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Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

by ThornBrain

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Original Thread: Classic Zelda Goes 3D - Let's Play A Link Between Worlds + Tri Force Heroes



--The Game--
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is A Link to the Past remade and reimagined in both the 2nd and 3rd dimensions. The game feels like an experiment to see how the classic Zelda formula can be rebuilt or can uphold itself - the player can merge into walls to explore the world and solve puzzles in a new and unique way, the dungeons are smartly designed with little to no guff, the player has the ability to rent all of the dungeon items and weapons from the second dungeon-on, and the music is ALttP's soundtrack that has been gorgeously re-orchestrated. The story however is comparitively threadbare, coming across more as going through the motions than a new take on the classic Zelda plot. Overall the game is relatively short, but it's excellently designed.

The story is such:
TacoBob is a young apprentice blacksmith who finds himself pulled into the grand evil plot of the villainous, campy artist Yuga. Yuga is capturing the descendants of Hyrule's sages, imprisoning them in paintings, and putting them on display in the bowels of Hyrule and its dark, crumbling mirror world Lorule. TacoBob must brave the temples to rescue the sages' descendants and save the world from Yuga, all while meeting a colorful cast of characters ranging from a purple bunny man to a purple Zelda. Get painting, TacoBob!

--The LP--
This is a 100% LP, wherein I will collect everything that isn't nailed to the floor. Every collectable, every treasure chest, every upgrade. Everything except those shitting Streetpass medals because I'm a bitch hermit. And the maximum cuckoo thing.
All footage is captured directly from the 3DS at 60fps. My co-commentators alternate between BigTUnit1, Mugiwara Yoshi and Highwang.

Highwang also contributed a casual livestream of A Link to the Past to the thread, accessible at the bottom of the page below the main LP videos. Myself and occasionally JigglyJacob co-commentate, and parts 8-14 include the chat.



Played and hosted by Highwang, with me and JigglyJacob (Parts 1-7)

(By Loziclo, Twitter)

(By XelEsparza)
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