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Part 98: Chapter Ninety-Eight: Last Innocent

I will just add the other edits in later if there's anymore.

Part Ninety-Eight: Last Innocent

Looks like Little Kung and that monk are planning to steal something in White Horse Temple, should I check it out?

1) Go to White Horse Temple
2) Don’t go

Umm… can we not go back there?


I-I umm… not in good term with the local deity lately…

It will be fine! After all, I’m going to steal whatever they have, not to pray.

Al-alright, it better be good. I will just hide while you do you things.

The bird watches as Christ travels to White Horse Temple.

1) I better stop him.
2) Watch a bit more.

The choices affect who Christ will fight, so let’s go in and get the most fights out of it.

Who’s there!?

You… Tsh! What business does alms-giver have in here?

Not much, just want to borrow that book you have.

Hahahahaha, this book is all about obscure Buddhism insights and it is written in Sanskrit, so I am sure sir (Christ) won’t be interested in it.

Actually, I am graced by Buddha, and he wants me to find this Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters so that I can achieve enlightenment, which is why I hope Fa Wang would let me read a bit…

Bunch of nonesense!!

Hmph! If Fa Wang is so serious about this book, then it must be something great.

Alms-giver can certainly learn the secret, but… it looks like you don’t have that fortune!

Before Fa Wang can see it, Christ’s incredible speed strikes him down.

All your battle stats increased
Your reputation increased, it is now 312
Obtain Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters

This weird book? Oh well, I will check it out when I return home.

Thanks for the hard work, Christ buddy.

Kung buddy! Why are you here?

Uhh… nothing, we father and son were just having a stroll and suddenly we heard some battling noise in the temple so we came to investigate…

Ah yes, can I have the book you have gotten from the vile monk…

(Seems like they are watching from the outside…) Sorry Kung buddy, this book is my key to enlightenment, so I apologize that I can’t give it to you.

Since you want to become spiritually enlightened, let me send you there.

Noticing the kungs are closing in, Christ takes the initiative and seals off Honorable Kung’s movement.

With his swift actions, Christ took down both of them with deadly poison.

Rotten sand-hoppers! Christ, I won’t forget this!

Your reputation with Little Kung decreased

I didn’t think the Kung father and son would be so iniquitous, I better be careful in the future.

As Christ was about to leave the temple, this monk asks Christ to give it back, which he did because he can’t read Sanskrit anyway… and translating something is extremely tiresome.

Your reputation increased, it is now 342
Note: I tried all possibilities, and there’s no way that Christ can keep this book.

A few days later, Master Flawless orders Christ to attend the Wudang master’s birthday cerebration in his place.

The bird followed Christ to the party and…

Things have gotten really messy.

It has gotten so tense that a cultist hadto show up and make things worse, and a fight is about to break out.

1) Watch with cold eyes
2) Help Swordman Just
3) Help Old Honest

Christ decides to help his great buddy Swordman Just.

Just buddy, I will help!

Shameful pupil! You dare to cohort with the cultist! Do you still have any respect for me?

Not really, you aren’t a saint yourself.

Master, I…

This old man is too stubborn to listen; we have to fight our way out!

You think you can leave Wudang that easily!

Christ and Clean Man are taking down Old Honest while the poor Swordman Just is getting…

…pecked by the bird… bird kung fu?

Honest and the cultist try to run away but Christ is holding them down and eventually manages to defeat them. No animals were harmed in this battle, just humans.

All your battle stats increased


Bagpipers! They got away!

[Sigh]…everyone, for you all to witness such shameful thing in Wudang, I am very sorry and also ashamed to face all the ancestral masters. I don’t have the mood to cerebrate anyway, so I ask everyone to please return home and beg their pardon for any troubles that caused.

Amitabha, since Master Zhuo has such dilemma, then Shaolin Temple should not(?) interfere, Sadhu Sadhu, farewell.

Looks like there will be a storm here, “A fair judge can’t solve family issue”, I better go back to Carefree Valley.

Your relationship with Old Honest reduced
Your relationship with Swordsman Just increased

Christ wasn’t in the mood for any training now that the Wudang drama happened, so he spent a few months mastering his hobbies.

Wow, we are really breezing through all these skills.

Because we split up the time to learn in half.

If that’s possible, then maybe we can use kung fu with two hands!

But I am right handed.

I am left handed! Let’s give it a try!

The bird watches as they learned the feat, Twofold Assaults.

Hahaha now we are invincible!

This is great! Now we should master fishin--

Never speak about fishing, ever!

