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Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

by lurkdawg

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Original Thread: Let's play a legend of zelda a link to the past (video lp)



This is my first let's play thread so be kind. Basically I decided to replay this game and what better way to do it but then to have other people enjoy too. So here it is if it sucks you an tell me to stop.


Start of the game with Boner's weak uncle Backup
end of the escape with the bitch Backup
Prepin for palace 1 Backup
end of palace uno Backup
getting to palace 2 Backup
palace 2 done Backup
item collectin with oyster Backup
getting to palace 3 Backup
(gone)done with palace 3
item collecting again with oyster Backup
zelda dead? Backup
1st dark world done Backup
killed the boss Backup
don't drink and make videos Backup
4th done Backup
item collectin 1 Backup
item collectin 2 Backup
item collectin 3 Backup
enough with item collecting 4 Backup
did a duengon Backup
finished 6th dark world Backup
another one done Backup
turtle rock Backup
beat the turtle boss Backup
drunk fuck up Backup
last palace Backup
just need the ending now Backup
the end Backup
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