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Part 96: Chapter Ninety-Six: First Favour

Part Ninety-Six: First Favour

I am fine now.

You are?

Yes, I have come to terms with myself and I have concluded that the world of Wulin is a horrible place and Heaven enjoys torturing people.

Should a representative from Heaven like you be saying such thing?

It’s my own enlightenment, and I have concluded that it’s time to make a change to the world.

What do you have in mind?

Take over Wulin and rule it with an iron fist.


Just think about it. All these years of fighting and killing between the orthodox and cultist factions in Wulin - someone has to stop it once and for all.

Is there no better way?

You have a better plan?

No... but how will we ever take over Wulin?

Just follow my lead.

Following Ba’s resolution, the fourth mission approaches as Christ accepted Master Flawless’ request to attend the Green Fortress Sect’s master election competition.

Christ arrived and he still has some time before the fight begins.

Wondering around, Christ discovered that the participant Violet Sun is making shady deals with a cultist.

This is great, the cultists are causing trouble.

We have to stop them.

No, we will let it go.

But… why?

They will be the stepping stone toward our goal. Would you kindly follow my lead?

1) First capture Violet Sun
2) I better inform Green Dawn of this.
3) I better not do anything.

Thus the other participant Green Dawn becomes poisoned.

He starts the battle poisoned and in no condition to fight.

It’s a pathetic battle, barely ended in a minute.

From today on, I am the master of Green Fortress Sect. From now on, as the master of Green Fortress Sect, I formally announce the alliance of Green Fortress Sect and Sky Dragon Cult.

What!? Green Fortress Sect is allying with Sky Dragon Cult!?

*Mahoraga tele-appeared*

Ah! It’s someone from the cult!

From today on, we Green Fortress Sect’s goal will be to dissolve the misunderstanding between the people of Central Plain and Sky Dragon Cult, and let them have the chance to shine in the land of Central Plain.

Hmph! Sky Dragon Cult is a evil organization, and the good and evil will never coexist. There’s no reason that we the orthodox sects have to soil ourselves to associate with you, and I suggest master Violet Sun reconsider this. Don’t fall into the wrong path and become the villain of Wulin.

Amitabha, it’s never too late to turn back.

Sir Just is right!
Turn back!

Damn rotten kid!

Hold it, guardian.

I have made my decision, from now on, anyone who goes against the Sky Dragon Cult are enemies of Green Fortress Sect.

This place is surrounded by mountains, and every passageway is guarded by our sect’s students, so hopefully everyone who comes here to celebrate isn’t hoping to cause a disturbance.

Whether you remain my guests or become fishes in the barrel which are easy to shoot, please think well about it.


Christ decides to rushes home and report the incident.

I am back, master.

You look like you are in a hurry, how did it go? What happened?

Reporting to master: The situation is bad, something big happened. Violet Sun, the new master of Green Fortress Sect announced during the ceremony that he will ally with Sky Dragon Cult. This revelation shocked everyone at the site.

Sky Dragon Cult again!? With all the chain of events lately, looks like Jiangwu will have another wave of bloodshed, [sigh]!

Thorn doesn’t give a damn about all this and he’s packing up to look for the Buddha Sword and Demon Saber.

1) I want to go with you.
2) Have a safe trip, second school brother.

Christ doesn’t give a damn about some ancient weapons. His saber can steal people life force!

Removed Event!

Three months have passed, did you figure out the way to solve the Sunny Spring with White Snow’s desperate situation?

Crazy Chess buddy’s skill is too good; it looks like the red side will win!

Nonsense! You must have slacked because I figure it out after a whole year of being stuck. Is there no other in the world that can solve this!?

No! What if I let my student solve it?

Student? When did you take in another student? Hurry and send him here! If he can discover the solution, then the red can reverse the situation in three turns and win! I will give this chess book ‘Lin Guang’s Memoirs’ as a reward!

Crazy Chess sir, let me try! Please don’t laugh if I fail!