Alright, alright. Then all that’s left is mastering those extras kung fu we learned…

No, mastering those in battle is the best! You will understand the thrill someday.

Before that day comes, lots of guest came on valentine day.

Sir Christ!

Lady Ruta! Why did you come?

Do you know what’s today, Sir Christ?

What’s today?

It’s Valentine day!

Oh yeah, I forgot about it. You are not here just to inform me of that right?

Course not; I brought a newly created pill for you that will be helpful for your training.

The pill you made?

Don’t want it? Oh well!

Want! I want! With your heart into it, I’m sure it will be more useful.

Dummy! The things you say are just getting ickier… but I like to hear it.

Then I will say more from now on.

I won’t come again, you bully, and I will tell my dad.

Don’t go, lady Ruta! Lady Ruta!

The bird doesn’t want to hear more of those embarrassing lover talks and waits until Christ is back.

I will try this pill that Ruta given me.

Hm, this is indeed very effective.

Not sure what stat was increased since they are all maxed already.

Next, Swallow visits again.

Little Swallow, what wind brought you here to Carefree Valley!

Sir Christ, I’ve been saved by you numerous times, so I come at this night of valentine to give you my newly obtained treasure – Mad Demon Staff.

What bad deed have you done! Stealing? Burgary?

Stop with the wild guessing! All in all, I come all the way here to give you a gift, so if you don’t accept it then I will be mad at you.

As long as it’s not stolen or taken by force, then I will accept it.

Christ learned a harsh lesson when he bought the goat from her last time.

I will take my leave, you take care now, Sir Christ.

You should take care too, good bye.

Obtain Mad Demon Staff

Technically the best staff in game considering the lack of cons compared to other staves, and the auto pilot is great when you want Christ to beat a battle for you without your control. Christ doesn’t have staff kung fu though.

Finally, Faire Ren arrived.

(Eh??? Isn’t that lady Ren?) Lady Ren.

Sir Christ, this Carefree Valley sure is hard to find, but it’s really beautiful.

Lady Ren, why are you here.

I’m here for you.

For me???

Yeah, I specifically came here to see if you have taken good care of the golden seed.

Note: She won’t show up if the golden seed is not fully grown at 100, which I couldn’t make it happen in time last year.

What yellow seed? I don’t remember something like that.

You… since you have forgotten; then just pretend I never came, good bye.

Hold it, although I don’t recall that yellow seed, I do have something that you might be interested in.

What is it that you are so sure it will garter my interest?

Follow me and you will know.

This… this is!!!

This is from the seed, how is it? I told you that you will be interested.

Wow!!! So beautiful! You meany tricking me like that, but seeing how beautiful this seed has blossomed, I know you spend lots of time caring for it, then let’s us call it Flower of Tight Feeling.

Tight Feeling… Tight Feeling, what a weird name.

You dissatisfy!!!?

No, no, no, this is a good name.

Good that you agree. You must have spent lots of time to care for this seed.

Indeed, after all, this seed was… given to me by a special person, so I definitely had to take care of it.

Note: Maybe its version difference or the hacked saves fault, there’s supposed to be an event last year where she would be the one to give this seed to me instead.

Hm… is-is it? Who’s the special person, is it someone you like?

y-yeah… so when I can’t see this person, I would just be with this seed like she was here with me, all to relieve my lonely heart.

… …

Such fortune, unlike me, who hasnothing like that, and everyday is just reliving the memories, hoping he would gift me a pot of beautiful flower.

Ah… Lady Ren, y-you have someone you like too?

What so strange about that? You have one too.

T-the person in my heart is… is…

Is what, hurry and say it.

([Sigh]… since she already has a lover, then I shouldn’t add to her stress) N-nothing.

Ah, lady Ren, tell me about that person you like, who is the lucky guy who has taken your heart?


What is it? Why are you sighing? Did that guy disrespect you? Don’t feel bad, I will go open his mind(ED: and I feel he is literal about it)

First meeting in Luoyang,
Carefree meeting deepens loves,
Unfortunate of Asura to be cruel,
This heart will be emptily gathering hate.

Sir Christ, seeing this seed become so beautiful is enough for my heart, and I will take my leave.

Lady Ren…

Removed event!

Amitabha, alms-giver. Spare some alms for a sangha(a what?)!

1) Give
2) Don’t give

Don’t give option just ends the event, so let’s give.

(How much should I give?)

1) 50 silvers
2) 500 silvers
3) 5000 silvers
4) All of it

The other amounts only earn thanks, so let’s give him all of Christ’s money.

Alright, old sangha, I will give you all my money!

Amitabha, you have no regret?

