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Part 95: Chapter Ninety-Five: Copper Injustice Episode II

Part Ninety-Five: Copper Injustice Episode II

Master Flawless called to ask one of his students to bring a gift to his friend, Felicity Year, at the city of Chengdu. Christ volunteered.

And here we are; the city of Chengdu. A city so big that Christ has to ask for directions in order to find Felicity’s address.

Upon arrival, Christ breaks up the lovey dovey couple just so he can be done with his errant.

Felicity Year comes out to receive the gift. Christ also accepted Felicity’s offer for Christ to have lunch in his restaurant at noon.

Since there’s still some time until noon… Mr.Ye! Mr. Ye! What is Christ’s ranking?

Let’s see~~~ your current kung fu ranking is… 127th
… one rank up from 128th. Christ hopes it’s not because the 127th guy died.

Christ pays a visit to his good buddy, Hard Gong.

Aren’t you Gong buddy?

Christ buddy, what’s the occasion? When did you arrive? You should have given your buddy a call.

I am here on an errant from my master to deliver a gift.

In that case, you should stay here for a while because these two days, Chengdu will be very busy. During your stay, if there’s any help you need, just come to me.

Hard Gong is a great friend when he likes you.

Thanks you for your courtesy.

Ah yes, I just brewed this Absolute Rejuvenation Pill, so I will give it to you.

Thank you, Gong buddy.

A really great friend.

Noon arrived; Christ goes back to Felicity’s home for lunch.

Felicity didn’t feel well so he went back to his room.


Everyone was startled by the screams and they all rushed in to discover Gluttony freaking out the old man.

After kicking the crap out of him, Christ learned from Felicity that Gluttony had destroyed his rare ingredient. Nix Summer and Christ decide to search for the ingredients.

Man, what a bother this turned out to be. Where would we find those Fragrance Rice, Deep Mountain Wild Bear Meat, Soil Red Peppers, and Blue Moon Grass?

Digging around for information, Christ has gotten a few leads to the possible whereabouts of ingredients.

If Christ buddy needs anything, just come to me.

I am in need of something from you, Gong buddy.

What is it? Do tell.

Have you heard of Blue Moon Grass before?

Yes, we Hundred Herb Sects have all the herbs.

Can I ask Gong buddy to give me some?

No problem! With our friendship, such small thing is nothing. Take it!

Thank you, Gong buddy.

Christ asked Tracy to use the private forest of Beast King Manor to hunt for the mountain bear meat.

Bear from the mountain sure is tougher than the one in the forest.

Christ found the Fragrance Rice by locating the fragrance coming from the poor lady’s home and got some rice from her.

Lastly, Ba decided to spice things up and convince Christ to con the furshop guy into giving up his Soil Red Peppers.

Unfortunately, the furshop guy makes a counteroffer of bringing him a pink hare in exchange. Again, the owner of this pink hare will only trade it for ten Hairyvein Agrimonia.

Oh my gawd! This thing is so… charming!

(You think so? I think this medical mannequin is much more interesting. Maybe I should get one for my room.)

Hey, let’s keep the rabbit. Forget about that old man ingredient.

(Nah, this is the last ingredient we need, so we shouldn’t get sidetracked by it.)


(Oh, I just happen to have ten Hairyvein Agrimonia.)


So long, my precious. I would have done something if I could…

Back to Felicity and we are don—

I…I suddenly recall…we still…mi-missing…one sp-spice that can re-remove the wild bear o-odor…



Didn’t he say something about missing some spice that can remove the bear odor? What is it called?

I didn’t hear it, only something about spice.

This is hopeless! Let’s just go get Buu back!


The rabbit!

You gave it a name?


(Alright alright, let’s go get it back.)


Christ and Ba spent the day feeling depressed.

Ah, it’s already dark; I better go back to Felicity’s home.

My apologies, Mr. Felicity. I couldn’t find all the ingredients you needed.

It can’t be helped, such is fate. Alright, you all had been running around the whole day, so take some rest.

Ba was silent for the rest of the night and Christ overslept from all the fatigue.

Ah! I overslept! I wonder how the competition went.

Everyone’s here, what happened to the competition?

It’s over.

I’m so sorry, Mr. Felicity. I couldn’t find all of the ingredients you needed.

[Sigh] It’s my lack of fortune, so you two shouldn’t blame yourselves. I will go prepare some dishes to reward your hard works.

No need for that, sir. I plan to return to Carefree Valley soon.