You will just solve the most important step then!

1) Front Cannon up two
2) Back Cannon side six
3) General five to four
4) Chariot two to four

>> choose 2

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! What a wonderful Back Cannon side six, can’t imagine what it took me one year has been solved by you just like that, hahaha! Congratulation to Flawless buddy for recruiting such amazing student! ‘Lin Guang’s Memoirs’ is yours, please accept it!

This is just me casually teaching him!

If Christ got it wrong…

This step: General five to four.

This is a bad move! As the saying goes, “one wrong step and every step afterwards is wrong.” No need to keep going, the black side will win in three moves.

You are an embarrassment!

Your relationship with Flawless decreased!

Removed event!

Master, why are the birds all gathered here?

Such bad manners, do you not see that we have a guest? Lady Music, this is my new student.

So it was Lady Music, that’s why all the birds have gathered here.

Mr. Flawless, may I borrow a qin?

Of course!

1) Praise
2) Not that impressive

If Christ choose to praise her…

Lady Music’s performance makes the music feels so alive, truly to your reputation! What a great fortune to be here.

I told you to practice more music and here yare ou showing off your bootlicking kung fu.

Does that mean Mr. Flawless think my playing is not good?

No! Not just good, it’s very good, amazingly good! We were extremely fortunate to have the chance to hear your music!

Mr. Flawless’ bootlicking kung fu is way above your student’s too!


If Christ are not impressed…

Are you not used to this qin? The melodies seem to be lacking some feelings!

Don’t go blabbing if you don’t know a thing! The music is not just good, it’s very good, amazingly good! We were extremely fortunate to have the chance to hear your music!

Mr. Flawless is too courteous, this Rhathymia is lyrically simple. It produces a calming and carefree environment within its simple rhythm. My mood wasn’t stable lately, so this tune was lacking when I play it. Mr. Flawless, your student is quite gifted in music, so I will give him this melody!

Your Musical Power increased
Obtain Rhathymia

Thorn came back from his weapon hunt.

Second school brother, you are back? Did you obtain the Buddha Sword and Demon Saber?

Hmph! Obviously, and to think those weaklings ever dared to compete with me for it.

Really? Can I have a look?

Hmph! You wish. I took great effort to get it, so there’s no way you can see it just like that.

I don’t want to see it then, who cares! Someday I will make a much better weapon and we will see who swaggers more!

School uncle visit again!

School uncle!

Come with me, boy; don’t let your master see you.

The bird watches as they sneak to the forest.

Little Christ, let me see how your poison training is going.

Hmm, well done. Today I will teach you a more deadly kung fu – Nine Yin Dragon Claw, watch carefully…

Thank you, school uncle.


Your learned a new kung fu
Your morals decreased, it is now 10

This is a finger type kung fu, and it’s the strongest poison kung fu that Christ can obtain.

Remember the event where those four troublemakers come to give Jesus a hypnotic sword? This time they will give Christ something better.

Big brother!

… (These four are here again!)

Big brother, I found this in a cave while I was gathering herbs.

Secret of pressure point? Let me see…

What is it, big brother?

Hmm… this seems to be a record of high level pressure point techniques… let’s give it a try! Laughing pressure point!

…wahahahahaha… wahahahaha…

Wow! Amazing!

Crying pressure point!

Wahhh… w-why… wahhh…


B-big brother… don’t…

Farting pressure point!

Wahh… so smelly… wah…

Sorry… ca-can’t be helped…

Haha! So interesting! Next we have…

I-I should go…

Sleeping pressure point!

Ah! …

Wahaa… big brother… haha… how… haha… to… ha… unseal pressure point… haha… yah… haha…

Yeah, big brother, I-I gonna poo…

... that umm… I don’t really know…

Wah… ca-can’t be…

Hmm… we will discuss this later; I still haven’t tried the death pressure point!