I should be feeling regret, but it’s strange that I feel unburdened , the kind of feeling like Nothingness!


Yeah, it’s that kind of Nothingness. Is like the feeling of relief and my heart is cleared, no competition, no stealing, like, nothing!

Hmm~~~ (This alms-giver is not ordinary, to understand the meaning of giving up for free of self at such an young age)

Amitabha, sadha, sadha, thank you alms-giver!

No problem, I’m feeling pretty great now, hohoho!

Alms-giver seems like a student of a famous sect, who is your master!

Hm… old monk, you are a Wulin person?

Nope, I am just a student of Buddhism, not a person of Wulin, but I do know a few things about it!

I see. Then I am Christ, third students of Master Flawless of Carefree Valley!

(So he’s a student of Carefree Valley, no wonder he has such heavenly quality) Alms-giver, since we met by destiny, please accept this Diamond Sutra and hopefully you will learn something from it!

Oh~ In that case, I will accept it, thank you old m—no, thank you great master!

Hehehe, we shall meet again if destiny willed!

Obtain Diamond Sutra.

This is just a normal book that you could buy at the shop, probably a placeholder for something better if this event wasn’t removed.

Oh, and Christ’s money is still intact.

Removed event!

Flawless buddy, Flawless buddy!

Sir, why are you here?

Hmm, who are you? Why didn’t I see you before?

(I should be the one to ask that) I am third student of Carefree Valley, Christ!

Third student? Didn’t Flawless only accept two students? When did you get a third one?

So you know my master?

Yeah, I and your master are old acquaintances, it’s just that we don’t meet much!

I see. That’s why you don’t recognize me. My master accepted me in not too long ago so that’s why.

Hmm, I see. To make Flawless accept you, then you must have some special quality. Kid, let me see what so special about you!

The bird watches as Christ show him his awesome chi power.

As expected of Flawless, to have such level of chi power at such a young age, your future is limitless!

Don’t say that, I still have a long way to go!

Huhu, not bad, not bad indeed. Your kung fu is good and you are not cocky about it!

Thanks for the praise, but I’m still lacking in many places, so please hold off the praises!

Haha, not bad, kid. I like you, so I will teach you the Art of Without Effort. Although I teach you this kung fu, we have no relation as master and student, understand?

Thank you sir!

Hahaha, good, then watch carefully!

With your intellect, I’m sure you will master this quickly, see you next time!

Let’s me walk you out!

Looks like the dev didn’t code it in, so we got nothing.

Removed event!

Eh? Isn’t that Painter Qing? I should go greet him.

Sir Qing, what’s the hurry? Where are you going?

There’s a female thief who stole my beloved painting when I wasn’t paying attention, and now I am pursuing her.

I will help you catch her.

Alright, the thief seems to when that way, let’s hurry.

They ran all the way into the city.

Where could she be? Let’s look around.


How much for this painting?

Halt! That’s my painting!

Ah! I got caught!

Don’t run!


Go! To the court!

Ah! No, please don’t take me to the court, my home have a seventy years old grandfather and grandmother and a dozen of brothers and sister and doggy and kitty to feed, please…

1) Plead for her
2) Remain silent

If Christ plead for her…

Sir Qing, since the painting is returned, and she already acknowledges her error, let’s just let her go given that there’s no harms done.

…alright, since you say it like that, I won’t pursuit it, but if she does it again, then I won’t go easy.

Yes, yes, I won’t do it again!

Thank you great sir for saving me, my name is Swallow History, what’s yours?

I am Christ of Carefree Valley. Ah yes, here’s some money for you to take care of your grandparents.

What grandpar—ah, yes, thank you sir! You are such a good person!

Stealing is bad and not something that is allowed in society, so you should find a proper job to be safe.

Yes, yes, thank you for your suggestion, I will think about it. I will take my leave then.

It’s late, I should leave too.

Your relationship with Painter Qing decreased

If Christ choose to remind silent…

Your begging is useless, be good and come with me to the court.


Christ buddy, thanks for your help, this thief will be sent to the court, so you can leave now.

Alright, I will take my leave.

Removed event!

Little Christ, it’s been awhile since you become my apprentice, so today I will teach you how to make the Carefree Pill, and you better learn it carefully!

Carefree Pill is the first medicine you can learn from Medicine God.

Yes, master.

To create this Carefree Pill, you first have to…

Thank you master!

Before making the pill, you first must acquire the herbs, which can be obtain from the medical shop or gather it yourself!

Thank you master!

  Potential Girlfriend of the Day
              Pretty flowers!