Boy, why the rush?

I’ve been staying for too long, so it’s about time for me to return, and I apologize for all the trouble.

Don’t say that, boy. I’m the one that should apologize for the troubles. Take care on your way home, and send my regard to Flawless. Also bring these sausages to your master.

I will do, farewell.

Take care, boy.

Take care, Sir Christ.

Take care, Christ buddy.

Christ returns and gave master Flawless his sausages. Nothing much is said when Flawless hurries back to his room to enjoy the sausages.

You still feeling down?

Of course I am!

Come on, it’s just a rabbit.

It’s not just a rabbit! It’s a matter of me not able to protect the one I loved like my wife and son!

I-I’m sorry…

I… I need to be alone for a while; you just keep doing whatever…


With the lack of Ba’s usual enthusiasm, Christ decides to loiter around the city,

Hello, Sir Christ.

Ah... lady Tracey… he-hello…

Why is your face red? Are you alright?


Today’s weather is good, we should go for another hunt.


Let’s have a match again; we will see who hunted the most.

Alright… (Please have another heavy rain. This time I won’t stay outside.)

Hold it right there!


This place is our territory, and anyone who wants to hunt here will have to pay the admission fee of a thousand silvers.

What kind of rule is this, I never heard of it.

Is our new master of the fortress’ rule, but you look pretty hot, so if you are willing to let me cop you a bit, then I might consider giving you a discount…


“Wait Tracey; let me deal with these goons!” *grope* * cop * * feel *

“Behold the giant pillar of my essence!”

Discharged at them like a storm over a dying tree!

All your battle stats increased

I will remember you!

Hmph! How dare they incur my wrath! Sir Christ, are you alright?

F-fine, j-just the foot gotten t-twisted a bit…

Pfhhh… hahahahahaha…

W-what so funny?

A hero who beat a gang of bandits and twisted his foot, so interesting, hahahahaha…

… (sigh… why do I act like a fool again?) S-stop laughing…

I’m likings you more and more, hop on!

… what?

I will piggyback you.

Pi-pi-pi-pi-piggyback me!?

Yeah, since you can’t walk.

P-preposterous! I am a man, so I can’t just let a woman… whaaa!

Sorry, I used too much strength there. Don’t be fussy about it, you also piggybacked me before. Hold on [s]my thigh[s] tight, let’s go!

Put me down~~~~~~

Don’t be hasty, Carefree Valley is close.

That’s why I said put me down! (If second school brother see this, then I will lose all my dignity.)

… Sit Christ, do you have a dream?

Dream? (Why the sudden topic?)

Yes, dream.

1) To defeat every opponents in the world!
2) Makes all the money in the world!
3) Hunt down all the rare beasts!

>>Choose #3

Me too! Searching for all the rare beasts in the world is my greatest dream! We are so compatible! Are you willing to step onto this journey with me?

This is a good idea. Unfortunately, my kung fu foundation is still lagging, so I might not be able to handle the danger yet, so I think we should wait until I am well-trained first.

Sure, it’s a promise! I hope you will work hard for our promise.


… Pfhhhh HAHAHAHA… what is this stupid getup… HAHAHA…

The bird joins Thorn and laughs at Christ for a long time.

Ah… haha… haha…

… (I knew it).

Look like he’s done laughing.

… Pff…


You are Sir Christ’s second school brother? Sir Christ will now be in your hand, he twisted his leg, so pardon you for taking him back to his room.

Today was great, Sir Christ. Please take a good rest and we will go hunt again next time, good bye!

… …

Ouch! That hurts! Second school brother, why did you drop me on the ground?

Why should I carry you! Crawl back to your own room.

Pithecanthropuses! I saved you before! So crude!

Your relationship with Tracy increased
Your reputation increased, it is now 148

The four idiots are back, and they attracted the wraths of someone that Christ is forced to deal with.

It’s just another impudent who envies the manliness of Christ and his futile attempts to destroy his manhood.

All your battle stats increased

It’s valentine day!

Lady Tracey! Why are you here!?

Today is valentine, the day where the Cowherd reunites with Weavergirl, so I come especially to see you.
(come to think of it, was the origin of Chinese valentine ever posted on the thread?)


Since that day where you told me about your dream, I’ve been thinking where we can go to hunt. I thought about the southeastern mountain, the most northern forest or the great desert, what do you think, Sir Christ?

Th-those might not be something my level of kung fu can handle…

I knew that, that’s why I brought you this Kirin Mail, and it will surely serve you well in your journey in Jiangwu.

