chi bombs at the poisoned Swordsman Just and calls it a day.

All your battle skills increased

Soaked his drinking buddy, Wintry Sword, with alcoholic chi and win the tournament.

All your battle skills increased

Easily becoming the victor, what should Christ choose as a reward?

1) Secret Manuscript of Sun and Moon (Palm type Kung Fu)
2) Golden Silkworm Armor (Strongest amour in the game)
3) Universe Crushing Saber (Mid-range base attack power, but deals poison damage with each attack)
4) Equal-to-Heaven Staff (Strongest staff in terms of base attack power)
5) Dictionary of Martial Arts (Increases your Kung Fu Knowledge, which increases your combat ability)
6) Ten-Full Replenishing Pills x 5 (Best healing item in the game)

              Potential Removed Training of the Night

Searching for poisonous thing for poison training by putting hands into a pot full of it!