Hey! Where are you all running! I haven’t done playing with it yet! … such a bunch of cowards…

You learned a new feat: Airborne Pressure Sealing

This feat can only be learned when Christ’s Finger skill is stronger than his Sword skill, if both are equal then it’s chosen randomly between hypnotic sword and this.

Christ figures out the deadly combination of these two gifts, so he changes his focus to calligraphy, which also trains his finger skill.

Some time later, Vacant Truth comes to invite Christ to Shaolin Temple.

Note: I think I save-scummed so hard that his sprite is levitating… or maybe that’s just some awesome monk power.

Upon retuning, they are alerted about a thief who had stolen the chi manual ‘Yijin Jing’. They were able to track the thief down, which happens to be Swallow.

1) Help Swallow
2) Help Vacant Truth

Hold it! Maybe lady Swallow has a reason, and she already said she will return it, so please believe her, little master.

Any reason will have to wait until the book is returned!

Kya! Help me, Sir Christ!

I will hold the fort, you hurry and leave!

Alms-giver Christ, you…

Sorry~~ for my offence!

Ironically, the test subject to the new poison kung fu is the righteous Shaolin Monk.

As luck would have it, Airborne Pressure Sealing also activated.

*Poke* *Poke* *Poke* *Poke* *Poke* *Poke* *Poke*

Three turns worth of poking has rendered this monk half dead… oh, another activation.

All your battle stat increased

Lady Swallow, I will take you out of here!

“Move aside babe; let me deal with this baldy.” *grope* *cop* *feel*

Poke to the stomach diarrhea point!

All your battle stats increased

You baldies really are unreasonable; I said I will return it to you!

Temple’s rule is that Yijin Jing is not allowed to be loaned to outsiders. Please be considerate and return it to us, Amitabha.

Forget it, if we can’t persuade you then we will do it the hard way!

“Hey baldy, hey baldy, guess what I’m gonna do?”


All your battle stats increase.

Lady Swallow, what are we doing here?

Wait for someone to save me!

Wait for someone to save you?

Hey! Foreign monk, I brought you the Yijin Jing! Hurry and come out!

Hehehehehe, you really are the goddess of thievery, to steal the book so easily.

It’s you! Fa Wang!

Not sure where Christ has met him before, probably some code from removed content.

Hehe, we meet again, kid.

Hey! Here’s your Yijin Jing, now hurry and give me my antidote before the poison takes effect!

Antidote? Hehe, why would I? Yijin Jing is the sutra that all who practice kung fu would dream to have, and since I obtained it today, why should I let more people know I have it and increase my enemies?

What did you say!?

This place is pretty quiet; you two can stay here and have a long slumber!

“Hey foreign baldy, guess what I’m gonna do?”

“Airborne head sealing… !“


All your battle stats increased
Your reputation increased, it is now 307

Curses, I will be back!

Lady Swallow, hurry and take the antidote.

Hmm. Thank you for helping, otherwise I might have died.

As long as you are fine.

I don’t need this Yijin Jing and I don’t feel like returning this to those baldies… so you can have it.


Didn’t you hear that Fa Wang said? This is a chi manual that’s been the dream of many people. As a gift of thanks, please accept it.

1) Return to the owner
2) Keep it

Since Christ can easily take on any Shaolin monks, no point not to keep it.

Hehehe. Ah yes, after all the ventures, I should go check on my home. I will take my leave now, next time I will come to you at Carefree Valley!

Hm, you take care, see you next time.

Your morals decreased, it is now 0

You learned a new kung fu

The bird watches Christ rushes home to learn this kung fu.

This trip to Shaolin is very rewarding.

For the rest of the month, Christ will be mastering the secret Shaolin chi technique.

The beginning of the fourth year, Chinese New Year. Master Flawless wants to test everyone’s kung fu.

On Christ's battle, Flawless attacked first and only shaved 32 hp out of Christ’s 1000 hp. Let’s see how Christ does.

Christ is the god of status effect and Flawless has no chance against him.

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