Thank you, Lady Tracey. I will walk you to the exit.

No need.

I should.

Obtain Kirin Mail

50 defenses, 20 less than our Golden Silkworm Armor, but it have an awesome armor face.

Right after Tracey’ gone, Ruta appears.

Lady Ruta! Why are you here?

I just happen to be around gathering herbs, so I come by for a visit…

Thanks for being considerate.

Your master must be harsh, just look at all the scars on your body, and those blisters on your hand.

Not really, Flawless just kept telling Christ to play chess, learn calligraphy, and pursuit hobbies.

It’s the life of kung fu practitioner, so it can’t be helped.

Ah! I made a new medicine lately, and it’s very effective against external wounds, and it can improve energy, relax muscle and bone stress. My dad already tested it, so there’s no problem!

How many silvers? I will pay you.

No need… just treat it as reparation for all the mistreatment I did!

Thank you. You really are a caring girl…

Dummy! When did you get that sweet tongue? I… don’t care anymore, bye.

Eh? Did I say something wrong?

Obtain Triple Relief Powder

Later on, Flawless asked Moon to take down the fortress of bandits, which Christ asked to tag along.

The bird watches and found nothing really interesting about the successful raid and the capture of the bandit leaders.

Removed Event!

Kid, you are lucky that I feel like being a vegetarian today, so just be good and leave your stuff behind and I will let your live. Otherwise…

Otherwise what?

Otherwise your head will grow bushes next year.

Absurd! Shameless bandit, there’s no need to wait until next year; you can bow your head to the ground instead!

(Eh… isn’t that Long Rainbow Agency’s young master? Someone is robbing him!) Pfff… hehehe!

Come out! Who’s hiding and laughing over there!?

1) Help
2) Ignore

Let’s choose the first option for now

It’s me! What about it?

Rotten kid, you gonna die!

The bird watches a nonexistence battle happened and Christ lost.

I will take the things, and I will spare you two this time. Call the police if you dare.

Note: Yes, the bandit image changed.

I am Christ of Carefree Valley, are you alright? It’s all my fault that we can’t take down that vile bandit.

Don’t say that, Christ buddy. You helped me and I am very grateful, and it’s my lack my ability, so it’s not your fault!

How are you going to deal with the lost item?

I haven’t figure that out yet, and my apology for causing your concern!

If you need help finding the lost item, I will help out!

With this word alone, you are my friend. In regard to the lost item, I think letting the brothers in the agency to deal will it will do! So I must return home now, see you next time, farewell!


If Christ chooses to ignore instead…

(I must be quiet! This person is too strong for me, and I might end up pleading for mercy.)

Tsh! Dare to laugh but no guts to come out, I will come for you next.

Friend, leave now! I alone will take care of this vile man!

(Good chance! Escape!)

After moving away from those two for a while, Christ happens to met Guan again.

Sir, are you the one who hid behind the rock?

1) Confirm
2) Deny

If Christ chooses option one…

I am Christ of Carefree Valley. I happened to hear your conversation and laughed, pardon my impoliteness.

Hmph! I don’t associate with cowards, good bye!

Tsh! You’re the one that told me to run, you odd-toed ungulate!

Your moral decreased

If Christ chooses to deny…

I am Christ of Carefree Valley. What rock are you talking about? Eh… aren’t you Great Guan of Long Rainbow Agency?

It is I! When I was having a dispute with a vile man, someone hiding behind the rock laughed and then ran away, such cowardly act chills my heart, but Christ buddy doesn’t have to worry about it.

No problem! But such a cowardly person must be really cheap, shameless, ungentlemanly, heartless, and shall never be forgiven.

Forget it, since I can’t handle those bandits alone, would Christ buddy willing to assist me in recovery the lost item?

1) Accept
2) Reject

Assuming Christ accepts…

Of course! Helping others is my personal discipline.

Such pride! With that word alone, you are my friend. In regard to the lost item, I will let the brother in the agency to deal with it!

Obviously Christ would reject it.

Unfortunately, I have something to do, so I can’t help you, sorry!

Hmph! There’s no need to be sly! I bet the coward who ran away is you!

Wh-what do you mean? (He seaw through it!)

Leave, coward, I will never associate with you! Don’t get in the way.

Your relationship with Great Guan decreased
Your moral decreased.

Potential Arsehole of the Night
    Pfff… hahahahahahaha!